ExtremeBeam M600 Fusion, SX21R Ballistic, SX21R Remote Pressure Switch

Here are a couple of nice looking, solid lights from ExtremeBeam as well as a “silent” remote pressure switch.  ExtremeBeam shows their corporate headquarters in Utah, with the packaging of the lights indicating that they are manufactured in China.

M600 in package

ExtremeBeam M600 in package

First up, the M600 Fusion.  This is a very solid feeling light, manufactured of aircraft grade aluminum and “double sealed” to be waterproof to 30 feet.  Smooth, aluminum reflector and Cree LED combine to throw a rated 600 lumens for a claimed 1300 feet.

I measured 500, 200 and 20 lumen on high, medium and low and that is a good showing versus rating as most manufacturers rate using the “emitter lumens” rating and my ratings are “out the front.”.  The light also has a tactical strobe.  Operation is simple –  it comes on at the high setting then cycles to medium, low, strobe, back to high, etc.

One night one of my cats ‘escaped’ and I used this light as a searchlight as I drove the neighborhood looking for her.   I was impressed with the brightness and the throw.  While you can ‘defocus’ the head and soften the very defined spot, this light’s most impressive attribute to me is its long throw.

Nice clicky switch ‘inside’ the tail cap – the light will tail stand but still has a nice tactile feel to the switch.  Light includes a split ring and lanyard (not shown) that attach to a hole in the tail cap.

M600 tail cap

M600 tail cap and clicky switch

The light utilizes a large, deep, smooth aluminum reflector for that  previously mentioned long throw.

M600 reflector

Power is provided by 2 CR123 cells, Rechargeable cells, or 1 18650 cell.  ExtremeBeam sent along a couple of packs of their branded CR123 cells

CR123 batteries

My sample weighed in at 10 ounces with batteries installed and as already mentioned, this is one solid feeling light.

Also for consideration is the SX21R.

SX21R comes in a clamshell package along with split ring, lanyard and holster

SX21R comes in a clamshell package along with split ring, lanyard and holster

From the ExtremeBeam web site, “The SX21R Ballistic was made to take a beating and come out on the other side ready for another. The lights extra-thick housing is machined from solid bar stock aluminum to ensure attention to quality craftsmanship, as well as protection from jarring impacts. And because the SX21R Ballistic is fitted with ExtremeBeam’s proprietary Anti-Recoil® System, the flashlight is weapons mountable up.50 BMG – further ensuring its durability for the most hard-hitting and demanding of environments.”





The light does have a very solid feel, and is rated at a single level of 308 lumen.  My sphere does not do a good job measuring the output of lights that have such concentrated throw – I’ll stick with the manufacturer’s rating as it seems reasonable.   This light uses a deep reflector similar to the M600, but is obviously smaller. It also has aggressive crenelations on the bezel.   I’ve used this light a few times and it has a VERY concentrated beam – amazing amount of throw.

SX21 reflector

Nice tail cap with raised clicky switch – and includes a split ring and lanyard.

SX21 tail cap

The light has a nice feel in the hand, and includes a decent ballistic holster

SX21 in holster

SX21 in hand



















Here’s a comparison photo of the M600 Fusion alongside the SX21R Ballistic

M600 and SX21R


This light has as an option a nice pressure switch with a solid feel and silent operation, either momentary or click on.

SX21 with tape switch


Retail price of the M600 Fusion is $129.95 and the SX21R Ballistic is $79.95.  The SX21R Remote Switch is $39.95.

More information at www.extremebeam.com

Dan M

Love firearms and flashlights – and they go well together. I’ve been admiring and writing about quality flashlights for about 9 years…built my own integrating sphere….done a few mods. Proof positive that a 59 year old can still love toys!


  • john huscio

    “Wait, this isn’t a gun!” Whining will commence in 3,2,1…….

  • Ron

    How does the variable power output work? Is there are switch or does the power button “scroll” through the outputs

    • KP

      The latter.

  • MrSatyre

    Dan M, measuring light output is like measuring contrast ratio: it’s a slippery slope because no one uses the same equipment or conditions (distance of sensor from emitted or reflected source, is source alone being measured, or are any surrounding reflective materials influencing the results? ambient light in the room the testing is done in, color of the walls, floor and ceiling, distance each of those are from the light source and test equipment, and on and on). I should know, I was intimately involved in flat panel display manufacturing for many years. One man’s 600 lumens could be greater to or lesser than someone else’s 500 lumens. The numbers essentially very quickly become meaningless.

    • Dan M

      No doubt. In the ‘flashlight world’, however, the de facto standard for measuring “out the front” lumen output is the integrating sphere, which tends to compensate for some of the factors you cite. Calibration of the sphere’s measurement is critical. While I have never claimed “absolute” accuracy for my sphere, it has proven to be relatively accurate (relative to other’s measurements as well as manufacturer’s measurements.) I put little value in the output ratings – my favorite light has 100 lumen output although among the (literally) hundreds of lights I’ve owned or tested, it is among the lowest in rated output. Many people like to know the rated output for comparison purposes and I enjoy comparing my readings to the manufacturer’s. I often debate even including the ratings because they almost always cause some type of reaction, but if I didn’t include them people would ask… And by the way, your eyes can’t see the difference in, for example, 600 and 500 lumen output. Typically you need about a 50% increase in output for your eyes to easily notice.

  • Steven Alexander

    Have you seen the prices?? Extreme Beam. Extreme Prices!!