The Source of the Guns of Ukraine … And Suppressed Mortar, Maxim Machine Guns and Car Stopping 12 Gauge Rounds

Armament Research Services (ARES) researchers Jonathan Ferguson & N.R. Jenzen-Jones have produced an exhaustive report, Raising Red Flags: An Examination of the Arms and Munitions in the Ongoing Conflict un Ukraine 2014.

I know both Jonathan and Nic personally, and have no doubt their report is objective. Both Jonathan Ferguson and one of the technical reviewers are bloggers here at TFB. They found that while the pro-Russian separatists have received external support, there is no direct evidence that this support is coming from the Russian government. Most of the equipment has been looted from the Ukrainian government. They write …

ARES has assessed that it is very likely that pro-Russian separatist forces have received some level of support from one or more external parties, however the level of state complicity in such activity remains unclear. Despite the presence of arms, munitions, and armoured vehicles designed, produced, and allegedly even sourced from Russia, there remains no direct evidence of Russian government complicity in the trafficking of arms into the area (Reuters, 2014c). The majority of arms and munitions documented in service with separatist forces have evidently been appropriated from the Ukrainian security forces and their installations within Ukraine.

The report is a very interesting read for any gun enthusiast. Here are a selection of interesting photos from the report, including a suppressed DIY mortar and a car-killer shotgun slug …


car killer round






Read the full report here.

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    The GSG 22lr photois astonishing commentary in itself.

    • Nothing says “I’ll protect the VIP” like .22

      • JumpIf NotZero

        It’s all imagery. For instance, that guy, is playing his role. If I was out in public with a 22lr for protection of anything, I’d be either red faced or outright laughing at myself.

        • Nicks87

          Could you imagine… It would be like those open carry guys at chipotle but on a massive scale. Mall ninjas would be roaming the streets draped in multicam, covered in morale patches and carrying 1911s in drop holsters . Us TFB readers would have pictures to laugh at for years.

        • The story is a Korean soldier was packing a .25acp on a string that went through the trigger guard and around his neck. US counterpart gave him grief for a little dinky gun. The Korean said he had been captured, and the Norks missed his dinky little gun when they searched him. He was able to use it to kill his guards and escape.

          Nice little gun.

    • Ken

      In one of the Vice News videos, you can see someone armed with a K98 .22LR trainer. I can’t remember which side he was on.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Saw that. It’s in the PDF next to the GSG guy. I’d honestly rather have no rifle than a single shot 22lr. At least I wouldn’t look like a target.

        • FourString

          very true

  • Menger40

    The PDF link isn’t working. It isn’t pointing to an internet address.

  • Menger40

    PDF link is no good, and my other comment about it seems to have disappeared.

  • Menger40

    The report is definitely worth a look. It runs the gamut from PPSH-41’s, to tacticool AKs (one with a backwards aimpoint), to a Swiss Arms SAN 511. Very interesting.

  • I really like that sawed-off shotgun with the exposed hammers. But other than that, most of the pictures look like fluff. Except the “Suppressed” mortar; that looks bad@ss. And whats with the .22 MP5? I know it still has a fun switch…but it’s still a .22.

  • Would those slugs qualify as armour-piercing in the US?

    • Porty1119

      If memory serves, only armor-piercing handgun rounds are actually regulated. I’d actually quite like to have a few of those turned-brass rounds; they look like something anyone with a lathe could turn out by the hundreds.

  • Jon Danger Gerhards

    Forget the rest of those pics im diggin that mosin

  • Sorry about the link. I was sent the PDF and a download link and I did not check the download link. It has been fixed.

  • hydepark

    Don’t forget to include the fact that the Ukrainian military indiscriminately shells its own towns and cities day and night just because they feel like it. American media is worse than a joke.

    • Ukraine fires at cities because the ‘separatists’ and Russian infiltrators fire indiscriminately and intentionally from towns and cities. The usual rule is, when one co-locates a military force with noncombatants, or protected structures like Churches, hospitals, or schools, they do not thereby gain protection, but rather, protection is removed from the noncombatants. The rules were written that way to give no legal combatant any excuse to take shelter in a protected structure or behind civilian. To take such shelter is a warcrime, and strips the combatant from the protections normally awarded to legal combatants.

  • Leo

    I own same gsg rifle, while it is ok for the fun shooting it is by far not pro military level gun. It is sensative to the ammo and could fail anytime. my son like it, no recoil …

  • Max Glazer

    If your friends are on the side of Kiev revolutionary government then I hope they get to see what they help do to civilians.

    • Civilians are not necessarily noncombatants. Russian special forces and ‘separatists’ routinely fire from among civilians and in protected structures like churches, hospitals, and schools. That warcrime per the rules of the Geneva Convention removes protection from the protected civilians and structures, so Ukrainians returning fire would be the responsibility of the Russian special forces and separatists.

      • Max Glazer

        Ukrainians RETURNING fire? LOOOL! You conveniently forgotten whole villages simply shot up and mass graves full of civilians executed by the National Guard.

        Returning fire by firing MLRS and mortars at schools? Keep wearing your rose glasses buddy. If Russians actually wanted to they’d already be in Kiev and with luck your friends would have noone to take orders from and go home.

  • None of that post was true.

    Try again.

  • Don’t know the statues, but the M-1 Tank has a barrel that is rifled at the root, and smoothbore after that. A pistol with the same arrangement would have higher velocity than one that was rifled all the way. They also use a subcaliber penetrator with a discarding sabot. I would love to have our soldiers issued rounds like that if we fight an enemy that routinely uses body armor.

  • Carlos Velazquez

    Thats multi stamps. One for suppressor, one for the morter tube, and one for each morter on hand. But who keeps tabs on such things in Ukraine?

  • valorius

    A suppressed mortar…awesome!

  • Max Glazer

    And its sad to see blind people that can’t see forest for the trees.