YouTuber Rumblestrip.NET sent us photos of the custom 1911 he had built as a gift to himself on his 45th birthday.

There is a tradition on one of the car boards that I frequent in the gun section where you get “a 45 for your 45th”. This is custom 1911 that I had built to run as a CDP/Single Stack gun. Rather than spend the money on a nice (Wilson, Nighthawk, Ed Brown, etc.) that would sit in a safe more than be carried, I thought spend the money on a nice competition gun that will get used. Here is the build sheet:

Ryan Spencer built 1911 Single Stack .45ACP
USPSA Single Stack Legal
Standard Frame – STI
Flat Top Slide
Adjustable Novak Rear Sight
.100″ Fiber Front Sight
Front & Rear Serrations
14lb Recoil Spring – Wolff
17lb Main Spring – ISMI
EGW Hammer, Sear, Disconnector, Sear Spring Long Curve Trigger
Dawson ICE Magwell
Dawson IDPA Legnth Mag Release Wolff #4 Mag Release spring
VZ Grips with VZ screws

Photo 911

Photo 910

hmmm …. a .22 on your 22nd, a .30 on your 30th and a .45 on your 45th all seems like great traditions. A 10mm (for you) on your kids 10th may be another worth starting up.

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  • looks nice.

  • billyoblivion

    Oh, too late.

    Should I get a .50 for my 50th?

    60 is going to be a tough one…

    Oh, and I don’t want to meet the 10 year old that can handle a 10mm.

    • Mazryonh

      Probably the only realistic scenario for that caliber would be in a pistol caliber carbine for that kind of user.

      • Bruce

        You could always get him a 10mm Short and Weak. 🙂

        • Mazryonh

          Funny thing is, I’ve read shooter reports about .40 S&W recoiling more sharply than 10mm (given that the latter usually is used with heavier pistols with heavier slides). Oh well, the weight of a 16-inch pistol caliber carbine should be enough to tame the recoil of either for inexperienced shooters.

    • Ken

      I’ve taught some small framed college girls to shoot my 10mm before. It’s doable.

      Get a .460 Rowland or S&W for 46, a .480 Ruger for 48,and a .50 BMG or .500 S&W for 50. Those should be simple and fun.

      After that, you have to get big stuff.

      For 60, you’ll want a T17E3 machine gun in .60 cal, or get yourself a nice .600 Nitro Express double rifle for African game.

      For 70, get a .700 WTF or .700 Nitro Express.

      For 75, get a M20 75mm recoiless rifle or a Sherman tank with an M3 gun.

      For 88, get an 88mm Flak.

      Good Luck!

  • mosinman

    looks like i’ve got a while to go before i get that .38 🙁

  • JH

    Hmmm… I’ll be 45 in a year and a month. My wife’s uncle is a well known gunsmith in the Ruger community. Maybe I should plant the seed now.

  • Collecting S&W models based on your age would be more fun. There are only a few gaps as you work your way up to the Model 76 SMG.

  • schizuki

    I think the slide will do that…


    • Giolli Joker

      And being it a competition gun probably nothing more is needed.
      I actually didn’t pay attention to the intended use and thought of a more all around use including carry piece… where such hammer would leave no other choice than condition 1 or condition 3.

  • gunslinger

    probably. but you need to be 5.56 got get a 5.56 🙂

  • Paul Zimmerli

    Blast! I don’t think my arthritis will let me shoot a .67!