Claymore found a photo of the Browning BDA-380 he carried during  “Danny’s first day“. Claymore wrote …

This is my Browning BDA-380 that I was carrying in the story posted as “Danny’s first day.  I bought it in late 1984 and if I remember right it was $239.00 wholesale. I still have it and besides the pachmayr grips there is one thing that is unusual. It’s hard to see (clue) can anybody spot it?

I think I was able to spot it. Can you? Claymore will confirm what it is in a couple of days in the comments below.

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  • Big Kat

    Ha! I figured it out, its got to be that the magazine release has been switched over for a lefty. On the BDA-380 you can switch it over from the right side to the left. Figuring that Claymore is a lefty, this makes some sense, maybe he also managed to remove the magazine disconnect. These pistols are pretty nice, a lot like a CZ-82 in .380.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      I like your comparison to the CZ-82. BDA’s were very well-made pistols, something a lot of people tend to forget today..

    • claymore

      You guys are too smart to hide anything from . You got it on the first try. You can’t see the mag disconnect was done but if you look real close you can see the mag release has been reversed and you remembered that I’m a leftie. Good work.

  • The Browning BDA380’s little secret was that it was actually made by Beretta. It is effectively a Beretta 84 with a closed slide and slide mounted safety.

    • floppyscience

      That’s exactly what it is, just like their BDA .45 was just a SIG P220.

      I wouldn’t say it’s a secret though. The Pietro Beretta logo and “Made in Italy” are stamped on the slide.

      • Don’t forget the rare P220-based BDA9 and BDA38 (.38 Super).

        For that matter, the FN Barracuda revolver was just a rebadged Astra .357.

        • floppyscience

          I actually did forget the .38 Super and 9mm BDAs. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

    • claymore

      I sold a bunch of both to other Troopers. And you are correct they were both made by Beretta. What it came down to in choosing either one was personal preference to the open slide but since we then carried the 92sb it was running probably 60/40 in favor of the 84 over the BDA. The only fault I had with the BDA was the spur hammer wrecked clothing by rubbing on it and it could get irritating rubbing on skin like I carried it.

      If I had it to do over I would have had an 84 hammer installed on my BDA and had the best of both worlds.

      They are both great smallish pistols of their time and I had to qualify with the BDA to be allowed to carry it and I shot 9 or 10 perfect scores (every qualification) with it over the years.

  • Blake

    “Danny’s first day” was a great story BTW…

    • claymore

      It was fun to write about it sitting in front of my computer years later but on that day it was pretty hairy. I’m sure Danny will never forget it and I’m sure I won’t. And it gets more interesting when I had to go on afterward to the KKK rally and had the adventure continue.

      • Blake

        Thanks. We’re looking forward to the next one, whenever you feel like writing it

        • claymore

          sorry but I have to find a new “home” to write it on because there is no firearms connection.