Revolution Roller Trigger

Armageddon Gear and JP Enterprises collaborated on this new Revolution Roller Trigger. Tom Fuller of Armageddon Gear approached JP Enterprises with his Roller Trigger design.


According to JP Enterprises:

One of the common trigger control issues that causes inconsistencies for the precision shooter is lateral force applied to the trigger upon release. Instead of the straight-back, linear release that would be optimal, this lateral force results in a certain degree of horizontal dispersion or the “pulled shots.” So, when our friend Tom Fuller from Armageddon Gear approached us with his “roller trigger” idea, we saw the merit immediately and knew we needed to incorporate it into our AR fire control system. Attached to a modified version of our own trigger design with its improved sear geometry, the free-spinning roller of the Revolution Trigger auto-corrects for innate trigger control error by allowing your trigger finger to roll to a neutral position. Once you try it, you’ll see exactly what we mean and why this is the future of trigger control.

In addition to new rifle builds, the Revolution roller trigger option is available in two forms. The EZ trigger package is our standard full match kit including the entire array of our fire control components along with the new roller trigger. Alternately, the Roller Trigger Replacement Kit includes the trigger and our best-selling fire control springs to allow easy replacement of the trigger in a standard M4 carbine with no adjustments needed.

The trigger sounds like a great idea. I have yet to experience pulling the trigger on one. Pun intended. They retail for $239.95 and can but purchased directly from either Armageddon Gear or JP Enterprises.

Nicholas C

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  • Dan

    Getting my popcorn now because this comment section is going to be a good show.

  • No–

  • Travis M.

    Has anyone tried making a training aid like that? It seems doable.

    • noob

      that would be cool if you have it so it beeps a warning when you roll the trigger sideways, and makes a satisfying click when you pull straight back!

      • Karl

        That’s the 100% satisfaction guarantee old school way to do it.

  • RickH

    “the free-spinning roller of the Revolution Trigger auto-corrects for innate trigger control error by allowing your trigger finger to roll to a neutral position. ” Huh?

    • cwp

      If I understand what they’re saying, the actual trigger is like a cylinder that spins freely about the horizontal axis. So, if you place your finger off-center or exert pressure on the trigger in an uneven way, the trigger will rotate out from under it and force you to correct your technique.

  • Andrew

    If Darren Wilson had this trigger on his gun, Mike Brown would still be alive.

  • Zachary marrs

    I read this post 5 times, then had my friend read it.

    We only have one question


    • noob

      if you exert lateral force on the trigger (eg you curl your index finger and pull the trigger to the right, or you extend it while pulling back and push it to the left) this trigger will roll away from you keeping the force straight back on the gun and avoid upsetting your sight picture and aim.

      in the past you had to learn to pull the trigger straight back by balancing a small coin on top of the flat part of your receiver and dry firing. you had to practice dry firing until you could dry fire without the coin falling off your weapon.

      • Y-man


        • noob

          🙂 here’s a pistol diagnostic chart for a right handed shooter aiming at the middle of the bulls eye.

          if you pull the trigger not exactly in the center with your index finger you can pull the whole gun off to the right.

          if you push the trigger with your index finger, the shots impact left of point of aim.

          the rolling trigger means your finger will slide over the trigger with no friction, without pushing the whole gun.

      • claymore

        So your AR has soooo much play in the trigger and roll pins that you can pull it sideways enough to make a difference?

        • noob

          that’s almost the exact opposite of what I’m trying to say –

          the trigger is only allowed to go in the fore and aft direction as you actuate it with your finger so if you apply significant force to the side of the trigger blade there is only one thing that can happen – the whole gun will rotate off target.

          this is not a big effect, we are talking about seeing moa or sub moa deviations due to an incorrect trigger pull. but it’s enough for you to have your shots not hit your point of aim because your trigger pull has disturbed weapon at the moment of firing.

          with pistols, held only in one place on their grips, the effect is more severe and that’s why that handgun target analysis guide exists.

          if you are right handed and your bullets are landing in the zone “too much or too little trigger finger” when you were aiming at the 10, that means that your finger was pressing on the blade of the trigger and pushing the whole gun sideways

          • claymore

            So if you do as taught and apply proper finger placement this is redundant is my point.

            But then again IF one were to apply improper triger finger position as their normal and they adjusted their sights to compensate the rifle would still fire to their normal and this would still be redundant.

            The end point is there is no perfect trigger finger placement that is the same for everybody.

      • Zachary marrs

        Thank you for dumbing it down for me

      • Rence

        It’s how I broke my habit of not being consistent with my trigger squeezes. We used a dime or small washer, but we’d balance it on the barrel just behind the flash hider. The further out you balance it, the smoother your squeeze has to be. Geometry at work 🙂

  • Grindstone50k

    No, but it will make your bullets more armor penetrating cop-killer-able.

    • Martin Grønsdal

      You are wrong! It will only double the magazine

      • Karl

        Wrong again! It’ll give you the the incredible firing rate of 20 rounds per minute! Now everyone knows that a bullet fired from an AK 47 is capable of at least blowing up a house, but slap this puppy on your glock assault rifle and you’ll be able to blow up a block of houses at the least.

      • mosinman

        didn’t you know that AR-15 stood for
        Assault Rifle -15 rounds per min!
        who needs such dangerous firepower?

  • Paladin

    It sounds like a training tool. I doubt this is intended for a serious social purpose rifle. The point is not to make the rifle itself more accurate or usable, the point is to highlight trigger control issues and force the shooter to correct them.

    • noob

      hmm we should get out a magic marker and put dye on the back and sides of the roller. if your finger is pink you have to do pushups.

  • noob

    good point. handguns are held from the grip only (by law) and are more susceptible to bad trigger technique.

  • noguncontrol

    looks like all future triggers will look like this, now this is innovation.

  • I dunno, it would have to come with an awful lot of swag for me to give it a “flying colors review”.

  • ThomasD

    Special Command Recon Operators Tactical Edition 6000.

    • HSR47

      You’re almost there, but you forgot the most important part: Celebrity endorsement!

      Chris Costa Special Command Recon Operator’s Tactical Edition 9001

      • Matt L.




  • 1leggeddog

    Kills babies twice as fast!

  • NapNip

    I’ll bet that they will eventually make it hour-glass shaped, solid and smooth. You need that curve to stop recoil from pushing your finger down off the bottom of the trigger(unless you’re a girly-man shooting low-powered shait). When this happens I expect, nay, I demand that it be named after me!

  • Airrider

    Gee, when you say it like that it sounds like it’d reward a heavier trigger pull, doesn’t it? Like it wants you to naturally wrap your finger around the trigger as you fire? I kind of get it; it’s translating any twisting motion into straight linear motion to pull the trigger, but that requires a certain amount of force to overcome the roller’s own rolling resistance, and on something as narrow as a gun’s trigger I don’t see a whole lotta torque happening on a match trigger or on just regular shooting.

    It’s weird; there’s so much going on with the pitch description that I would almost accuse these guys of being deliberately obtuse just so someone will go “screw it” and buy it just to evaluate it. But who would do that, right?

  • go4it

    You’re all wrong! This new device will allow your rifle to shoot the entire cartridge out the muzzle, ‘a la’ some Bloomberg shill ads ….

  • William Wallace

    The rolling action makes the trigger more efficient with every pull by reducing the effort because everyone knows a wheel reduces the work required to do the same thing, so every trigger pull now will fire off the whole 103 round assault clipazine in 3 seconds and since the bullets are fired at such a fast rate, the velocity will also increase to 153,748 feet per second which lets it penetrate armor, and by armor, I mean chobham armor used on the M1 Abrams main battle tank, not the chintzy body armor worn by soldiers and cops. The lead in the bullet is transformed by the velocity on a molecular level to the density of depleted uranium and nothing living will survive within a 3 mile radius.

    Get yours now by mail order before the government catches on and bans this!