Lipsey’s-Vickers Tactical Glock Pistols

Vickers Tactical Operator Glock in FDE

Lipsey’s  and Larry Vickers have entered into a partnership to produce two exclusive Glock pistols. One pistol will be a Glock 17, while the other will be a G19.


  • older-style, third generation RTF2 frame in flat dark earth (FDE)
  • Vickers Tactical Sights (made by Wilson Combat)
  • Vickers magazine release (made by Tango Down)
  • Vickers slide stop (made by Tango Down)
  • Vickers magazine base plates (made by Tango Down)
  • special serial numbers
  • MSRP $729


Lipsey’s is a firearms distributor in the US. Vickers is a firearms industry personality who previously served in the US military.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Andrew

    $729 for a gen 3 Glock with a $5 extended mag release, $10 extended slide stop, and $15 oversized mag base plates. #gamechanger

    • MatKep

      But it’s chocolate dark earth colored… and… and, Larry Vickers

    • USMC03Vet

      Could be worse. Could be a $2,500 salient arms Glock.

    • Jeff S

      Cerakote and fancy sights too…
      $729 is the MSRP – what’s it actually going to sell for?

      • Andrew

        Nothing but a lame attempt to get rid of all the leftover gen 3 Glocks and Vickers Tactical parts that are collecting dust in a warehouse somewhere. If this was a true “exclusive limited edition,” they would’ve used new parts, not that old stock garbage. If you want to actually get rid of it, slap those outdated “upgrade” parts on and sell it for $499. Don’t try to trick us into thinking it’s something special, with a price tag to match.

        • ???

          Except nothing is “outdated” about those upgrade parts. It’s still not a good value proposition, but those parts are pretty good and the sights haven’t even been on the market for that long.

        • HSR47

          The RTF2 (Rough Textured Frame 2) is not a frame style that Glock has really ever made in huge numbers, and they have been out of production for several years. To my knowledge, they have also never made RTF2 frames in any color other than black.

          Whether or not you like the 3rd gen Glock or not, the fact of the matter is that these are actually a custom run of a hard to find frame style and they’re FDE.

          As far as price goes, while the MSRP is listed as 729, I expect street prices closer to 650-675. Still, you try finding a RTF2 Glock 17 or 19, even a used one, for those monies — good luck.

  • Hank Seiter

    Despite the naysayers, actually that’s a pretty decent price for what you get. Hopefully the trigger is somewhere around 5.5 pounds or less … preferably 4.5 pounds. I know, I know, it’s a tactical pistol but I’m not a super big fan of Glocks for that reason though I presently own a pretty righteous well broken-in Glock 17 (pretty clean 5 pound trigger) with an aftermarket set Mepro-Sites I use for steel challenges now and then.

  • Maiek Wagu

    I would rather have the Duck Dynasty special edition Glock.

    • SP mclaughlin

      I swear it says “Aystria”

    • USMC03Vet

      I’d operate the shit out of that cake.

  • Sam

    I still don’t understand why they would go with a RTF2 frame. They were not that popular and tore up shirts and gloves.

    • CTF

      On the contrary, RTF2 FTW.
      RTF2 > G4RTF

    • Tim U

      They’re clearing out some of their old stock they need to get rid of.

  • Regulus

    I like the comments below. It just annoys me about the above quote “Lipsey’s and Larry Vickers have entered into a partnership to produce!!!!!”. TO PRODUCE?!?! PARTNERSHIP??!?! They’ve replaced some parts on a glock and are pimping their name. that’s all. ya good gun good names but it’s just name boasting about slapping some good parts on a good gun already.
    To give them credit the price tag isn’t to bad…if it was a gen4 so ya i’ll pass.

  • I get that larry vickers is a minor celebrity in the gun community but this kind of premium for essentially adding after market parts to a glock is a bit rich for my tastes.

    • HSR47

      First, MSRP is high. Actual street prices are likely to be ~50 to 80 dollars cheaper.

      Second, to my knowledge Glock has never before made RTF2 frames in any color other than black, and even those have been out of production for several years. Given their relative rarity, and the high demand for them, RTF2 Glock pistols have tended to command a premium price, even on the secondary market. For reference, there are presently two RTF2 23C pistols on gunbroker for around $1,000 (one over, the other just under). Typical non-compensated .40 S&W models tend to go for 550-650, while 9mm models tend to command a slight premium over .40 models.