Warfytr Rifle Mag Carriers For PMAGs

Remember the Warfytr Equipment Rifle Mag Carriers we posted last year? Well now they’re finally available for Magpul PMAGs. Unlike traditional magazine carriers the Warfytr Rifle Mag Carriers release the magazines at the bottom of the carrier, which Warfytr Equipment claims is the faster. The Warfytr mag carriers can be used on either your left of right side and works with MOLLE/PALS webbing or belts up to 2″ wide. In addition to Magpul PMAGS, the new Warfytr Rifle Mag Carriers are also compatible with Magpul Emags, IWI Tavor  magazines, CAA (Command Arms) and Hera Arms magazines. They retail for $45 over at Warfytr.com.

Check the mag carriers in action in the videos below.

Ray I.

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  • Cymond

    I like the idea, and would like to see them compared directly to the ITW Fastmag. I think there may be another, similar design on the market, too.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I have some fastmags, they’re OK, but I don’t really like the way they work and compared to HSGI parts they are just too limited. They live on the webbing on my bags now.

  • SnJohnson

    OMG LOL r nyme ys s0 t4ct1c4l! lolol. warfytyr 4 lyfe.

  • MrSatyre

    2nd video way more impressive. Also, if you’re going to shoot a promotional video in high winds, how about killing the audio altogether? Just a thought.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Heh, yea, if you aren’t going to cut the wind, maybe they so could show a proper reload where the gun wasn’t pointingnat the ground?

      Far too much to ask.

  • Nicks87

    I want to believe that the mags will stay in the carrier but… Gravity and accidently bumping into things makes me think, no.

  • Jack Morris

    Man, that’s a hefty price tag, but I suppose you can’t put a price on being the lowest drag, most high speed operator of all the land.

  • Grindstone50k

    This is so operator I just grew a beard.

  • Yeah its a bit faster but it looks like it would dig into your thigh

    • claymore

      Yea but walking around the range doesn’t involve much thigh work LOL.

  • Commonsense23

    As a guy who uses a similar product and loves it, claiming they are faster is a stretch. They are absolutely amazing for use on a belt if you are wearing kit, but speed in slick setup isn’t their strength.

  • Very cool! I’d like to test it out and runs few drills to see how it feels, but I gotta say could be a heck of a lot faster than pulling from a tach vest! As long as it doesn’t fall out prematurely. Still very cool.


  • Gwolf

    I don’t like this cuz gravity.

    Just duct tape two mags together. Jungle reload. Kids these days and their fancy toys.

    Oper8 yo!

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Not TACOS? Don’t care.

    I think vests are pretty dumb for most shooters needs. Don’t like warbelts because of handgun relocation issues. So while I do commend them for belt use and for the way they appear to be constructed…

    Tacos are where it’s at. They’re just TOO versatile. AR, AK, AI mags for rifles, any handgun mag ever made, MP5 and TP9 mags, lights, multitools, Snickers, radio/gps, shotgun cards, etc etc etc.

    I just can’t see any reason to go to a specifically AR mag that can only handle AR mags. I want the same setup with any platform.

    • Ethan

      While I do really like the light/thin advantage of kydex, I tend to agree – for an all-purpose rig versatility is a big advantage.

      Also I’d be inclined to think all kydex (not necessarily this particular product) setup would last longer, though it likely wouldn’t matter (10yrs instead of 8 yrs).

      Either way, I have to turn in my Super Operator card until I can find a rig that lets my mags hang upside down… I’ve heard rumors that the real next-gen operators turn their mags inside out because the inside of a magazine is smoother – so less drag.

  • Patrick R

    Looks like something that might work great for some matches, but has no place in any real world environment.

  • Clearly is the faster!

  • Adam aka eddie d.

    When I read the name of the company (needed a couple of seconds to decode),
    I literally facepalmed…for the love of God, guys, change your name.

    Having said that, I still think that their product is promising.
    It could be good for competition and/or security services.
    The more I look at it the more I’m starting to like it.
    The only thing I could mention as a possible improvement is an update
    to their mounting hook, so it’s angle adjustable.
    If you’re not as fit as a erhm…warfyter, in this 90 degree config the retainer can dig into your side (especially when leaning to the side).

    As for the mags falling out, they bought me with this:


    • Ethan

      I’ve been working on an SBR/AR Pistol setup that goes completely under a suit jacket. This could be useful in a shoulder rig under the opposite arm.

      • Adam aka eddie d.

        And who’s the target? 🙂
        No offense dude, just kidding.