Tromix Siamese M16 Twin Mag Dump

Tromix posted up this video of a dual mag dump out of their twin M16s.

The camera angle is poor. At first glance, it looks like the red dot is inline with the magazine and trigger group. But if you looks closely, the rail is fully exposed. So it looks like Tromix is using an offset rail to mount the red dot..


Nicholas C

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  • Brendan G

    The sight is not blocked since he attached it to the angled KeyMod. You can also see the entire top (or bottom?) rail of the rifle, any attachment would have obscured the covered segment.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Ahh, good eyes. Yes I suppose it is offset. From the camera angle it is hard to tell. But you are right about the rail, it is fully exposed.

  • I suppose the only way for Tony Rumore to top this will result in a co-joined pair of Gilboa Snakes.

  • gunslinger

    wait, didn’t Red Jacket do this with 3 ARs?

    • jeff k

      yes but they copied this original idea. also this looks so easy to do i think i will try it with two inexpensive ars like m&p sports

      • Cymond

        It requires at least 1 select-fire receiver. The top rifle fires every time it cycles, and it’s cycling is directly linked to the bottom rifle.
        A rough explanation of the firing cycle:
        1 – squeeze the trigger, the bottom rifle fires 1 round
        2 – the gas pressure in the bottom barrel is transmitted to the top rifle
        3a – the top rifle’s bolt cycles, chambering a round
        3b – the top rifle’s full-auto mechanism automatically fires the round when the bolt closes
        4 – the gas pressure in the top barrel is transmitted to the bottom rifle
        At this point, the double-rifle has fired completed 1 firing cycle, which fired 1 round from both each barrel.

        • Patrick Mingle

          Forgive me if I’m a bit simple, but wouldn’t the top rifle not stop firing until empty?
          Edit: wait I think I get it now

    • Phillip Cooper

      Yes. And it sucked then, too.

  • USMC03Vet

    Matrix glitch!

  • mechamaster

    M16 “SPIW” ( Special Purpose Individual Weapon ). Lol.

  • me ohmy

    holy f*** tony does it again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mosinman

    if that lawsuit succeeds i hope to have one of these

  • Blake

    It seems to be that the traditional “double gun” configuration of a rifle and a shotgun would be a more worthy application of similar efforts.

    Especially if said shotgun is an autoloader feeding from a box magazine :-).

    If two variants were in order, 20ga/.223 & 12ga/.308 would seem to be appropriate pairings from a recoil control perspective, but then given the mass of such a “double gun” maybe the recoil from the heavier calibers/gauges would be more tolerable…

  • plumber576

    WHY NOT.

  • LCON

    For the days when One AR15 is just not enough….