Tavor Gear: American Built Arms T*Rail

The IWI Tavor has taken the US market by storm ever since its debut a few years back, and Tavor shooters are always on the lookout for manufacturers introducing new gear and accessories for the rifle.

American Built Arms out of Pennsylvania has just released a nifty piece of gear at a great price point that will allow Tavor owners to practically and cost effectively install a forward grip or other accessory to the front end of the bullpup dubbed “the T*Rail”:


The T*Rail installs with just a single (provided) screw:



You could leave the rail bare and attach a cover if you switch accessories often:


Of course being an AUG guy, I wanted to see if I could imitate the feel of the AUG’s iconic foregrip by attaching a VFG:


The grip did not look out of place on the Tavor either:



Now I broke my wrist a number a years ago and it is difficult for me to grip a VFG as intended, so I use them as a hand stop (similar to a thumb break or “compromise” grip):


If you think you would like a foregrip or other accessory under the front of your rifle, do not hesitate to pick up an American Built Arms T*Rail. The aluminum version retails for $39.99 and a polymer offering will only cost you $24.99. All in all I am impressed with this piece.

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • thedonn007

    It seems like the Tavor has a built in hand stop already. I have used the trigger guard as a hand stop on my Tavor.

    • Tom

      Its almost like IMI spent years refining the ergonomics of the rifle :).

      • JumpIf NotZero

        What? No! Needs more rail, neeeds moar forward gripz!

        • Zachary marrs

          Dem beamz yo

          • Andrew Hobby

            How many boolets be zappin’ outta dis glock fotay?

          • Zachary marrs

            I bee poppin all day wit my extendos

  • me ohmy

    awesome group of people..Jason there is a buddy of mine.
    they make great products to be relied upon for sure

  • me ohmy

    for the foregrip…I’d go with a stubbie, like a Tangodown BGV-MK46K Stubby Vertical

  • Jason Combs

    I would think as a writer you would look a little closer and be a little more thorough in your assessment. If you would like to see the difference you can let me know. If not don’t make yourself look like a fool by spouting off nonsense
    like a school girl looking to impress her friends. Jason A*B Arms .

    • Uhh, well then . . . Not to make this weird Jason but: what would you like me to do with this V grip your company sent me to review?

      • Jason Combs

        Pretty simple. As a business owner I want folks that like our products and can appreciate the differences from our competitors to write about our products. If you dig our stuff and want to write reviews about our products that’s great and we are the easiest company to get along with. If not that’s cool also. You know what the answer is to your question.