Re-thinking Offset Iron Sights – ZeroBravo REOS

Ben GrandBlanc of has his hands on the first versions of the REOS (Rapid Engagement Offset Sight) from Zero Bravo. Not yet released, these sights mount to your optic and are an extremely low profile alternative to common 45-degree canted sights. The REOS has a lower profile the many adjustment turrets.


The REOS is extremely simple using only two circles. This limits long-range practicality, but that is what the primary optic is for. The REOS system is not adjustable outside of rotation on the optic. No pricing or or other release information is available at this time.


Nathan S

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  • Dracon1201

    There has to be a better, easier to aquire system.

    • Robert W

      If you’re going to bother with putting offset irons on, you might as well go with a full sized version, or an offset RDS. I see no point to these, they are not going to be anywhere close to above bore axis, no way to sight them in, and no gurantees that your scope body will be lined up to your target, that’s why there are zero adjustments.

      • raz-0

        The only point would be if they were cheap and worked better/faster than just sighting down your barrel. Which is surprisingly effective for center of mass under 50 yards.

  • Maiek Wagu

    That may be more useful as an, on weapon tactical Slurpee straw holder.

    • Robert W

      I think the slurpy straw could be a better sight if mounted.

    • Perfect for those AR’s with skittles holding pistol grips.

  • ClintTorres

    No adjustments = no go.

    Sights were created so that one doesn’t have to settle for firing in the target’s general direction.

  • BattleshipGrey

    The Zero Bravo site has them listed for $99.

  • Fred Johnson

    Hole on hole sights? That makes my eyes hurt.

    Gonna need constant cheek weld and lots of practice for that one, I’d guess.

  • Lange

    This already exists. Recknagel ERA-TAC-Montage Backup Sight

    • Kiwishooter

      Only issue I see here is that they would need to be raised to an outrageous height to clear my target turrets…

    • wetcorps

      They exist on SUSAT and AUG scopes too.

  • Andrew

    ZeroBravo is the new FAB Defense. This is cheesier than those rubber Glock slide covers.

  • avconsumer2

    “Engavement” – past tense corporate Christmas party. ex. “Oh man, I couldn’t believe the bonuses he was handing out at the engavement last year.”

  • echelon

    I like the idea of them hanging off the optic…but why can’t they be *actual* functional sights again?

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Pretty clever! I’m not sure I would have enough room on my optic with good rings and a level already. But I like the idea at least.

    The obvious downside is your sight radius is something less than tube length. If I’m at that distance, I think I could make a strong case for just pointing the gun.

    • Fred Johnson

      Point the gun. I’d go with that.

  • noguncontrol

    they should make low profile sights that dont need a scope , you attack directly to the rail or the keymod or mlok.

  • I do worry about the extra bits sticking off of the scope mount. If it is bumped or catches on something it could present a significant risk of losing the scope’s zero. For normal canted backup iron sights, they are mounted to the picatinny, 1913 rails so whacking them or catching them on something is less likely to throw off the zero of the optic

  • stephen

    I honestly can’t see how these are better than other 45 degree sights that attach to the rail.

    Seems like a solution looking for a problem.

  • Eric Schlotzer

    Looks like it would be NEARLY as good as running 2 sets of rear irons on your
    top rail… Except that these are not adjustable, off axis and attached the
    the very same optic that they are supposed to be a “back up” for.
    That’s like keeping your spare set of keys on your regular key chain “just in case.”

    Let me know when this crack design team comes out with magazine mounted
    rifle slings or a rear facing weapon light that illuminates the shooter.