Radical Firearms CA Compliant AR Pistols

Primary Arms, a company responsible from separating me from lots of my money, has a great deal for Californians who want to get an AR15 pistol before the Single Shot Exemption ban takes place next year. They’re selling complete Radical Firearms AR15 pistols in both 7.5″ barrel and 10.5″ barrel configurations. ┬áThe CA friendly AR pistols include a Sig brace, ┬ábullet button, 10 round Magpul PLMAG and a 1 shot limiter. They retail for $639.99. Check out all of their CA compliant (and non CA) AR pistols over at PrimaryArms.com.

The Radical Firearms complete AR-Pistol is a fully Mil-Spec AR-15 pistol built using their law enforcement grade upper receivers and Aero Precision lowers. The 4150 Chromoly Vanadium Steel barrels are melonite QPQ treated for a harder-than chrome fiinish without chrome’s accuracy robbing side effects! This same finish is applied to the bolt carrier groups, helping to reduce receiver wear and increase reliability. The bolt heads are MIL-STD phosphate and MPI for quality assurance. The full-length, free float handguard keeps your hands cool and provides plenty of room for accessories. As an added touch, Radical Firearms has included the Sig Sauer Stabilizing Arm Brace!

Pick up a set of your favorite sights, and you’re ready for the range!

Forged, Mil-Spec Upper Receiver features M4 feed ramps and T-Marks
7.5″ 1:9 4150 Chromoly Vanadium Steel barrel chambered for 5.56NATO and finished with Melonite QPQ
Pistol length gas-system for improved reliability
Extractor booster pre-installed for reliable extraction!
7.0″ Free-float quad-rail handguard with T-marks
Aero Precision Forged Mil-Spec lower
Made in Texas, USA!

Ray I.

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  • USMC03Vet

    The best part is the made in Texas bit.

  • echelon

    Hurry sheeplings, get it while it’s hot! Right up until the next time the pols decide to ban the next object of their desire…

  • Porty1119

    What’s this whole Single Shot Exemption deal?
    I’m sure happy to live in the free state of MO…

    • TheSmellofNapalm

      If you want a gun that isn’t on the roster, you can have it imported with a barrel extension and the semi-auto disabled. Then a smith takes it and unmodifies it for you, so you can essentially own a completely legal HK45CT even though it’s not technically on the “ok” list

  • Blake

    I wasn’t aware that chrome-lining a barrel “robbed accuracy”…

  • floppyscience

    “fully Mil-Spec AR-15 pistol”


    • Batouman


  • Wetcoaster

    There’s no need for quotes around loophole – it’s in an asinie law, but it is definitely a loophole in that shoddy wording of the legislation allows the letter of the law to be observed while nullifying the law’s intent.

    On the bright side, closing the loophole should bring more pressure to get the law repealed. While the loophole existed, the law would have been easy for people to dismiss as more bureaucratic red tape that saddled them with useless crap (the one shot magazine) without actually preventing them from getting what they wanted.

    Now, they’ll have to put their representatives on the hot seat.

  • Stompy

    Tell that to all the ffl’s and multimillion dollar sporting good stores that are selling ar and ak pistols equipped with sig braces in California that they are great legal risk. The CA DOJ and none of the DA’S have ruled that bullet buttons are legal so you better tell all the stores and everyone that has a bullet button equipped firearm that it’s not approved by the CA DOJ. The law doesn’t tell you what’s legal only what’s illegal. If that makes sense to you fud spreaders.

    • USMC03Vet

      Rule of law now is simply what the injustice department feels like enforcing these days.

  • joedeats

    Lol….Kalifornia….guns…freedom…lol….oh, your serious. Never mind.

  • echelon

    Then this should serve to highlight the real flaws in our “justice” system.

    If the leaks in the pipes are coming to fast to patch then sometimes it becomes necessary to rip out all of the plumbing and start from scratch…