This classic how-not-to-clear-a-squib photo has been doing the rounds recently, including notably being posted on Facebook by the legendary Jerry Miculek. The lesson here is that if you shoot a round and your round did not hit the target, and you think it should have, check your gun, don’t keep shooting. This is especially true if two shots mysteriously don’t hit the target … don’t keep shooting until the barrel is full of bullets from muzzle to chamber.

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  • magnumPL

    not only did he keep shooting he must’ve reloaded because I see 8 bullets!
    is the barrel cut away or did it blow up?

    • Paranoid Android

      Cut away, you can tell because when barrels blow up the bullets don’t all explode perfectly in half with tool marks.

    • Michael R. Zupcak

      A revolver holds 6 bullets, not 8. I submit that this was not a hot-blooded crime of passion. That, at least, could be understood if not condoned. No – this was revenge of a much more brutal and cold-blooded nature.

  • Llewellyn

    Actually I’m fairly certain
    that the story behind this was that it was a test to see how strong the barrel was.

  • J.T.

    This originated on Reddit about a week ago. Jerry got it from there.

    From the Reddit OP: “The best way to clear a squib? KEEP SHOOTING! This was a pin barrel N-Frame prior to the owner firing eight rounds of .38 special. Surprisingly it appears to have just bulged the barrel a bit. Which has been removed and milled to show the damage.”

    • Dr Sick

      Glad for him he shot .38 special and not .357 mag, the end would have been quit different !

  • patrickiv

    I’m impressed that the barrel didn’t rupture if those are regular loads. I suppose extra gas could escape through the cylinder gap. Surprisingly safe though.

  • Matt

    Testament to the quality of the barrel.

  • Marco Antonio Gonzalez

    I was about to call it a repost but my memory tricked me.
    I saw something similar before in this very blog
    Lets go KABOOM

  • I’m not sure if whoever shot that deserves their hands…

  • Secundius

    Yeah, this one ranks up there with the restaurant joke of “Finding the dough repair kit”.

  • jamezb

    Smith makes a STRONG gun…ermmph ermmph ermmph.!!!

  • dan

    I swear this or something like it was posted here before.

  • Mike

    If they had caught it after the first round got stuck, could the gun have been saved?

  • RaunchyDawg

    Squibs have a noticeable sound generally

  • Patrick Mingle

    How does a squib even happen?

    • nagurski

      Usually someone reloads a round and someone forgets to put in powder. Apparently the primer has just enough force to get the bullet in the barrel.

  • Ralphie

    That’s what happens when a gun gets constipated.

  • Roger V. Tranfaglia