Troy M7A1 Stock Kit Photo Review

My FFL snagged a FDE Troy M7A1 Kit for me when I told him I wanted one of the North Eastern Arms Compact Carbine Stock. It was cheaper and upon playing with it, the Troy version seems better.

I only got a chance to briefly handle the NEA CSS. If you look at the picture below, you can see a button that looks like an AR magazine release. That is the button to release the stock. So it is not ambidextrous.



The NEA CSS also does not have that many stock positions.



Here is the Troy M7A1 Kit.



One of the negatives about this kit is that you cannot use an extended rear takedown pin. The stock will hit the back of the pin and not collapse.IMG_7612



If you want the stock to collapse to the last stock position then you cannot run a BAD Lever. The stock bars will hit that too.



There is quite a bit of clearance between the stock bars and the sides of the lower receiver.




As I had noted earlier that the NEA CSS stock release button is not ambidextrous, the Troy M7A1 stock is. Not only is it ambidextrous, but you can open and collapse the stock while keeping your hand on fire control. Just reach back a little with your thumb and depress the stock catch.




The stock has six position stops and they are cut into both the left and right side bars.

IMG_7617 IMG_7618



The Troy M7A1 stock has QD sling holes on either side of the stock butt.



Due to the design of the integrated buffer and BCG the upper receiver cannot open in the traditional manner. The upper receiver will not hinge open because the buffer spring sits inside the upper and buffer tube. So you have to open both receive takedown pins and slide the upper receiver forward to remove it from the lower.



From L-R: Troy M7A1 BCG, PSA Full Auto BCG, Troy BCG.




The M7A1 BCG has some extra material, that I believe to be part of the buffer, that extends a little into the gap where the hammer hits the firing pin.






Below is the M7A1 fully extended vs the Troy Battle Axe Stock fully extended.




Now here are the two stocks fully collapsed.



When installing the M7A1 stock, you must remove the receiver end plate. The stock replaces the end plate and holds the takedown pin spring in place. So unfortunately you cannot use any end plate sling loops like the Magpul ASAP and have it on a single point sling.

IMG_7634 IMG_7635


Here both stocks are fully extended.


Now here are the stock fully collapsed. Both rifles have 16″ barrels and midlength gas systems.


One interesting note, the M7A1 stock bars are wider apart than the NEA stock. I installed the M7A1 stock on my Vector before installing it on my AR lower. It can fully collapse on the KRISS Vector.

Troy M7A1


Here is a video function testing the stock on my Vector and my AR.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Weremember

    F Troy.

  • Jeff S

    It’s neat and all… but I can’t see giving Troy any money. Especially this much. Oh well.

  • Zachary marrs

    I kinda want to give troy some money to see which evil pos they hire

    • Jeff S

      I was ignorant to their shenanigans until a few weeks ago… My Troy sights and rail covers have been sold. No more Troy stuff for me.

      • TFB Reader

        Okay, I’m still ignorant. Can someone provide a link or a brief explanation of the situation?

        • Jeff S

          Two issues:
          1. They hired the FBI HRT sniper that shot the lady at Ruby Ridge.
          2. They hired a former Chicago PD officer that has made anti-gun statements in the past.
          Try googling “Troy Industries controversy” to see what comes up.

        • An Interested Person

          If memory serves, Troy hired the FBI sniper who shot some people at Ruby Ridge.

          • Zachary marrs

            Well, troy hired the spotter, who said in court he would have taken the shot if lon hadn’t

          • JSmath

            Upvoting for accuracy, which apparently several people’s comments are missing.

          • Gregory Markle

            The shooter, Lon Horiuchi, was once hired by HS Precision to promote their rifle stocks…even worse move than Troy!

      • Ethan

        Likewise. I was planning on picking up another 15″ rail until I did some reading on Jody Weis and Dale Monroe. Troy will never see another penny from me. Nothing short of the word Traitorous can accurately describe their behavior.

        Troy apparently would rather side with people who are comfortable gunning down unarmed women holding their kids and stripping civilians of their right to self defense.

        Link to article:

        F Troy.

  • echelon

    I suppose the case could be made to put one on a 16″ barrel gun as it collapses even further down that a regular stock but to me the prime application is for SBRs and with that regulation in place it’s just not worth it over a Sig brace IMO…

    • Nicholas Chen

      I agree. Actually I would dare say the Sig Brace coupled with a Law Tactical folding adapter makes the gun much smaller.

  • sianmink

    I appreciate the review showing the stocks limitations with certain popular accessories. That’s a nice addition.

  • Dracon1201

    That Vector looks damn good!

    • SM

      I see it being a Star Wars prop.

  • Ethan

    F&%K TROY!
    I didn’t know until recently about their utterly TRAITOROUS conduct in the act hiring a Chicago anti-gun politician and the Ruby ridge sniper who tried (his partner beat him to it) to shoot an unarmed woman in the head who was carrying her infant daughter in her arms.

    They have made it clear where their loyalties lie.

    I say again, F&$K TROY.

    Link to the relevant articles:

    Google “Troy Industries Jody Weis” and “Dale Monroe” if the link doesn’t come through.

  • Are these full auto compatible?

    • Nicholas Chen

      I am not sure. I will have to take it out to the range with my FFL, he has a full auto lower. Upon comparing my full auto BCG and the M7A1, it looks like it could be compatible.

  • Cornelius Carroll

    If it wasn’t from troy I’d buy one :/

    • Zachary marrs

      I think lwrc has their own version

  • Respectfully Yours

    Admins, I very respectfully ask that you stop running stories about Troy products. Time and time again they have stood by Dale Monroe, a man who agrees with and would have willingly participated in the murder of unarmed civilians.

    It is, of course, fully your decision. I am merely stating my desire for you to choose who you associate with more carefully than Troy has.

    Please, this is not Politics, this is basic human decency. This man does not deserve to walk free, much less be a part of the firearms industry. Any organization that would harbor him and defend his actions does not deserve your publicity.

    Please just consider it.

    • JSmath

      I’ve researched the subject of Ruby Ridge, and your vehemency towards Dale Monroe is ridiculous and ignorant. You’re stratifying a position on top of the soap box of out-of-context exaggerations, and that doesn’t do anyone a drop of real good.

      Don’t know about Jody Weis, though, dude seems like a complete twat, but there’s a twat in every other large company to begin with, so no sense in freaking out over that.

      • JSmath

        To clarify, since I know someone’s going to retort with a slew of profanities and some claim of being a nazi and/or babykiller.

        The guy said he’d have taken the shot. This is not the same thing saying I’d have willingly killed someone (especially not the same as ‘… knowing what I know now.’). This is a simple concept, one that eludes people of little to no experience of the world outside their own, tiny one. For servicememembers, it usually comes easy, though.

        You can’t always control every variable, discern every little detail. Sometimes, you are merely dealt a hand, a (sometimes infinitely small) set of variables: A place, a time, a context, a few actions — the knowledge that people’s lives depend on your actions and often, an order. And sometimes, based on those variables, you make the decision to squeeze a trigger.

        If you cannot comprehend how Dale Monroe could utter the words, “I’d have taken the shot.” in that context, then you simply are not competent enough to be wielding any weapon let alone a firearm.

        • Ethan

          So when asked, would you have shot an unarmed woman holding her child as part of an illegitimate retaliation raid, you think “Yes” is an acceptable answer?


          That is beyond twisted.

          Of course there are other variable, but that’s why good judgement and restraint are called for. This man sees nothing wrong with what happened that day. I cannot put into words how perverse a person has to be to justify that.

          Maybe you haven’t heard the rest of the story. Here:

        • Zachary marrs

          Yup, Vicky weaver was totally a justifiable target, i mean, look at how threatening that baby is!

          • JSmath

            See, this is exactly where I am more than satisfied with stating that I’ve actually researched the subject, and that you guys don’t know what you’re talking about.

            The sniper did not fire directly at Vicky Weaver, and did not have an intent to kill her. She was obscured behind a door, and became incidentally inline with a followup shot at Randy Weaver as he retreated back into the house. You guys have no idea what the hell happened, then? Just going off of what two articles repackaged and spoon fed ya?

          • Zachary marrs

            Please continue to justify the murder of a 14 year old kid and his mom

          • Ethan

            Ignore this weekend Disqus warrior. His existence literally consists of picking egotistical fights on every message board he frequents. Mall ninjas… oy viegh!

          • Ethan

            Dismissive AND Ignorant, what a winning combination you have.

            Please just stop. This is disgraceful.

      • Zachary marrs

        The fact is, dale Monroe found it perfectly acceptable to shoot a woman with her daughter

        For the average citizen, the law says that if you aid a criminal offender, you are guilty too, but luckily for those two “men”, they were employed by the gov

        He is not the innocent little angel you make him out to be, on that day, both him and lon displayed a callus disregard for human life, and if you are ok with that, well, you are a sick little s–t

        • JSmath

          Zach, step away from the keyboard son. If you can’t be bothered to read a couple paragraphs on a subject, you shouldn’t voice your opinion on it.

          I never made Dale Monroe out to be an “innocent little angel” – Again, with the out-of-context exaggerations, you’re just proving how simple-minded your thinking is, and not offering anything new or insightful to the table. You’re hindering anyone thinking by trying to make me a bad person by extremist association, and that just ain’t gonna cut it.

          IE: I’m no little shit. Them’s fightan werds, let’s go! 1 on 1! Someone hold my beer.

          • Zachary marrs

            You are defending a guy who admitted in court that he would be ok with killing a person in cold blood.

            And yes, i will admit to over exaggerating, dale is no better than lon

          • JSmath

            Except saying “I would have taken the shot” is not everything you and Evan have been making it out to be.

            Say for instance one night you wake to your son (just go along with the story) telling you “SOMEONE JUST KILLED MOM!”, so you grab your Home Defense Weapon, run down the stairs, and find your wife laying on the floor, on top of a pool of blood. You look up and see what you think is someone trying to break through the kitchen window. You shoot the intruder in the face and they die.

            Only it turns out no one was trying to break in. There was a car crash outside, and one of the drivers involved was desperately trying to get medical attention from anyone in your house. Their family just died and they were quickly bleeding out, so it couldn’t wait. Since knocking on your front door and ringing your bell wasn’t working, they tried knocking on your windows. Your wife was already up in the kitchen, and startled by the sound of the wreck, slipped and fell on a knife, piercing her heart and quickly dying a bloody death.

            Does someone like your neighbor or son saying “I would have taken the shot” IN THAT CONTEXT admit they would have murdered that person in cold blood? No. Would you have taken the shot knowing what you/they did after the fact? Well, no one ever asked you or Monroe that question, so why do you keep insisting they did?

            Mrs. Weaver was hidden, obscured behind a door that the second shot was made through. It was highly unfortunate, but what the HRT Sniper Team was told was: This is a siege against a family of belligerents. They are armed, and yesterday opened fire and killed at least one cop (no, I’m not saying this is what factually happened – it IS one of two accounts, though and exactly what the HRT teams were told), so their ROE was upgraded to, “Pick off any armed adult males [so that they cannot kill more people.]”

            Monroe’s shooter took the shot he was presented. He missed, so he tried a followup, and, unfortunately, Mrs. Weaver was behind the door that that shot blew through. It absolutely is a tragedy, but to blanket state “Oh, well, obviously, the snipers should have never engaged under those ROEs”, is about as simple-mindedly ignorant as saying “Well, obviously, there would have never been any problems whatsoever if assault weapons were illegal and the Weavers didn’t have any. Then they couldn’t have possibly shot any of the cops, and this would have never happened.”

          • JSmath

            And NO, if you have a bird’s brain in your dome, I am not agreeing with the ROEs used in the incident. I am stating them for what they were and how they played into it.

            I’m not an FBI sniper, and neither are almost all of you. But from this incident, we could all learn that such ROEs are ethically wrong and grow from it.

            A better question I have for the Monroe-stalking wierdos is why did no one ever go after the person responsible for establishing the ROEs? Why go after the shooter and his spotter when there is a particular direct responsibility with the person ‘calling the shots’? Why focus on those two instead of making a civil case against the ones actually in the positions of authority who masterminded the Ruby Ridge clusterfuck?

          • Ethan

            Retreat to your cave little one. The screed you are trying spread is literally so observably false that this has becoming more humorous than offensive.. your troll attempt has failed.

          • JSmath


            I didn’t come here for an argument, I merely educated myself on a subject in response to you and Zachary Mars flaming Troy. I’ve offered information that merely disagrees with what you’ve said.
            That isn’t trolling, though you may think it to be. You have been the one quick to generalize, have said nothing more than repeat “baby-killer” and post biased articles, and you call me a troll?

            You can keep repeating yourself and throwing out insults, it only works for the better once people become tired of taking your words at face value. I don’t even like Troy or have a single one of their products – too pricey for me. But your slanderous cross to bear against them has taught me at least something, even if it’s the opposite of what you wanted.

          • Zachary marrs

            So? Chances are, if i took the shot, id be charged with negligent homicide, instead of being found not guilty.

            He admitted in court he would have willingly shot Vicky.

            Are you fine with shooting retreating 14 year olds in the back?

            Lets not forget the fbi taunting the family, with them saying ”
            Good morning ms. Weaver, we had pancakes for breakfast, what did you have” plus with lon bragging in court the could shoot a quarter of an inch at 200 yards, well

            What proof do you have that Vicky was concealed? Every where ive seen she was standing in a doorway

            You literally justified the murder of a mother amd a 14 yo boy

            Good job

          • Ethan

            You really should quit while you’re ahead… well before you get more behind. This is getting pathetic.

            What if space aliens? We don’t some convoluted hypothetical, the historical facts are plainly available.

      • Ethan

        No, you skimmed an article. Research requires reading more than a reading wiki summary.

        There is no version of this story that does not end with the deliberate murder of unarmed innocents.
        Literally. Not. One.

        Best case scenario it was personal revenge for the fallen officer. Worst case i was a fully sanctioned attack in retaliation for Randy’s ongoing refusal to help the ATF conduct sting operations at gun shows.

        RESEARCH involves reading more than the official summary. History is always written by the victors.

        • JSmath

          I read through *all* the articles you posted. And then, based on the impression they were obviously slanted against Dale Monroe/Troy Industries/the police in general, I googled “Ruby Ridge incident” then read three other web pages accounting for the incident. That was extent of my research, you can keep your assumptions to yourself.

          Nowhere in any of the links you’ve provided up and down this article comment section, nor any of the more factually-focused accounts that I read, was Dale Monroe agreed to “Would you have murdered a woman holding her child?”, which you (and others) have continuously asserted as fact.

          That is simple proof that you are, absolutely, a hypocrite and the exact skim-reading fool you are saying I am. Go ahead and post yet another crybaby, bleeding-heart, ranting article on the incident/Troy’s hiring. That isn’t going to prove anything, the least of which a specific question and answer you and the others have fabricated or otherwise completely misconstrued.

          Nowhere in your articles was Dale Monroe ever asked “Do you regret what happened?” or “Would you have fired knowing Mrs. Weaver was behind the door?”; Maybe because the obvious answer is no.

          I’d elaborate again on how easy it is to account for the series of events and the facts leading through the incident, but it’s pretty clear you’re not interested in considering a possibility other than that Weaver and family were perfectly innocent angels minding their own business until the police came in and raped and murdered everyone and everything.

          However, to actually educate and others on Troy: They, IN FACT, decided to not hire Jody Weis. Quotably that they also support the 2nd amendment and disagreed with his previous comments/actions — that they may not have been aware of his antics in the process of hiring him. Not every company today googles their prospectives hoping to find dirt on them. God Forbid.

          • Ethan

            That wasn’t the question asked. You’ve already made it clear that no amount of fact will penetrate your mind. This is not a discussion – you have to accept that maybe you don’t know everything before it can become a discussion.

            Go troll elsewhere. This is appalling.

  • Elias

    That vector scared me

  • Lloyd Seth Sutter

    Has anyone tried one of these with the 300 Blackout?

  • Alex

    i want this for my arak21

  • Alex Johnson

    TFB, don’t stop running articles of Troy products just because some people can’t enjoy quality products.

  • DIR911911 .

    why would you ever make the end of a stock jagged ? do you like stabbing yourself?

  • mike

    I’d like to see this beside an LWRC UCIW stock. The LWRC stock is pretty short, has normal cheek weld, is 1/4 the price, and functions like a normal stock in every respect.


  • hami

    Troy makes nice products. Those are both handsome stocks, in my opinion.

  • ghost930

    For all you retards…..Yes I said retards, that always wan to politicize everything (and who didn’t read or comprehend the motto of this website “firearms, not politics) please just shut the hell up. Troy builds a good product, they are well made, and stand up in the field to excessive amounts of abuse. Who they hire is their business. If you are so inclined, and don’t like their staff, don’t buy their products. That simple idiots. But quit running your mouth (and you know who you are) about crap you have no knowledge of. Were you up on the ridge that day? Yeah, thought so. Those people that were are the ONLY ones that know. PERIOD. As far as all you wanna be “patriots” (loud laughing) who always seem to be commenting instead of thinking, the bottom line whether you think Randy Weaver was right or wrong, all he had to do that day is walk out unarmed with his family, and everyone would be alive today, including his wife and baby. PERIOD. As a husband and father his job was to protect his family. He failed. That simple. The idiot who commented that one of the parties involved stated he would shoot bad guys in the back……..absolutely. Are you kidding me? So, if you saw a Ted Bundy, Osama Bin Laden, known bad guy etc, etc, etc, running from you, you would risk him killing more people because you don’t want to shoot him in the back? Must be nice to have the piety of the retarded. For those of us that actually have to make the hard decisions to keep you idiots safe and sound in your homes at night ( and to be able to write total drivel on the internet from your safe little armchair), it’s something we have to live with, and it doesn’t always turn out like you wish. Now I have added more than I care to about politics to this site. Leave it for firearms and equipment, there are plenty of social media sights available for you to spout crap on if you feel the unrelenting need to foist your opinion on the unenlighted masses.

    • Zachary marrs

      This has nothing to do with politics.

      This is about doing the right thing and having a sense of humanity

    • Ethan

      Political? So basically like the “troll” moniker we’re now calling anything controversial “Political”?

      Innocent, unarmed people were deliberately gunned down by our government, and because there is one person defending them here, suddenly this is “Political”?

      I think if you were a little better informed, you would agree that that’s intellectually dishonest.

  • Cymond

    Troy won’t get any money from me, but it’s still nice to see the differences. I was just assuming that it was a rebranded NEA stock with no differences.

  • greensoup

    Nobody cares if a couple white power anti black anti jew anti catholic anti government mountain top end of the world crazies got shot 20 years ago. Their extremely racist neighbors disliked them so much they refused to associate with them. Its a bad sign when you have to go to an Aryan Nation meeting to make any new friends.

    Take a deep breath and accept that we are all aware and don’t want to hear about it anymore.

  • Fox218

    What about cheek weld? Lets get away from all this Political bull sh$%. This is the firearm blog, Firearms not politics. With the stock extended there doesn’t seem to be anything to get a good weld on. *I have to extend mine all the way, I am a big guy*. maybe if they could have some sort of shroud or cover on the top? I don’t know. It looks cool but really how practical is it? of course I don’t shoot competition and I don’t really care how collapsible you can make an AR.