Chris Cheng at @Google Talk

Pro-shooter and TFB writer Chris Cheng was invited to Google to be interviewed for one of their famous @Google Talks at Google HQ by tech-and-gun-guy Jon Stokes. It is well worth watching….

I agreed with a lot of what Chris and Jon said in the video, but I do think “gun 2.0” folks have always existed, but that now gun enthusiast culture is going mainstream.

“gun 2.0” people are those of us who are passionate about guns for their own sake. A good analogy would be people who love astronomy verses people who are enthusiastic about telescopes (they probably use their telescopes to look at stars, but they are really enthusiastic about their scopes, upgrading their scopes, maintaining them etc.). While these “2.0” folks have existed for as long as guns have existed, today gun enthusiasm is going mainstream.

Chris has just published a book called Shoot to Win which Nathaniel F reviewed it here. I am going the draw for our Shoot to Win book giveaway on Wednesday, enter here.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • USMC03Vet

    10/10 for Chris always being in tactical mode.

    As for Google I don’t get this. Their company policy is very anti 2nd amendment by censoring, removing gun items, and banning ads.

    • Michael Pham

      Eh, organizations aren’t monolithic, and if you want to support gun rights don’t second guess positive coverage. Politely engage, discuss, critique, open a dialogue.

      Let the antis make themselves look stupid trying to censor, and always appear to trust in the good faith of those who are willing to listen.

      • USMC03Vet

        Google is always doing questionable things for example ignoring veterans day but celebrating foreign socialists. If you’re going to just forget all the nonsense they do because suddenly they did one tiny thing counter to years of BS fine go ahead. This elephant isn’t so easily tricked.

        • Don’t look at today’s Google Doodle then.

        • Morgan Collins

          You know, we hear you. But if I Google Firearms I get to this site. If I search, firearms sales, I get an online store to buy a gun. Google also has a Veterans Day doodle today. In principle, they don’t like guns. But in practice we utilize google everyday to keep and bear. That is fine by me.

        • Michael Pham

          The short of it is this: Google’s anti 2A policies are the result of a few people; when you let those few people speak for the hundreds if not thousands of more people who simply got there because its a well paying job that they find interesting, you’ve handed them exponentially more power.

          Great job. If you want to truly promote a cause (and not just divide people to make yourself feel better) with the intent that it becomes widely accepted, you cannot let yourself be pigeonholed into terms and distinctions.

          That’s what the antis want to do, to increasingly marginalize gun owners into conservatives -> republicans -> then male republicans -> then white male republicans -> rednecks and then increasingly tinier stereotypes until you’re all alone and they crush you.

          If someone from google gives you a platform where you can cogently defend your position, take it, smile. Going “I don’t need to educate you shitlord!” is not the solution.

    • Hi USMC03Vet- while Google’s product policies are anti-2A, they allow their employees to be pro-2A. There are internal mailing lists about guns and in my experience, Googlers as individuals are generally very inquisitive people who are interested about guns. In my view there’s a clear difference between corporate policies and employee policies.

      I would be interested to see if there was ever any data showing Googlers’ personal 2A support to contrast that against Google’s anti-2A policies. It would never happen, but interesting to think about nonetheless 🙂

  • TexasPigHunter

    Jon Stokes seems like he likes to hear himself talk … wish they could have had a REAL gun guy interview Chris.

  • GarinEtch

    Good stuff, I especially liked the conversation on how we as gun owners can get involved with preventing gun violence (starts around 18:00)

    A while back we had a gun buyback day in my city. A crowd of 2A guys picketed from across the street and caused a ruckus. The next day I called the county commissioner who organized the event and said “I totally appreciate that you’re trying to keep our community safe, and I want to help, but you’re going about it in the wrong way. The key lies in safety education, not removing guns from homes. So whenever/wherever you want I’ll set up a booth and teach people the 4 gun laws, techniques for storing guns/ammo, how to safely handle firearms, etc.”

    He was blown away and said it was the first call he had received that wasn’t an irate gun owner. He thanked me for the offer and invited me to come to an upcoming policy meeting and present to the group.

    I don’t say this to pat myself on the back in any way, only to show that we can make such a bigger impact by constructively looking for solutions and ways to add value, rather than just getting irate (which I do plenty behind closed doors).

  • Sickshooter0

    I started watching this video just knowing I was not going to make it through 52+ minutes however, bravo Chris. A measured, cogent argument for many of the issues we gun owners face.