The beauty and perfection of Holland & Holland

This fascinating Youtube video appears to be a condensed edit of a longer documentary or promotional video about legendary gun maker Holland & Holland. It shows the guns being made, tested, sighted and regulated. Regulation refers to the barrel alignment process. Both barrels of a double barrel rifle should impact at the same point. The image above shows two barrels being re-soldered together after an adjustment to their alignment.

Read about Miles Vining’s visit to the H&H flagship store last year.

Many thanks to Jay for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • M.M.D.C.

    That’s the classiest gun pr0n I’ve ever seen. Beautiful stuff. Thanks.

  • MountainKelly

    there’s an excellent story on the Nitro Express build forum on a gentleman from Switzerland and the saga of him buying his H&H (it’s really a photo essay). Has some amazing pictures of the craftsmen and the build they did for him

  • Drew Coleman

    I would love to see the full documentary. Does anyone know where it might be?

  • SimonSays

    I find it very humbling to watch this. I now understand why H&H is still unique. And why quite a lot of their rifles cost more than a 100k. Great post!

  • Joe Smith

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaand never bashing the workmanship on a H&H ever…..EVER.

  • Russ
  • jamieb

    How its made series science channel

    • Clone

      Came here to post this. Was on TV here last week.

  • herb

    Fascinating. Will watch a second time. Somewhat impressive, somewhat… well, you know, there’s that Victorian style of making things, and H&H are I guess the ne plus ultra at it. Admittedly I’m not a gunmaker and they’re highly rated gunmakers, and there must be subtleties I’m not in on. Lots of them. But that said, there are a few things I’d have done differently.

  • derfelcadarn

    I would seriously consider the surrendering of a testicle to own a rifle made by H&H. These folks give the meaning to quality and custom.

  • t-bone

    Thank you, that is beautiful. Such amazing work.

  • Mark N.

    Wow. Just wow. I thoroughly enjoyed that. What incredible precision craftsmanship.

  • Anton Gray Basson

    I always thought Purdey was the best of the British gun houses

    • G

      Boss shot guns are also pretty good. The video is in Norwegian but it also contains an interview with an English speaking man:

  • J-

    Now I see where the $15,000 goes.

  • Jonathan Wright

    And now I’m late for work.

  • MountainKelly

    “Now I see where the $15,000 goes.”

    Hha…..hahaah….HAHAHHAHHAHAHA. $15,000 for a H&H? Try 45 grand for a used Royal or 50-100,000 for paired or a safari grade double rifle

  • MountainKelly

    Though they’re custom fitted to the shooter. You can get a nice Krieghoff for $15,000, though

  • DIR911911 .

    add a tacticool light and a laser sight and you’d have one damn fine home defense gun 🙂

  • Micki Mahoney

    Interesting article on double-rifles, by Ray Ordorica, in Guns Illustrated 1999. He says that when a double-rifle is regulated, the left and right barrels will never shoot to the exact same point of impact. Otherwise, of course, they would cross once past a certain range.

    In his words: “They will fly an inch or so apart from here to eternity. The right barrel will strike just to the right of centre, and the left barrel just to the left (we’re talking half an inch or so at 100 yards) on any target at any range. I have tested this.”

  • AbeFroman

    That was great.