Boyds Introduces Replacement Stocks for Ruger American


Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks is now selling replacement stocks for the Ruger American Rifle. These maple and walnut stocks are available in two different styles with a range of laminate options.

The Classic design has a traditional look with the comb parallel to the bore, while the Prairie Hunter stock has a Monte Carlo comb that is slightly raised above the bore. Both stock styles are available for long- and short-action American rifles. The stocks come with a Boyds’ 1/2″ rubber recoil pad.


Both stock types have a MSRP of $113.50. Custom options are available and include laser engraving, length of pull adjustments and specialized recoil pads.

Richard Johnson

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  • Zachary marrs

    Looks nice, i never did like the way the standard plastic stock felt

  • Adam aka eddie d.

    When I saw the picture on the main page, my first thought was “mmm, that’s a damn nice stock,
    but who will spend $200-300 on a Ruger American replacement stock?”… then I read the post, and now I stand corrected. Damn, that’s a good price.

  • spencer60

    Nice to have options… but you don’t mention if it uses the same bedding system as the factory stocks.

    That’s one of the big advantages of the RA design, and if it’s not carried over to the Boyd stocks I’d be a lot less interested.

  • MountainKelly

    Need to pick up one of their short stock axis stocks for the little lady.

  • Blake

    I really like that walnut laminate stock; I bet it looks even better in the flesh. Bonus, it’s decently priced.

    Thanks for posting this.

  • The Real Teal’c

    This is actually really good news!

  • gunsandrockets