Remington Wins USMC M40A6 Chassis Contract

Remington has won the Marine Corps’ contract to upgrade its existing M40A5 sniper rifles. From the press release:

Madison, N.C. -The United States Marine Corps Systems Command has awarded Remington Defense a contract to provide up to 2,000 modular stocks, spares, and magazines in support of the Marine’s M40 Sniper Rifle Modular Stock program. This award is the result of full and open competition. “We were excited to compete for and win this critical Marine Corps program,” said Greg Baradat, Director of U.S. Military Sales for Remington Defense. “The Marine Corps tested each bidder’s product to high standards, and we are proud to have exceeded their performance criteria.” Over the past five years, Remington Defense invested in its ability to compete in the government small arms space by modernizing production facilities, focusing research and development on end-user requirements, and ensuring consistent and repeatable quality in a high-volume, high- mix manufacturing environment.

It’s not stated in the press release, it’s likely┬áthat┬áRemington entered the LWRAC (Light Weight Remington Arms Chassis), a stock upgrade for the Remington 700 upon which the M40 is based. An image of the LWRAC headlines this article.

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • john

    I want one but I don’t have $7000 lying around. Actually, that’s for the base model

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I’d like to see a weight on the RACS before I considered calling it LW. My guess is notLW, 5lbs at least.

    I’m afraid it still be a few years before there are great sub 3lb chassis options.

    • Sadler

      The RACS is 6.1 lbs, per the Remington Defense site.

    • Paladin

      The future is now. The MDT LSS wighs in at 1.6lbs plus an AR buffer tube, stock and pistol grip of your choice.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Do you consider that apples to apples?

        – No top rail
        – No side rails or options for them
        – No QD cups,
        – No grip
        – No folding butstock
        – No butstock with adjustable LOP and Comb

        I’m not crazy about the RACS at 6lbs or the LWRACS at 4.5, the AI AX at 5ish, the KRG at 4.75ish. Sorry but that that MDT hunk of aluminum that is basically a bedding block only, it’s even remotely in the same league.

        • Dude

          I believe that having a 4.5 lbs chassis to put a M700 action in and still have it be under 9 lbs is better than lugging around a 13 lbs rifle like the MSR or Barrett MRAD, especially if you’re staying with 7.62x51mm. The only thing the MSR and MRAD have on this design right now is the ability to swap barrels and calibers.

        • Paladin

          If you want less weight you get fewer features. It’s bare bones because it needs to be in order to be made as light as possible. I’m not sure it’s even feasible to fit your entire feature set into a sub 3lb chassis while maintaining sufficient rigidity.

          You’re also missing the fact that it’s not sold as a complete chassis system, it’s designed to be configured by the user. The LSS can in fact be configured with most of the things you’re asking for, with the appropriate accessories.

  • skusmc

    Leave it to the Marine Corps to keep soldiering on a half century old bolt gun. T’would be better with a Great War style bayonet though.

    • USMC03Vet

      Marines have been known to be stubborn..

      Happy 239, Marines!

    • Lance

      I’d take a old weapon that works over some plastic crap gun that’s new and breaks all the time.

    • Canadian Vet

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t the Marines pretty much always been the last ones to receive new weapons, either through being on the Navy’s back burner or through just really liking what they had before?

      • LCON

        The USMC has a smaller budget and does tend to get back burner for high end projects but when it comes to specialty small arms the USMC has a fairly sophisticated systems to ensure they can get cutting edge small arms to there Marines. They build there own.
        The United States Marine corps Precision Weapons shop at Quantico? I think? historically they hand built, M40 Sniper rifles. They contract with the manufacturers to get specifically chosen parts sent to them where there own gun smiths finish fit and assemble Marine weapons. today though they seem to have cut back a bit as they used to hand build M1911A1 Marine Expeditionary combat pistols. Today those are made by Colt. They made M16 DMR rifles for the Marines today it seems likely only for competition. They built M14 DMR’s now those are slowly being phased back in favor of M110

        • Michael R. Zupcak

          I don’t know shit about the military except what guns they use and I still would feel justified in saying that after watching a sniper special on the History Channel, every round that gets sent to MC snipers from Quantico is polished and inspected so vigorously I doubt any commercial “match grade” manufacturers even touch it. It’s one thing when you’re making ammo to punch targets. It’s another thing when you’re making ammo for your friend who might compromise miss his shot and NOT be able tell his buddies how he blew the head off that Taliban guy.

          • Agitator

            “I don’t know shit about the military”

            Which you then proceeded to demonstrate.

          • USMC 0317

            Wow, you couldn’t be more incorrect. The issued ammo for the M40A5 is the M118LR, which is produced by Lake City (owned by Federal). You can buy this EXACT ammo with a XM118LR label from the CMP and other sources. The ammo that is going to succeed the M118LR is the Mk316 Mod 0, and yes, you can buy this ammo too because it is rebranded commercial ammo! Mk316 Mod 0 is literally 175 gr Federal Gold Medal Match ammo that you can find at your local Cabela’s, Gander Mountain, etc. There is no polishing rounds at Quantico. And yes, “commercial match grade manufacturers even touch it”, because it is produced by commercial manufacturers that also sell it to the public!
            LCON is correct about the M40 series of rifles being built in house. These are built in Quantico by USMC 2112 armorers and must shoot 1 MOA or better before they are sent out to the sniper platoons. Also correct about the M14 DMR’s (and EMR’s and Mk11’s and XM3’s) that are being replaced by the M110.

          • Michael R. Zupcak

            God dammit, I hate being wrong. Oh well, you learn something new everyday (but apparently not from The History Channel)

  • This Remington chassis makes one nice rifle.

  • This Remington chassis makes one nice rifle!

  • This Remington chassis makes one nice rifle!!

  • Ed

    No the M-40 will stay 7.62 NATO caliber. The M-40 is a short action receiver and cannot be updated to .300 Mag ammo. The M-24 was a long action and could be upgraded. For combat in none desert locations most shots are closer than the ranges in the sand box so 7.62 NATO can be a fine cartridge for most combat in none open terrain. Like seeing the M-40 live on. BUT I dont get these total adjustment stocks. If you whine about the stock too much just shut up and adapt to it! To me the A3 stock was the best.

  • LCON

    the Heart of the Rifle will remain the Model 70 short action of the M40, The Barrel the 24 inch Schneider Stainless-Steel of the A5 battle proven, this is a evolution not a revolution. Where the M2010 was a just about a new rifle this is the proven heart of the Marine Scout sniper rifle just packaged in a new stock.

  • Colin

    Did they get racs or lwracs as your picture shows , lwracs 1Lb lighter .Pity didn,t go full on modern with ultra light Rem Csr carbon fibre rifle. would love to see full test on Rem Csr.It was used by marksmen winning sniper team 2014 so not new fangauld shite!

  • Anonymoose

    Wow. Totally didn’t see that coming.