Blue Kydex from Comp-Tac

Comp-Tac Blue

Comp-Tac announced they are now offering rigs in blue. Currently, the company will offer the blue color as an option for all of the Comp-Tac outside-the-waistband products including:

  • International Holster
  • Paddle Holster
  • Single Mag Pouches
  • Twin Mag Pouches
  • AR Magazine Pouch

“Everyone is having a sale this holiday season, but Comp-Tac wanted to do something special,” said Gordon Carrell, General Manager at Comp-Tac. “This year…we have also brought on a brand new Kydex color.”

Currently, Comp-Tac offers pink, purple and red color options. Black is standard, however, there are no additional costs for other colors.

“Many firearm users prefer to accessorize their gear with different options and colors,” said Randi Rogers, sales and marketing manager for Comp-Tac. “Comp-Tac Victory Gear wants to give all customers the option to choose gear that compliments their unique and individual preferences. By expanding our Kydex colors we can help more people get gear made just for them.”

Richard Johnson

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  • Matt L.

    It’s really just because it’s fun.

    I mean, for serious carry or anything, yeah, blue holsters and gear is pretty silly. But if you’re running around at a shooting match or something? Black and grey gets pretty boring pretty fast. I still remember when I shot a few USPSA matches down in Florida… all the folks there had their tricked-out Limited and Open guns in the wildest colors and patterns. I mean, white, red, purple, blue, tiger stripe, snakeskin, you name it. And it was just fun to see! Not everything has to be super-serious and super-operator all the time… so these new Comp-Tac offerings are probably for that crowd.

    Maybe they’re also for people who want to “color-code” their holsters so they know they’re grabbing the right one as they rush out the door to a competition? Who knows.

  • Tom Currie

    “Why?” is a really good question — especially Why Blue? Blue is widely recognized internationally as an indication of a dummy training device — from the photos, it would seem that this holster is almost exactly the shade of blue that NATO and SEATO forces use for training devices and dummy or inert training munitions, as well as the color marking used on training rounds. I’d like to think that everyone would realize that a real gun is still a real gun even when in a blue holster, but this seems to be just a way of inviting Murphy to visit.

    • Gregory Markle

      I’m not really sure what the huge deal is with a “new Kydex color” but maybe that’s because I was a lab tech for them and did hundreds of custom matches. Heck, we had several hundred colors that were basically black with subtle tints!

  • gunslinger

    low speed? high drag?

    10/10 would operate