Eddie sent us a photo of his Benelli M4 Law Enforcement. It has a Surefire M80 piccatiny rail forend on the front, a La Rue handstop underneath and is topped off with a Docter Red Dot sight.

The Benelli is a very popular law enforcement shotgun in use around the world. Notable users include the US Military (M1014), British Armed Forces (L128A1) and the LAPD.

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  • Giolli Joker

    Maybe it’s more tacticool that it really needs to be but… it makes me drool.

    • Spidouz

      Well, that’s a nice gun. It’s available for civilians in Europe, I shoot it and it works very smoothly. I can clearly understand why it has been chosen to be used in the US Military. But still way too expensive to my taste and wallet.

      • Nicks87

        Expensive is right. Not to mention the shotgun is quickly losing popularity in the LE and military community. Lack of capacity and over penetration make it somewhat of a liability.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          Really what you meant to say was that despite the shotgun loosing out to carbines for personal defense weapons, the PUMP shotgun is still a very viable tool.

          Remove the pump, add the expense of an auto, the inability to handle less-lethal loads, and that most departments have ABYSMAL shotgun training offered to officers… Yea, the auto is dying out.


        • ExplEngineer

          I would seriously disagree with your statement about “the shotgun is quickly losing popularity in …LE”. Quite the opposite, with the development of special purpose shotguns such as the Kel Tec, UTTAS-15, etc. Our firm does assessments of specific firearms for such agencies, & others and I have not even begun to note a decline. What I can say is I have been hearing one of the most unusual complaints of my 44+year career, “It holds so much ammo that it becomes really heavy when fully loaded”. I guess I just have never heard of an officer complaining about having too much ammo at hand. In my last stint as a Police Chief before completely leaving public service I introduced and deployed the FN Herstal 5.57mm pistol as the department’s duty weapon. Great performance, a standard 20rd magazine, + available 30rd mags available. There was a bit of controversy from my generation of officers who long ago began complaining when they could no longer carry their S&W Mod. 29’s, but in the end, being in a rural area with 20+min. response time for backup units the market units carried 2x30rd mags in the car, +2x20rds on their belt + the mag in the pistol, which is almost 2.25 x 50rds of ammo, within reach, no problem penetrating most ballistic vests. I had retired shortly before implementing the UTTAS-15 Shotgun which was to loaded with one mag of LE Slugs, & the other with #4 Buckshot (we went with the UTTAS because at the time the decision was made the Kel Tec did not offer selectable magazine useage, however, given my research since I would have ended up with the same conclusion as to which shotgun to buy. Sure there are some great tactical shotguns out there, even one this either semi-auto or pump, however this is where we completely agree, many of these guns are priced way over small & medium size departmental budgets. One of the reasons the shotgun we chose won the competition at its ~$1,000 price tag is with the slugs in one magazine tube we could eliminate the need for each car to have a Patrol Rifle, improve the type of Optics on the fewer Patrol Rifles we retained. Most importantly, we had a far more versatile department with lower operating costs and the ability to amortize the cost of the more expensive weapons more efficiently due to minimizing the number of same issued proportionally to need, sector and trained and qualified sharpshooters.

      • Giolli Joker

        I know it’s available in Europe…
        It’s nice, sometimes (very few times), when you can find a gun that can more easily be purchased in Italy (my country and the shotty’s as well) than in the US.
        (Other few examples are some SBR and SBS, it’s a restriction than we (still) don’t have… and we have more than enough)

  • USMC03Vet
  • Raven Steeler Man Arceneaux

    Why only Law Enforcement

    • Dan

      That shotgun has the full capacity magazine tube and the collapsible stock. As an imported firearm it would not be compliant with section 922r of the federal code. That configuration is possible to have legally, but it will take several hundred dollars to replace enough foreign parts with custom made parts machined in the US.

  • ghost

    Looks like something really weird had sex with a porcupine. (don’t tell it I said that). Tactical, tactical, tactical, doesn’t anybody just shoot anymore?


    Correction. That is not a Benelli M4 Law Enforcement. This is a Benelli M4 Law Enforcement (Model Number 11721, circa 2005). Note the markings 🙂