Brazil’s Federal Police Department (Departamento de Polícia Federal) is one of three federal police forces. Their role is roughly the same as the FBI and ICE in the United States. They are tasked with investigating drugs trafficking, money laundering, public corruption, terrorism, cyber-crime and well as being in charge of immigration, border security and airport security. They are well equipment with Heckler & Koch weapons including the HK 417. Eddie sent us a photo he took of a Federal Police HK 417 used as a Designated Marksman Rifle. It is equipped with a Leupold Mark IV 3.5-10X40 scope.



  • JumpIf NotZero

    Heh… Leupold Mk4

  • Yellow Devil

    Indeed. After the third raid by the German Government, HK announced today they are ceasing weapon developments and defense contracts to focus on oil and water drilling.