POV With Guns

Here is an interesting idea for video capturing firearm manipulation. Most people use a Contour on their earpro or a GoPro mounted on their headstrap.

Ilya Naishuller is crowdfunding his POV movie called Hardcore on Indiegogo.  The clip stars Sharlto Copley, the actor in A-Team (movie), District 9, Elysium and the upcoming movie Chappie.

Charlto is sporting a PPSH and the protagonist is using a pump shotgun. But like a POV FPS game he picks up new weapons. It is rather intriguing and the POV is fantastic.


Ilya is using two GoPros mounted on a custom head rig. I suspect he is using two GoPros so that he can film and create 3D footage. Such a rig would make it difficult to cheek a long arm.




GoPro has their own setup for their original Hero and Hero2 cameras but have seem to done away with it as the demand is not that big for home made 3D movies. It requires a lot of post processing and to display it requires a 3D monitor or TV.

Ilya has a fetish for firearms which you can see in his earlier film Bad MotherF*cker.


I went so far as to invert my GoPro so it covers my left eye and I get an almost true Point of View (POV) video. Here is an example of the POV I get with my method I dub #tacticalpirate because my GoPo is like a pirate eye patch.

Fellow TFB Writer, Chris Cheng, wrote a little article for NRA about compact action cameras.

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  • David

    Looked like a poorly acted video game

    • Cymond

      Yeah, agreed. I expected an a serious action movie, not something out of a video game.
      However, now that I know it’s “game style” I like it. I think the acting is intentionally campy. I also appreciate the minimal editing jumps, most action scenes jump-cut every few seconds.

  • That guy in “The Camera Rig” ad just looks fucking miserable.

  • USMC03Vet

    Looks like some sort of punishment from a SAW movie.


  • echelon

    The video for Bad Mother****** is highly entertaining. It was the best action movie I’d seen up until John Wick came out…

  • Taylor TX

    Wikis van de merwe! I remember seeing that bad mofo video a while ago(and it is still awesome after rewatching), but I dont know if you could really drum up enough interest for a FULL POV movie(of the non dirty variety).
    Remember the awful DOOM movie and that god awful FPS POV sequence? ughhh

  • Risky

    The old school Brit commando is Sharlto Copley of District 9 fame.

    I also could have thought of a better title… searching for “Hardcore POV Movie” is going to turn up some interesting results not fit for work or other public settings.

  • PXN

    at the end “THIS IS SPARTA!”

  • kevin kelly

    Both his movies were highly entertaining. Def reminded me of a video game. Cool gun stuff. Hole it gets made. Idk how 1.5 hrs if it will be

  • Epic, I love the first person style. Makes it feel like COD.