Homemade machine pistols seized in Sweden

The below are machine pistols of a design that were being produced and distributed by criminal networks in Sweden. Apparently specifications for many of the parts were simply sent off to various machine shops and ordered as ‘boat components’. All examples are smooth bore, chambered in 9mm luger and full auto only.

swedishhomemadesmgs2 improguns

swedishhomemadesmgs4 improguns


swedishhomemadesmgs3 improguns

swedensmgseizure improguns



  • andrey kireev

    Another proof that banning guns, keeps them out of the hands of bad guys…… oh wait……

  • noob

    huh. the australian jeweler from Penrith who made MAC-11s had a far better fit and finish.

    that’s what having your own shop vs outsourcing does 🙂

  • echelon

    Pass another law! For the children of Sweden! That’ll learn ’em…

  • Jeff Smith

    I thought the Swedes were known for quality firearms….

  • Forest C. Adcock

    Anyone else notice that all the ammo for those 9mm asault pistols is .22?

    • Wes

      are you having trouble reading the boxes? Magtech makes ammo in 9mm Luger as well as .380 ACP. I’ve seen their .22, but by the time I arrived on the scene, it was all sold out 🙂

    • Kivaari

      It is 9mm in the above photo. Expand it, and read the box flaps.

  • sianmink

    I could use some boat components.

  • joeyskylynx

    What a lovely design! It’s been awhile since I have seen a new machine pistol design, with the last ones being the Wombat of Australia and the Blimp of Brazil! Has this weapon been named yet?

  • Roy

    Of course not, because that would provide a real world example that restricting ownership of firearms only benefits those who don’t care to follow the laws in the first place.

  • El Duderino

    Would you say…this is a smorgasbord of machine pistols?

    I kill me.

  • joeyskylynx

    Ehhh. Not really. Sten loads on the side, and either way, this is a pretty new design for the underground gun world.

    Quick idea by the way: Someone seriously needs to make a museum dedicated to homemade firearms. Imagine having all these firearms sitting in police lockers around the world, being put into a unique museum, where people can see the original model sitting on a pedestal with a map showing where it was found, and having a reproduction[non-firing!] model to the left or right which has the ability to be opened up to see in the inside mechanisms and parts.

    Another thing regarding the maps thing… If several guns are donated from the same area, they’ll be lined up in an exhibit with a city map showing where they were found, to show how guns progress from the year and the area they are designed in. Almost every neighborhood has their own variant of a master design. It’s pretty cool!