Sig Sauer SBX15 Gen 2 Pistol Brace Now Available

The SIGTac SB15 pistol stabilizing brace has been a huge hit for Sig Sauer, everyone seems to be rocking the braces on their AR and AK pistols. Well did you know their gen 2 version is already out and at retailers? I saw the pictures of them floating around a while back, but I had no idea they were actually available until recently. Currently Primary Arms, Funk Ammoย and a few others have them in stock. They’re even on eBay already. What do you guys think of the second generation braces? I kind of like the way they look.


They retail for a little more than the Gen 1 brace at $149. Check out the Sig Sauer site for details on their new SBX15 Gen 2 Pistol Brace.

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  • BryanS

    Be nice to see the price drop a bit first. Im in the market for a pistol brace, but not that in the market.

    • ClintTorres

      Yeah, makes you wonder how this is more expensive than Magpul MOE, CTR and STR stocks

      • BryanS

        Different molding tech, they expect to sell less of them, and Im betting there is a fund at Sig for pending litigation.

  • Menger40

    Looks even less like a stock, in my opinion, which is good. Sig doesn’t want to tempt the ATF to reclassify this thing as a stock.

    • True true, never want to tempt the feds

      • BryanS

        No. tempt them. Do it. Sue the crap out of them and make congress move on reversing SBS and SBR in the NFA. then move onto more low hanging fruit.

        there are a lot of these things out there right now, and I have a feeling that this is just to keep baiting the ATF into doing something stupid, so they can be smacked down for how silly they are.

    • Ethan

      SIG seems to be all about taking the “low hanging fruit” from the ATF as BryanS calls it. Look at the lawsuit they’re in right now for their muzzle break that the ATF says is a suppressor. Call me crazy, but I believe SIG knows exactly what its doing.

      This is a huge service to free America by SIG. They’re not waiting to react to new illegal legislation – they’re taking the fight right to city hall, and so far they’re winning.

      • Menger40

        Good point!

  • #datamine

    Still too gaudy.

  • Steven Meyer

    It will look cool on a AK Pistol with a sidefolder

  • Jesse

    What is a pistol brace and how is it supposed to be used? I don’t see a hundred and a half of usefulness there.

  • jeff k

    the more people buy this and shoulder it, the better. remember pot was illegal until everyone relized how stupid it was. now they are relaxing on the law. i hope this follows the same trend

    • Ethan

      The beginning of the end for prohibitionism.

  • Jesse

    Thank you; why the big surprise? I’m sure there are at least a thousand more things that neither you nor I have seen and had explained

  • Jesse

    Guess I had disremembered that a shoulder stocked pistol is thought to be a so much more threatening weapon than say a regular shotgun or rifle. I never understood the logic behind that moronic thinking… Of course gun control advocates don’t apply much if any logic any way.

  • echelon

    You are right, I’m sure injured shooters still would like to have this product for it’s intended use. I do stand corrected there.

    But I do believe that Sig’s involvement would probably have been non existent in that scenario. It’s pretty clear that they saw an end around chance with the brace and when the ATF ruled the way they did…well…

  • Ethan

    “Rather, I think they have permanently changed to landscape of owning an AR-15 or similar firearm.”

    Can we all just take a moment out of our day to enjoy that fact….

    *Sighs contentedly*
    Thank you SIG. Thank you so much.

  • Hue Pack

    Great news. But it’s a bit more expensive than “not a stock 1.0” ๐Ÿ™‚