Select Fire Mixup in SoCal

Earlier today readers starting questioning the validity of the story Nick C wrote. I made a couple of contacts this afternoon but I primarily wanted to talk with the folks at SIG. There’s nothing like talking to the source to get the truth. I just got off the phone a short while ago with a representative of SIG who knows everything that happens with the company. That said I want to cut to the chase and let the readers know this story is 100% untrue. There was no incident as described nor has there ever been.

The writer should have contacted me before posting so I could contact SIG and verify the incident prior to the story going live on TFB. I personally apologize to you the readers for this story ever making it online.

I can assure the readers that SIG is a very efficient company with many safeguards against anything like this ever happening.

With apologies,

Nicholas C

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  • Madcap_Magician

    Who fines the ATF when they send out weapons illegally?

    • MclarenF1Forever

      In this instance, there really ought to be a Fed law about this, when Fed employees abuse power and/or screw up badly, they ought to have some skin in the game. Sarbanes/Oxley did this for the financial companies, we need the same type of law for the government.

  • Do you really expect SIG to issue a press release that employees screwed up that bad and got fired. The same applies for the ATF and the gun store. They don’t want to talk about mistakes. I don’t blame them either.
    However I did verify the story so yes it’s true.

  • Agreed– He should know he couldn’t keep that lower anyway. Why not send it back and get a new one. No common sense involved in that decision.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Yeah I was suspect of the lower. Which is why I consulted with more knowledgeable friends. I informed this friend and he will get it fixed.

  • Cal S.

    I would have asked “What’s in it for me?” and hopefully ended up with something a little extra for my ‘trouble’. Would have sent it back either way.

  • Nicholas Chen

    Actually he was hit by a drunk driver recently. I said “it sure is a shame those parts got lost in the accident” No they did not get lost in the accident.

  • BryanS

    All of these interesting law suit enabling things happening with Sig and the ATF lately.

  • MclarenF1Forever

    Yep, post a pic of the lower with the hole above the safety if he really got it. It sounds like Sig put FA FCG parts into a semi lower if the other part about swapping FCG parts is true.

  • That’s up to you if you believe it or not. I assured you I checked it I don’t know what else I can do.

  • RedScare

    It was cute how Phil was all BAW MY SOURCE IS TRUE AND YOU CAN POUND SAND without really confirming the story. So much for journalism.

  • ixlr8r

    Even the most careful people get bamboozled occasionally. Thanks for clearing it up.

  • Paul Epstein

    Really, it’s kind of amazing that the guy who told Nick the story would be willing to just toss his credibility in the trash like that. Once you tell a lie that big with a straight face it’s pretty much impossible to go back to being taken seriously.

  • Jeff Smith

    Thank you for your commitment to honesty and integrity. It’s never easy to swallow your pride and I’ve seen this blog do so on multiple occasions.

    Well done.

  • Brian

    Not surprised. Eh shit happens.

  • Ethan

    Taking your lumps, even when it would be easy to try to pass the buck or sweep it under the rug.

    Integrity. You’re doing it right.

    Thank you TFB.