Long range shooting with pistols

Professional competition shooter Amy Jane’s first video on her new Youtube channel is a tutorial on shooting long range with a pistol.

I expect the former Marine’s channel will become very popular very quickly.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nicks87

    She’s no Jerry Miculek but she’s a bit easier on the eyes I think 🙂

    • Menger40

      Agreed, but in all fairness, nobody is Jerry Miculek. 😛

    • Guest

      Or Elmer Keith

    • Phil Hsueh

      If she’s a former WM then she certainly dispels a lot of the common myths about WMs.

  • USMC03Vet

    Nice butt.

    Just sayin’

    • Sickshooter0

      Thanks! Oh, you meant Amy…sorry.

    • Jesse

      Really? It’s OK, but honestly if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.

  • Jack Morris

    My Kahr CM9 always surprises me with its accuracy potential. It’s one of the smallest pistols I own, yet it achieves groups that rival my match 1911. Very cool pistols.

  • Manny Fal

    Given even most sniper shots fired in Iraq were within 100 yards, could the pistol be used as a snipers weapon in urban locations?

    • wetcorps

      Might be a bit harder on a moving target…

    • Anonymoose

      Maybe with subgun or something like a scoped 10″ Desert Eagle in .44 Magnum. Gotta retain knockdown power at range, and most automatic pistol calibers from a normal-length handgun don’t.

      • iksnilol

        Then why didn’t they have problems using SMGs at 100 and 200 meters in WW2?

        Though for 200 meters I would recommend 7.62×25 instead of 9×19, simply because of flatter trajectory and better penetration.

        • Anonymoose

          A lot of WW2 subguns are full-auto only. Hosing down an area and hoping for a hit is different from “one and done” precision shooting.

  • Taylor TX

    Well she sure beats the hell out of Range Time.

    • USMC03Vet

      Of course she does. Cory is just a piece of shit stolen valor scumfuck.

      • Taylor TX

        I was referring to the Erika truthfully, but yea shes EASILY beating Range Time in that facet as well, Amy is most definitely a 2-fer. Im still surprised(well not really THAT surprised) that someone who wants to be a youtube personality would make false claims that could pretty easily be verified.

        • Really

          Amy was in the Marine Corps for less than a year. She didn’t do shit in the Marine Corps or for her country. She’s a fraud with tits.

          • Phil White TFB

            they’re all frauds with tits.

  • Franciscomv

    I liked that she credited Elmer Keith, too bad she’s sponsored by Kahr and not S&W, a good wheelgun would have made the video just perfect. She’s definitely a much better shot than me.

  • Mark N.

    Just a few weeks ago I was trying this with my son at 100 yards, and we also had difficulty being consistent on the horizontal access. Neither one of us could hit the target, but we got close. Maybe next time I’ll try the Keith technique with better results.

    • Practice and more practice. I don’t do the 200 yard stuff but I do shoot 100 yards just for fun. You can get pretty good at it.

  • claymore

    That is fairly easy to do if you have a backstop that allows you to see POI of the bullets. We used to do this for fun and bragging rights using our (Horrors) 92 Berettas at 100 yards on the sand berm on our range during the switching things from the pistol range to the rifle range down time. Most every one on the team got quite proficient after doing this for fun at several training sessions and could hit a plastic milk jug 4 of of 5 shots.

  • Hitler Was Right

    I would like to have sexual intercourse with her.

  • ghost

    Outstanding, and the shooting was not bad either.

  • nope

    Professional competition shooter? Lol. Way to NOT do your research.

  • schizuki

    Pretty girl. Shame about the ink. Like a flame paint job on a Ferrari.

    • Phil White TFB

      only whores have tats

    • iksnilol

      Some like it, especially to keep track of or commemorate stuff. I have my scars for that so I don’t do the whole tatoo thing.

  • Phil White TFB

    I would like to take some Viagra and insert my diminutive ding dong in her chocolate starfish.

  • Phil W “Associate Editor TFB”

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  • BattleshipGrey

    I’m looking forward to trying this technique next time I’m at the range.

  • Martin Grønsdal

    Jerry Miculek did that with his gun up side down, backwards, through a mirror, with sights taken off to make it harder.

    And the target already felt the impact before he even pulled the trigger.