Sig Sauer Releases P320 SKUs for 2015

Osage County Guns has released the full SKU list and retail pricing for Sig Sauer’s P320 pistols in 2015. From their original single model, SIG has an impressive array of handguns for consumers. Flat Dark Earth and Olive Drab models will be available in almost all sizes and calibers.

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Further details are available from Osage County Guns. 

We’ve just got the scoop on the new stuff that Sig Sauer is coming up out with for 2015, and let’s start with their very new (and very popular) P320 Modular Pistol Line.

SKU Description MSRP
320SC-9-B 9mm Subcompact, Contrast Sights $628.00
320SC-9-BSS 9mm Subcompact, SigLite Sights $713.00
320C-9-FDE 9mm Compact, Flat Dark Earth Finish, SigLite Sights $713.00
320C-40-FDE .40 S&W Compact, Flat Dark Earth Finish, SigLite Sights $713.00
320C-357-FDE .357 SIG Compact Flat Dark Earth Finish, SigLite Sights $713.00
320C-9-TSS-ODG 9mm Compact, OD Green Grip Module, SigLite Sights $713.00
320C-40-TSS-ODG .40 Compact, OD Green Grip Module, SigLite Sights $713.00
320CA-9-B 9mm Carry Size, Contrast Sights $628.00
320CA-9-BSS 9mm Carry Size, SigLite Sights $713.00
320CA-9-BSS-TB 9mm Carry Size, SigLite Sights, Threaded Barrel $785.00
320CA-40-B .40 Carry Size, Contrast Sights $628.00
320CA-40-BSS .40 Carry Size, SigLite Sights $713.00
320CA-357-B .357 SIG Carry Size, Contrast Sights $628.00
320CA-357-BSS .357 SIG Carry Size, SigLite Sights $713.00
320CA-45-B .45ACP Carry Size, Contrast Sights $628.00
320CA-45-BSS .45ACP Carry Size, SigLite Sights $713.00
320F-45-B .45ACP Full Size, Contrast Sights $628.00
320F-45-BSS .45ACP Full Size, SigLite Sights $713.00

The Carry models are the same size as the 250 Compact models, and there’s some surprises in there like OD Green models as well.

Be sure to click on the SKU’s for your favorite guns and sign up for product alert emails so you’ll be the first to know when we get these in-stock.

Coming up tomorrow: Sig’s other pistols for 2015. Stay tuned!

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Andrew

    Where are the threaded barrel???

    • Andrew

      Never mind, found them 😛

    • Anonymoose

      Where’s the .45 threaded barrel? =.=

  • guy

    I see what you did there, with the link… So are you trying to say that the guns are a bandaid on a problem? If so, what problem?

  • pdoggeth

    Hey what about the replacement frames themselves. Do we have to go through Sig Directly for that?

    • lonewolfdj

      Grip shells are already available. You can use P250 grip shells or grip shells marketed for either model. They are identical. Technically the frame is the serialized portion that is swapped between grip shells and contains the trigger / hammer. On the P250 it was commonly called the fire control unit.

    • Nope—–

    • You can also call the SIG Pro shop and order them. They have a whole wall of them.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I want to like this gun. There are just a couple of issues.

    Biggest for me is they don’t understand their place in the market. The modular handgun idea is excellent, but they are entirely under-utilizing it! They should have 5 different grip designs, something glock like, something PPQ/P30 like, one that’s agreesively stippled, they should have a long slide / carry grip, like a grip reduction in a G17, one that’s undercut, there could be a Surefire or other light built right in as solid and low profile as possible, they could take a huge chunk of the custom market because you have a platform that allows for mistakes and experimentation…. Instead they have a modular gun with one design in different sizes and colors :/

    I’m also not crazy at all how the trigger clicks when it’s ‘dead’. It’s a different click. And it still gets the same remedy as any click – an immediate TapAndRack, but still. Or maybe it’s a nice feature for dry fire, I’m not sure.

    Trigger is pretty good. Not PPQ great, but actually seems very nice. Haven’t shot one yet, looking forward to trying that.

    • Agree on the trigger assessment. I place it at “Pretty Good”. I did a side by side with a Sig 320 and an HK VP9 recently. The VP9 won, overall, with a shorter pull, less uptake and slightly ligher break. I would never talk poorly of the Sig 320 out of the box however, which is a pleasant surprise. Seems like a great gun overall and it certainly was sexy and modern looking.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        I would never talk poorly of the Sig 320 out of the box however, which is a pleasant surprise

        Pretty much what I thought. I’d rate the VP9 and PPQ about the same, but having gotten away from paddle mag releases, I just can’t go back. So until HK puts a button release on (likely never) I’m out for the VP9.

        It does seem like a nice gun, but a lot of the same issues I have with Walther, aftermarket support. It’s better with SIG, much better, but still not anywhere near Glock or M&P.

        If SIG were smart, they’d have dirt cheap slides, barrels, frames, and plenty of them. There would be a ported lightweight slide, there would be painless ordering or any part you could possibly want.

        We’ll see how SIG plays it, but I have an idea it’ll just be more of the same with them. A modular system they don’t seem to understand.

        • While we’ll disagree on paddle mag releases (I prefer it, but am comfortable with both), you make a fantastic point about M&P. It’s probably just me, but I’ve never looked seriously at this line of pistols until I saw the new performance center M&P line. I thought they looked cool, and just started doing some casual research of the normal M&P 40 and 9mm line.

          They seem like great guns, with great support, and an ever improving trigger. For people who didn’t like the latest models improved trigger, it seems that everyone suggests Apex triggers and reference them as the closest thing to a 1911 that a striker fired pistol could achieve. All of that sounds pretty great to me. I might be a few weeks away from owning my first M&P pistol.

          I did buy the wife a M&P Shield not long ago, and I will say that the trigger on that absolutely smoked the XDs line from Springfield, which is encouraging. Maybe shitty out of the box triggers are finally going away from all the main MFGs?

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Maybe shitty out of the box triggers are finally going away from all the main MFGs?

            Seems it. The only thing keeping me from M&P is the “required” additional parts (which may include a KKM barrel) adds up to well over a PPQ and up around an HK P30. They’re still hit or miss although they have been getting a lot better.

            I’d also like a platform that I could customize without it being permanent. I love the idea of the modular handgun between frames, lengths, and calibers, I just don’t think SIG has the initiative to make this gun a success.

          • Interesting, this is the second time I’ve seen someone say they would replace an M&P barrel. Is this a known thing? What’s wrong with the stock one? That’s kind of concerning, and would make me shy away from buying one.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            They had the “wrong” twist for a long time, something stupid slow like 1:24 and the action would unlock way early. They went to 1:18″ iirc, now the latest barrels are 1:10″ or so and have a modified lock ramp.

            Good friend of mine has a Pro CORE with RDS that he got 6 months ago or so. He just replaced the barrel with a KKM because he couldn’t get anything repeatable after 7 yards, says he loves it now. I tried it and it was O.K. but I dislike RDS on handguns so I’m not sure what was me or the gun.

            Story is the latest ones are the best they’ve been but still hit or miss. So… For me, to go into that platform, I’d be looking at 2 guns, 2 apex kits, 2 sets of sights, and likely at least one barrel. I’ll pass until they work it out.

            Side effect of them changing so many things over the years is you really have no idea what you have until you run it out. And they’re not exactly forthcoming with all the changes. You can’t buy sear blocks anymore because they have no idea if the one you have would match the one they make now. Seems like they’re still working it all out.

          • The newer ones are better by far. My M&P Pro has a match barrel so I’m not concerned about changing it.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Rumored version for Army contact handgun. I’m about none point none interested in a manual safety… But if Sig won a significant contract I’d be more inclined to give this gun a chance.

    • Anonymoose

      To each his own. I like the thumb safety on my M&P.

      • I also think that S&W got it mostly right with their thumb safety. It’s mostly out of the way and small enough to not trigger (in either direction) on accident. You can also disable it entirely at a later point and add a block to fill in the small frame hole, should you decide. Seems like a great idea and keeps you from having to buy a whole new pistol if you change your carry style.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        I have an M&P with a thumb safety, but none of my other guns have one so I rarely shoot it. Commonality for me. But a huge aspect is what you learned on. I learned on Glock, so I have no love for 1911 and manual safeties.

        • Anonymoose

          I was raised by fudds. I learned to shoot with a Contender and S&W 60.

      • I prefer a thumb safety also. I can’t help but like the 320 though. Man it shoots good and the trigger is great.

        • mig1nc

          Not to side track, but could you compare it to the PPQ or VP9?

    • hami

      This is the first (non 1911) SIG handgun that interests me.

    • Lance

      Dont get your hopes up over Army’s MHS. Like ICC it has no claiber and design requirements apart from grip adjustments the Army is still buying M-9s. And it makes no sense since we will have to have 9mm for NATO compliance to switch from a 9mm pistol to another 9mm pistol. This is another ICC in the works, probably from the same general.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Go troll somewhere else plz. KitUp hasn’t banned you yet inexplicably.

  • Mike

    I’m curious as to why SIG keeps coming out with doublestack .45s with 10rd capacity while every other doublestack .45 on the market now has 12 or more. I understand they were trying to re-evaluate the Glock and keep the same frame size, but you get 15rds of .45 in an FNX 45 and you don’t need gorilla hands for that.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Not sure what you’re talking about because I have medium sized hands an the FNX45 does NOT AT ALL fit for me. I don’t know who those are designed for, same with the HK45.

    • Anonymoose

      >gorilla hands
      Try “moose mitts,” and it’s not so much about the grips size as anticipation of legislation.
      CZ was one of the first companies to go the 10 .45 route in 1997, which became the most common, and probably will remain so until the gun control movement is no more. FN is the only company I know of that *introduced* a true high-cap .45 design after the CZ97. Not sure what the SIG P221 would have been, but the G21 and the SOCOM contenders (including the double-stack 1911 paradigm) all came out before the ’94 AWB. HK switched over to producing 10-round .45 even when the Federal AWB ended, and everyone besides FN followed their lead.
      The P320 is basically just the striker-fired redesign of the P250, the P227 is pretty much the same dimension-wise as the P226, and iirc the P227 mags work in the P250 and 320 (P250/320 mags have “ears” that prevent them from fitting in the 227).

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Those ears are sort of awesome though. If you know what they are there for, it makes a lot of sense and a nice feature. No need for “tactical” bases.

  • Lance

    Save your money, but a nice G17 or M-9.

    • I’ll take the 320 over a Glock any day. Course I shot the 320 a good deal.

    • Anonymoose

      Yes, buy a gun of lesser quality and lower technology for the same price! Lance, you’re a genius!

  • tazman66gt

    Is it just from the sides being so flat or does it have a rather tall bore axis?

  • MclarenF1Forever

    Nice, I’ll take the 9mm with threaded barrel, and a 45 slide w/threaded barrel.

  • USMC03Vet

    OD green? Nice!

    Looks like I may have to upgrade from my 2022. SIG makes some sweet shooters. I wish I could afford more.

  • Jeremy Star

    No .40 sub-compact next year? Sig! Arg!

  • onamon

    Anyone do a limp wrist test on these yet?