The X-Products Can Cannon Soon to be Launching Cans before X-Mas

X-Products has been busy making the rounds with their soon to be in production Can Cannon. The cannon has now received ATF approval as a non-destructive device. It will use military-standard blanks through a short ported barrel to avoid damage to the cans.

X-Products spoke about multiple projectiles/versions including dog decoys & shotgun trainer, net launches, and other fun items.

Expected retail pricing is $399 or less for the complete upper and $199 for the barrel/sleeve.

Nathan S

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  • Jack Morris

    Future news headline: “Man Critically Injured by Airborne Mountain Dew.”
    Seriously though, this thing looks really fun.

    • Lol, good one. How long until this is repurposed? Cue the YouTube videos of flying inappropriateness in 3, 2, 1…

      • Ken

        Load it with a charge of blackpowder and a handful of buckshot. Shoulder fired grapeshot cannon.

      • lol

        yuuuuuuuup mail ordering big black rubber dongs now….

  • AndyT

    Pair this with a buddy and a shotgun for more good times.

    Where can I buy military blanks?!

  • Marty Ewer

    Must have.

  • Laserbait

    I so want to have!

  • Cornelius Carroll


  • Phillip Cooper

    Here, just take my money, now please!!

  • Phillip Cooper

    I’m seeing some seriously skewed sales of dollar-store canned soda in the near future.

    • Blake

      you mean in addition to the ones we already use as targets?

  • thisguy

    If there isn’t a video of someone shooting dildos out of this in the near future I quit this country

    • Nergyl

      The Internet will provide, my friend.

    • Graham2

      Are you volunteering to be a target?!

    • Anonymous

      Shooting dildos? Why, then it would be a sexual assault rifle.

      …yes, I stole the joke from 4chan.

  • Phil Hsueh

    I can see this thing being used at sport’s stadiums all across the US. Now, instead of being able to just shoot t-shirts from afar you’ll be able to shoot cans of soda and beers from a distance to fans in the upper reaches of the stadium. The only problem would be collecting the money from someone up in nosebleed when you’re close to field/court level.

    • Ken

      Smart phones. Someone places an order for a drink with an app, pays right through the app with Paypal or a card, and waits. Then, you the vendor gets a notification for which seat to send the drink to. You then range it with a laser rangefinder, taking note of the angle of elevation, and dial in your quadrant sight appropriately. You then load up the drink ordered with a special attachment with a parachute and let it fly. Your customer then receives the drink via parachute.

      • Phil Hsueh

        I like the way you think.

      • Giolli Joker

        50 bucks for a Pepsi. 🙂

        • Ed

          Heck, they’re not too far away from charging that, now. Nevermind with high-speed delivery.

  • Ken

    Only 100yds? You can probably extend that range if you load your own grenade launching blanks with a slower powder than what’s in the noise making blanks. It will keep the peak pressure lower while giving more energy to the projectile.

  • Lance

    A weapon for use in case Soda Crackers try to take over. LOL

  • Nergyl

    Can you imagine what will happen when a criminal gets his hands on this device? As soon as someone is struck with a can of soda, they will become addicted to the sugary death water and then instantly die of pop cancer. I know this because I saw an MSNBC report about it.

    The federal government should ban this insane weapon of mass destruction. They should also travel back in time to prevent anyone from getting the idea of making one.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Berkeley CA recently passed a soda tax, someone should take this there and unleash total butthurt-ery

    • Ken

      Good thing we have that certain person in NYC who tries to ban high capacity assault sodas.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Who is going to be the first one to Form 1 this into an AR15SD?

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    Fill soda cans with black powder, introduce impact fuze, NOW it’s a destructive device

  • John Double

    I want to see a ar-10 upper. Those mini cans and a 3d printed nose cap would rock.

  • jonspencer

    A beefed up throwable camera launched from one of these might actually be of some use, or maybe a small ROV with sensors inside a projectile that protects the ROV and then is discarded letting the ROV do its thing.

  • Jonathan Wright

    now we need a version with a hopper for semi-auto beer delivery.

  • MR

    I understand that this is much cooler, but I’m gonna have a hard time shelling out $200-$400 for this when my golfball launcher muzzle device was $24.95.

  • John Daniels

    So I find myself wondering…is a rifle with this upper on it an SBR? Can live ammunition with a projectile be fired with this? If so, I really don’t see how this is not an SBR.