Finland may adopt Beretta ARX-160

Beretta are wooing the Finnish politicians by offering to have the rifles manufactured (not just assembled) in Riihimäki, Finland at the Beretta owned SAKO factory, including allowing them to brand the rifles however they like.

The Finn’s are looking to replace their Rk 95 TP which dates back to the late 1980s and has been in service for 20 years.  The Rk 95 is manufactured by SAKO (and therefore technically it is a Beretta rifle). The Rk 95 design is based on the Valmet M76 (also called the RK 62 76), which itself was based on the RK 62, which is turn was a copy of the AKM.

rk 95

Thanks to REMOV for the tip.

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  • MountainKelly

    Hope not. There are certainly better offerings on the market

    • FourString

      Like the Rk95 itself. Pretty proven in Nordic temps. Why fix what isn’t broken?

      • MountainKelly

        Because high speed bra

      • fanrich

        The biggest drawback is that it weighs a metric f*ckton. 3,7kg w/o mag. Add rails, ACOG, weaponlight, laser, full mag…

        • iksnilol

          That isn’t a metric f*ckton. Not lightweight but not a f*uckton.

          Besides, who uses both a weaponlight and a laser? Most people just have a small light. Or those big IR designators.

    • Ian Thorne

      Assuming they want to stick with the same round I would say there is not much better on the market at all. I would take the ARX over just about any AK variant. I would take it over the Swiss 500 series rifles, the Galil is good. There just are not that many military 7.62 rifles right now.

      Even if they moved to 5.56 there aren’t too many that I would say are clearly better. The SCAR and BREN are what I would say are the best competitors. I guess they could be stupid and go for some AR variant.

    • Zenchan

      If that happens, some big money has changed Hands when nobody looked! Finland makes a number of very good assault rifles.

  • Parts kits… please… parts kits…

    • The 95 TP is pretty much without question my favorite AK variant.

  • echelon

    I want an ARX “pistol” that I can put a brace on.

    Probably never happen, but a guy can dream can’t he?

  • Maybe if finland gets significant savings it may be worth it but currently the Beretta rifle is way overpriced for what it provides

  • Russ

    It seems like a dream carbine but the guys shooting the civilian version aren’t really all that pumped about it. Sort of like the SCAR L. I wonder if there is a real problem or just not all that better than the M16. The Norwegians and Canadians have been using the M16 for years and have been happy. (Norway is segueing to the HK now).

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      No. The Norwegians have never used the M16. Special Forces used the Diemaco C8, before recently changing to the HK416 together with the entire Norwegian Defence Force. Earlier, we used the AG3 (G3).

  • iksnilol

    Don’t do it. Nothing wrong with the RK. If you need to go “tactical” and modern just add quadrail handguards and be done with it. No reason to change the entire rifle.

    • Shhh don’t give them any second thoughts, I want to see demilled parts kits flood in, I’m salivating just looking at that rk 95

      • G0rdon_Fr33man

        You will most likely never see parts kits on the civvie market. Together with Norwegian G3s, you´ll find them locked up in mountain halls, awaiting WW3.

  • fanrich

    Cheers from Finland!

    A couple of clarifications to the article.

    The RK62 is not a direct copy of the original milled Type III Avtomat Kalashnikov 47 from which the engineering started. The trigger mechanism and magazines are the only interchangeable parts between those two guns. The M62-76 was a project in the 70’s to test out changing the receiver to a stamped steel one. A batch was tested with conscripts, and defined “not suitable”, because rough handling loosened the stampings too much anc accuracy suffered. So the milled- receiver RK62 remains the primary infantry weapon to this day. Public sources say, that there were around 300 000 RK62:s made during 1962-1995. From 1995 to 1998, SAKO made a batch of around 35 000 RK95:s, which is the “updated” model. No more were made, nor will there be. The RK95:s are used by the highest tier troops, but their production numbers are still few.

    My personal opinion is against the ARX, how will the polymer withstand
    continuous conscript usage, year after year in conditions ranging from -30 to +30 Celcius?

    FDF has declared, that it needs a new infantry weapon system by 2035. That might be the Beretta, or some else. Today, the majority of RK95:s are beginning to be worn out by continuous conscript use. The war time total reserve of FDF is being lowered from 350 000 men to 230 000 this year. That leaves more than plenty of RK62:s for operational and local troops. There’s a project regarding the modification of RK62. It consists of changing the buttstock to a telescopic one (Magpul CTR) and adding rails for optics and electronics. For optics, FDF has ACOGs, Aimpoint CS and Aimpoint M4. Also, existing RK stockpiles are being serviced and repaired, but the number of serviceable weapons keeps naturally declining steadily as FDF cadre rotates around 20 000- 30 000 conscripts trough training each year.

    Additionally, FDF has tens of thousands of East German MpiKms and Chinese Type 56:s that were purchased in the 90’s to arm the vast reserves of that time. (Up to 500 000 men) The fate of thiese weapons remains a hot topic among public discussion. FDF would want to destroy them to save money on storage and upkeep, but some politicians and active reservists would like to keep them as “better to have them and not need them…” The Norincos are all in long time storage, the MpikM sees some conscript use as tank crews have them as personal weapons.

    • Holy cr@p that means we could see some high quality cheap sks’s make it here as whole rifles some day and circumvent the Chinese import restrictions

  • USMC03Vet

    My condolences, Finland military guys.

  • fanrich

    There are Sako M92S:s regularly floating around here in Finland. Same gun, except semi only and the stock doesn’t fold. Prices are 1000-2000€.

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    Finns will probably consolidate their ammo-logistic to NATO standards.

    • iksnilol

      Hope not. 5.56 isn’t suited to the Scandinavian terrain. Here we just use it to hunt fox and birds like grouse. Quite simply it isn’t suitable for the fauna and terrain in most of Scandinavia.

  • All you have to do is repeal the 1989 import ban and were good to go!

  • n0truscotsman

    Im willing to bet my male anatomy that the ARX160 does not have the long term durability of the RK. There is no way in hell.

    I own a Valmet AK and it is built like a steel wrecking ball. I would like to see them modernize it before they even think about replacing it.

  • R.M.R

    To be honest, the boys in the army are going deathly pale over the prospect of getting that beretta thingie. Our fear is that the politicians will do what some of you have surmised, that they try to get the “easy” gun that produces work for “finnish” sako. Having used the RK62TP and RK95TP in overseas deployments, i can say that they are good weapons to a degree, but due to a lack of modernization, they utterly fall behind the curve in ergonomics and modularity. Not to mention that a very large proportion of the arms are in very poor condition. This applies especially to the RK95s which suffer greatly from protracted use and poor durability of components. The modernization project of the RK62 has encountered significant resistance and tampering by top brass from the start, and lack of applicable funds means that procurement of the mod kits will be slow. Personally I think we will end up with two different calibre weapon systems: A 556 rifle for SF, Overseas deployments and readiness brigades, while the bulk of the reserve army will retain the RKs long into the foreseeable future.

    Oh, and by the way, our SF guys are already running a program to select a 5.56mm “patrol weapon system” complete with a 40mm launcher. I know they want the HK416, but will politics lead to other sourcing? We shall see next year…

  • john huscio

    Seems like CZ’s 805 bren might be a good choice for the Finns

  • Doom

    Going by the ARX I finger-banged at the NRA indy show, I hope they dont. the gun feels horrible, the trigger is an abomination, and its BUIS are a sad joke. the only possible good outcome is if they switch to this turd sandwich and (oh god this hurts) destroy the old RK95’s and import them into the US (MAYBE if we are really lucky, and they dont just give them away to the Middle East or Africa like East Germany did with all those lovely MPi K rifles ;-; )

  • Bloody Bucket

    Hey Finland, get SIG to make the 556xi in 5.45×39 that will use AK mags like their 7.62×39 does. One rifle two, maybe three lowers with both Russian rounds and 5.56×45 NATO and 7.62×35 (.300 blackout) 10″ 14″ 16″ barrels…..need I remind you it’s made by SIG! Wait a second, can the U.S. Army adopt his rifle….PLEASE!