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  • SpazC

    My uncle had one of those. When he passed a few years ago I was given to option to take it, or a Dan Wesson Model .357. At the time I had no clue who or what Dan Wesson was so I chose the CZ. Luckily the firing pin was broken, so I swapped the pistol for the DW.

    Before the pin was broken, I remember it to be a nice shooter.

  • Ian McCollum

    This is the exception that proves the rule of how excellent CZ pistols are. The TT33 Tokarev is a much better choice for this type of pistol (and bonus – it doesn’t explode!).

    • MountainKelly

      Yeah, but the mag doesn’t fall out of the 52. Even when you want it to. Never had mine explode, to be fair, even with hot ammunition hahaha

  • John Daniels

    For those interested in the mechanical aspects of firearm design, this is one of the few true roller locked designs that an American civilian can own. The inside of these are neat.

    • Ian McCollum

      Yep, short recoil, roller locked. Similar to the MG42.

  • Are you not a gun guy outside of modern day tier one operator guns? I am legitimately curious.

    • Zachary marrs

      To be fair, i know many more experienced shooters (whos interest ranges from ww2 Japanese pistols to crazy class 3 collections) who know nothing about cz, let alone the cz 52

      • MountainKelly

        truth, which is just too bad. Greattttt rifles, and awesome pistols. My Sp01 is my absolute favorite handgun.

        • DiverEngrSL17K

          Same here. I would not trade my CZ’s for anything else, even though I truly appreciate and thoroughly enjoy a wide variety of excellent firearms of different makes.

  • MountainKelly

    Never heard of a CZ52? Whoa there. On the surplus market they were notorious for a long time. My first hand gun was a CZ52 =) Great round, horrible unergonomic and uncomfortable though.

  • Josh Greer

    I bought one a couple years ago for $175. Have not put many rounds through it, but it has worked well. It is not a natural pointing pistol. What it is is interesting, and I figure I could sell it for more than what I have in it.

  • Dr. Daniel Jackson

    The op must have not been familiar with military surplus handguns,around here you can find several CZ52’s at every gun show.I found the one I owned to be very accurate and pretty reliable,however the gun felt like crap in my hands compared to my m57a and m70a Tokarevs.

  • Sulaco

    Had one, went bang every time, very large pistol and egro is lousy, round is a blast, grip angle is a real downer.

  • Chase Buchanan

    “If you were in the military back in the 1950s, this is the package you were issued. This holster, and this nice pistol. Oh by the way, that’s if you were in the Czechoslovakian military, almost forgot. I forget there are other militaries.”

    Hickok45 is always funny as heck. Someone else said he’s like the Bob Ross of guns. 😀

  • Scott

    I have one of these in good shape. The round packs a significant punch. There’s a guy on ebay that makes very nice wood grips for them too.