Handing in zip guns at buy backs

Some glorious individual decided to take a duffel bag full of improvised slam-fire shotguns (of legal length) to a local gun buyback which was offering $50 for each gun handed in.

slambangimprovisedshotgun (1)

slambangimprovisedshotgun (5)

slambangimprovisedshotgun (2)


slambangimprovisedshotgun (6)



Unfortunately on this occasion the officer manning the table was apparently instantly confused by the bag of pipes before him and cash was not offered. In some instances however, as high as $300 has apparently been given in exchange for such contraptions made from $6 worth of pipe.

With a little more creativity and some black spray paint, something a little more scary wouldn’t have taken much more effort. I’m sure cutting out a convincing shotgun style stock, wrapping it in trash bags and electrical tape and adding a hinge to the barrel would have passed for a typical criminal’s beat up stolen single-shot.



This little .22 pistol was apparently exchanged for a $100 gift card back in June.



  • Steve Truffer

    I love you, /k/.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Hilarious! 😀

  • Andrew Hobby

    This is really approaching the field of High Art in its execution and thought process.

    I LOVE IT.

  • USMC03Vet

    Too bad this epic troll didn’t pay off. Was still good for laughs.

  • gunslinger

    glock and wesson?

    a 91/30 style marking? awesome

    wish it would have worked.


  • Lol @ “hecho en Belgium”

  • Ken

    I’ve been meaning to do that, but there haven’t been any buybacks in my area in a while. There were a bunch in early 2013 and we did go to look for stuff to buy, but I didn’t find anything worthwhile. A guy did show up with a bucket of junk gun frames and got over $1k in Visa gift cards.

  • tony patric

    if the officer asked if this is real, i wonder if he reponded with saying, just try it if you want to lol

    • Skinnypete

      99% of cops are stupid when it comes to guns. They got their jobs the past 20 years because they are some kind of mongrel, so they fit a minority box on the job application.

  • wetcorps

    A magical place indeed.

  • Blake

    I’d get “tired” of that stock pretty quickly.

    OK, sorry, couldn’t resist…

  • Nergyl

    Cool, he has a Glock & Wesson–the only 9mm handgun ever made. I imagine this gentleman might also have one of those rare Heckler & Uzi .50 millimeter assault sniper rifles? I heard you can shoot down jet liners with those things.

    • Skinnypete

      Jesse Jackson the race limp said so. So I’m sure Obola believes that

    • Solace Greer

      I blow up tanks with my KalashniKoch.

      • Nergyl

        You do? I’m guessing you must be one of those people who uses those nasty depleted-teflon CopKiller rounds you can buy at every gun store in America. Load up a Mack-Ten submarine gun’s 1,000 bullet clip with those things and you can kill hundreds of innocent police children in under a minute.

        And do so without making a sound, if you’ve attached a Barrel Shroud.

        • Solace Greer

          I don’t believe in shoulder-things.

  • Robert177

    This is pretty funny, and it gives me and all my buddies great ideas.
    So, rather than rail and spit with fury at these sickening gun buybacks(which are nothing but ripoffs, usually of older and poor folks, and have no effect on crime…), instead what we all need to do is UNDERMINE them with cr*p like this.
    Each time we see a buyback in our area, just take in a bunch of contrived and cheap homemade cr*p like this. Trade them all in. Get as much $$$ from the cops as you can.
    Oh, and then take the cash, to your nearest gun store, and buy a REAL gun. You know, a little present to yourself, as a reward for all that work you did, messing with the gun-hating cops.
    Works for me!

    • Man you ran off the rails on that one. Police officers don’t hate guns believe me. I met one rookie officer who hated guns but he didn’t last long.

      Obviously I don’t hate guns—love em:-)

    • jcitizen

      Take an old beat up airsoft toy and put a metal pipe on it for a barrel, and maybe a contrived mousetrap hammer and nail, and call it good! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

  • Mohammad Fuxpigs

    We gotta blitz these Commies with these & demand paymentt (they are a firearm & “no questions asked”). After a good blitz of trolling them, they’ll fold up shop & we’ll all have $$$ to buy a M1 Garand.

    • Man you’re going to have to change that screen name. It’s just too far over the line.
      If you continue to post under that username I’ll have to take further action. I’d rather not do that.

    • Skinnypete

      Cool name Mo. I can’t believe people are so butt hurt. I bet they really think guns are bad too. Just like a name on the internet is bad.

  • lurpy

    I keep waiting for a buyback to happen near me so I can do this. Where does one hear about them?

  • Anonymous

    So they really did it… I need to go ahead and try it myself with one or two at a time like I had asked about.
    Stay amazing /k/

  • It’s taken care of Nick—–

  • Fruitbat44

    You could use these “guns” as a poster for “Working The System.” -sigh-

  • Jim_Macklin

    Some junk yard truck valve train push-rods cut in half should make some excellent muzzle loading zip guns. The oil hole in the ball end is the touch hole. Welding the ball to the push rod would be a good idea. Daisy BBs, a little black powder or even match heads would serve.
    Since they are muzzle loading they are NOT firearms under Federal law. Every 8 cylinder engine can provide 32 barrels, making a potential profit of $1,500.

  • Roger V. Tranfaglia

    SJW???…..What/who is…..

    • billyoblivion

      SJW==Social Justice Warrior.

      The kind of people who think that your skin color is more important than your soul, and your sex and gender are more important than your character.

      • Roger V. Tranfaglia

        Thank you….

  • You got that one right!

  • ThomasD

    Sorry, that really should say “thirty caliber magazine clip.”

    And it needs a shoulder thingy that goes up. Labeled as such, naturally.

    Kinda makes me wish they did buybacks in my area…

  • Doom

    I wish I knew who did this, this is golden. /k/ is love, /k/ is life. Ave Nex Alea. Now I just need to make about 20 of these, spray paint them “babby killer black” and take em up to chicago and cash in and blow out my wallet at the lgs. at least if it is real cash and not gift cards for krogers or walmart or something.

  • dan citizen

    Way back when I bought a batch of defunct older surplus rifles, rusted out bores, missing parts etc. Cost me $10 each

    We got $100 each for them, and a firm invitation to not come back next buy back.

    • Michael Blum

      About fifteen or twenty years ago a store dealing in older pistols (pre-1898) and parts included in their catalog flier a “Box of suicide specials” – about 20 or 30 pre-1898 cheapies, rusted and/or broken, for some low price like $30, specifically meant for gun buybacks.

  • jcitizen

    I got Hail Murder Gambling for a Latin translation on Ave Nex Alea, I’d say it makes a good weirdo statement.

  • Michael Blum

    I get the impression that much of the buyback funding is donated.