The Legendary Kalashnikov Documentary

RT produced this 25 min documentary about the Kalashnikov. For those of you who are not familiar with the AK-47 this video will give you some good background info on the infamous weapon. I dare say this video makes me want to buy a Izhmash AK now.


In the documentary they interviewed a gun club in Virgina who have an autographed AK by Mikhail Kalashnikov

Kalash autograph

Nicholas C

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  • TB

    Well, considering how RT is a Putin mouthpiece, whose news reporting has not ever managed to produce a single true word, can we really belive anything in this documentary? Sure, it’s just a simple history of the AK, but is it really worth watching, given the total lack of credibility of any information coming out of the official Russian propaganda channels?

    • iksnilol

      Can we really trust any propaganda channels? I mean, every country has them and if you got an iq of more 60 you don’t really care about them.

      • TB

        Really? Every country has them? Not really, there is actually no equivalent of the extremist government propaganda of Russia Today in any Western country. The only thing that would even come close to RT is the government controlled media in North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and other dictatorships…

        • toms

          Amen, RT is one of the worse although all most all Russian channels are owned and operated by the Kremlin now. In fact Russian language TV for home audiences is even worse than RT. Granted, I have never lived in N Korea or China. RT actually had a documentary about Ukrainian soldiers crucifying children and burning them alive with wax figures smoking in the background, interviews with Blackwater mercenaries who they claimed were the actual Miadan snipers, ect. Never mind Blackwater has been out of business for years (the interviewed dudes had actual blackwater patches on!). I love the RT video with the jamming M16 (might be this one I don’t have time to watch) that is like a thousand years old and they talk at length about how unreliable it is. It conveniently had a malfunction on the secong round, was less accurate than the 74 in the demo, ect. Be glad our press is more or less free to produce whatever tripe they want. The AK74 is more controllable in auto though, this is just a fact.

        • Zugunder

          Funny enough, you yourself sounds like a person influenced by propaganda, like alot. Just saying.

        • iksnilol

          Yeah, they are just a bit subtle. Everyone has an agenda. But TFB isn’t the place for these discussions.

    • USMC03Vet

      You just described several US news channels with the current US administration.


      At least RT is honest about it.

      • TB

        No, not even close. No US news media is directly controlled by the government, like RT is. They may all (except for Fox News) be extremely heavily biased towards the left, but that’s far from the same thing as being under the direct control of the government.

  • Don Ward

    InB4 the KalashnikovstolethedesignfromtheStg44 herpa durr knuckle draggers.

  • Uniform223

    I would have liked this more if it wasn’t done by RT ( Fair enough every country has its own political or ultra-nationalistic propaganda channel ) and more so if it didn’t show airsofters.