Pocket Guns Reviews the G42 Mag Guts +1

I love the G42 and even had a chance to review the pistol earlier this year. In that review, I did bemoan the capacity (but understood why it was designed that way). Fortunately, the aftermarket is stepping in to add capacity to the diminutive 380 handgun.


Pocket Guns & Gear has reviewed the Mag Guts +1 kit for the G42. All in all, they found it postiive and that it worked. HIt the link to be taken to the full article. 


Nathan S.

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  • Blake

    Our CZ-83 is a 30+ year old Czech design, small, & comfortable. The factory .380 magazine holds 12 rounds. If you use a Makarov mag in a .380 chambered gun it’ll hold 13 + 1 in the chamber if you really need more.

  • Blake

    Do you really want to be modding the magspring in your CCW?

  • BryanS

    IIRC, its a magazine capacity issue with an import? Not a technical reason, a silly bureaucratic one.

  • Evan Ferguson

    It’s not the spring, the follower is just really “tall” in the magazine. The mag guts kit works good, and makes a great pistol even greater.

  • WPZ

    Call me when the 9×19 conversion comes out.