Gregor writes …

This is a MG74 with Aimpoint M4H, Aimpoint Magnifier and a TLLM (light/laser infrared module), mounted on the left side.

This setup was used as the front gun of the passenger seat of the “Sandviper”. The Sandviper is a modified Puch G (Mercedes-Benz G-Class), that was used by the Jagdkommando (Austrian Army special forces) during the Chad mission. The car is also equipped with a M2 .50 BMG on top with a Aimpoint MPS3 and an JT LMT 700 tactical light.




Many thanks to Gregor for sharing these photos with us.

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  • schizuki

    Anybody else think the US military should have just adopted the MG-42 in 7.62mm and saved all the money and hassle of designing the M60?

    • Nicks87

      The 240B as well…

      • 240b > all
        The mg3 is excellent though.

        • iksnilol



          • Naw.

          • Zachary marrs


          • Own/fired both have you?

          • Zachary marrs

            Yes, very lucky to have

          • Why did I ask: of course you have, it’s the internet.

          • Zachary marrs

            No, i have, completely serious.

            Part of it is the lightweight, part cheap ammo, and the allure of commie guns

          • Zachary marrs

            You do realize you aren’t the only guy with a class 3 collection right?

            Its very common for indoor ranges to rent these types of guns, and quite a few people who own f/a are more than happy to let other people shoot their toys

          • I am aware of that, and I am also aware of how remarkably rare PKMs and 240 bravos are in the wild. There are nearly no transfersbles zach. Have any photos or videos of you running either gun?

          • Zachary marrs

            Well, iirc, the 240b was a post 86 dealer sample

            (There is one on gunbroker right now)

            And the pkm belonged to a guy in nevada, this was a few years ago, back when i was stuck in a less free state

            Fck it you win!!!1! I just play call of duty all day! I have no knowledge of gunz other than random Wikipedia articles! sarc off

            No i dont have any photos/vids, as its kinda hard to do that when you have a lmg in your hands

          • “I totally have, but I have zero proof”.

            Sounds legit dude!

          • Zachary marrs

            Growing up isn’t for everyone, but i still suggest you try it.

            Seriously, whats your problem? Are you so immature you cant handle people having a different opinion?

          • SD

            How old are you?

          • 26

          • DIR911911 .

            some of us experience life , others are desperate to “prove” everything they’ve done

          • toms

            I think it depends on what you want it for. the PKM is more mobile, lighter, and as reliable as the 240. I have fired both. If I had to run around with one of the two I’d take a pecheneg, sitting in a bunker the 240. 5 pounds makes a big difference when running around.

    • The MG-42 is a very nice system but its a bit large for the roles that the m60 was able to fulfill as a squad lmg

      • schizuki

        The MG3 (updated MG-42) weighs the same as the M60 and is only five inches longer.

  • Combat Mercedes, pretty cool.

  • Nicks87

    I love the tactical zip-ties.

    • Paladin

      They’re cheap and they work. As the saying goes, if it looks stupid but it works…

      • Blake

        I’ve autocrossed cars with a good chunk of the body work held on with zip ties (albeit really thick zip ties &ltgrin&gt). They’re cheap, lightweight, & they work.

  • Camilo Emiliano Rosas Echeverr

    Because Minimis are just autofire peashooters XD

  • EzGoingKev

    Interesting to see the steering damper installed on the M2. I had wondered if that would be another use for them.

  • Seburo

    It is just me or does The MG74 look like a laser gun sticking out from the Sandviper there?

    • Porty1119

      Many Star Wars props were made from deactivated WW2 weapons, including some MG42s if memory serves- so I can see where you’d get that from.

  • S O

    Look where all these optics are mounted: On a movable cover plate that gets lifted often. It’s not holding zero, for sure.
    This is one of the biggest MG42/MG3/MG74 disadvantages.

    Another is that you need thermal insulation gloves for barrel change.

  • S O

    MG3 uses disintegrating DM6 links, and the MG42 was able to use them as well with little modification.