Henry sent us a photo of his Canadian-legal AR-15 collection. He writes …

We are allowed these special rifles in Canada. Left to Right:

1. Dlask lower with Colt upper and ACCOG
2. Armalite 180B with Leopold 6.5×20
3. ATRS lower Colt upper match SS air weight barrel and Eotech

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  • Perhaps better titled “ARs in Canada”.

  • Maxpwr

    And they can even have real 14.5″ or shorter barrels without any more difficulty than buying an AR itself.

    • C.

      That’s true. The gun store down the street has an AR for sale with a 10″ barrel. No tax stamp or any additional paperwork.

    • spencer60

      The (huge) down-side is they can only use ARs at the range. Since they are restricted you can’t use them for anything but target shooting.

  • ColaBox

    The two in the rear are fairly normal, but what aboot that one in the front, odd receiver, grip, and stock.

    • Maximilian Johannes Benning

      what aboot it eh

    • Maxpwr

      Metric sized parts.

    • ensitue


    • DiverEngrSL17K

      You mean the AR-180B? It’s a derivative of the AR-18, which is what the M-16 / AR-15 should have been with the addition of several improvements and greater reliability. It was only the gremlin of market timing and historical happenstance that resulted in the AR-18 not being adopted for general military use, and which also eventually gave rise to a very restricted market niche with consequent QA / QC issues in some production batches, notably part of the licence-built Sterling production runs.

      Ironically, the M-16 / AR-15 went on to become generally reliable and well-made rifles with the evolution of numerous detail improvements over time, and to finally become the very respectable guns as we know them today.

      • The AR-15 is the superior design in my opinion. The AR-18 is a cruder weapon designed for production by third world countries that could not afford expensive forging machines.

        • dp

          Forging receivers is un-necessary and makes mfg. cost steeper. Furthermore, as a person who worked in firearms engineering and has experience with AR design can tell you this: Bolt carrier, being allowed 4 degrees of freedom has to by defined in space by Key, Bolt Carrier. This little pesky part is loaded with extremely sharp tolerances. If anyone of them is exceeded, gun is potentially jammed. Generally, that close relation of action in 1 inch din receiver is call for trouble by itself.
          Whole design is defined within close constrains, both of functional and manufacturing type, more than any other contemporary military rifle, save for older SIG (roller lock) type. If this gun is supposed to have acceptable degree of reliability, it is bound to be expensive. Fro the same money you can have two and half AKs with lesser ‘absolute’ accuracy but with lot more utility.

          AR18 in contrary is free of these issues. Many ‘tactical’ fans are forgetting what is real purpose of military firearms.

          • You cannot buy two AKs from a comparable manufacturer for the same price as a Colt AR-15, and the labor costs are not comparable even then.

            In my opinion, you are making a big deal out of one easily mass-produceable part.

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            If what you are saying is correct, in exactly what context did you make your statement? Did you take into account the fact that the pricing you are referring to might not be truly accurate in actuality, but indicative of mark-ups and other such distorting factors that bear upon the U.S. and general international civilian user market due to the profit motive involved?

          • Grump

            A Russian arms importer recently told me that an Izhmash AK costs only $240 per unit “at the factory gates”, a big bulk order would be even cheaper still.

        • DiverEngrSL17K

          You might want to re-read what I had said in proper context. The AR-18 might have been supposedly “cruder’ on the outside, courtesy of more stamped external parts, but it was also designed to improve upon the mechanical shortcomings of the M-16 / AR-15 of the the time under harsh field conditions. Internally and functionally where it really mattered, Third World or not. And by the same designers, including Eugene Stoner himself, who had engendered the M-16 / AR-15. That the M-16 / AR-15 eventually evolved to become more refined and reliable, and therefore the better weapon over time, is indicative of how M-16 / AR-15 evolution in the marketplace ( including the military marketplace ) had overtaken that of the AR-18 ( the intended successor ) due to historical expediency and long-term persistence in R & D, supported by the economic advantages of widespread.acceptance, as well as the failure of the AR-18 in the critical aspects of “market timing”.

  • iowaclass

    5 rd capacity? A lot of empty space in those mags…

    • Ken

      They can buy ten round AR pistol mags and run them in their rifles. I believe they can also get ten round .50 Beowulf AR pistol mags, which just so happen to hold 30 rounds of .223, though I don’t think that is a legal use of them.

      • Paladin

        Unfortunately no 10 round .50 Beo mags yet, only 5 rounders. To get 10 round magazines there would need to be a .50 Beo pistol commonly available in Canada, and as yet there is not. The RCMP would also be very likely to drag their feet over something like that.

    • Porty1119

      Yeah, they tend to just be normal 30rd magazines with a rod welded in. It’s not unheard of to (illegally) convert them back to standard capacity.

      • Wetcoaster

        Depends on the magazine. The SKS mags usually have a rod, but a lot of detachable magazines have rivets

  • LT

    As the owner posted, it is an AR180B.
    Too bad Canada has the extra hoops to jump through on those rifles; I’ve always been baffled by the odd differences in firearms laws. Sort of like the crazier US states, with things like bayonet mounts being banned.

    • Paladin

      I’m not sure where that’s coming from, bayo mounts aren’t banned here. We don’t really have much in the way of feature bans. Instead of banning certain features (pistol grips, collapsing stocks, etc…) the Liberals chose to ban certain firearms by name. For example, all AK variants are prohibited, as well as FALs, AUGs, SG550s, MP5s and a bunch of others, a complete list can be found here: http://www.firearms-safety-course.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=17&Itemid=23. They literally chose them by looking through magazines and crossing out the ones they didn’t like, no joke. They also implemented a system whereby firearms could be prohibited by Order In Council, in the hopes that future “scary” firearms would be handled through this system, but it’s never been used, and would likely cause significant uproar if it were. Firearms owners in Canada have more political teeth now than we did in the ’90s

  • Lance

    They can buy really cheap Norinco CQ (A1 and M4) clones too. They can also buy Norinco 7.62×39 ammo and same for .308 and 5.56mm ammo, Darn import laws due to Billy Clinton. They have no barrel lengh restrictions. But you can buy a M-1A Norinco and Springfield and any Ar-15 but you cant own a FAL or AK there thats weird.

    Overall though im glad to be in the US you can have 20-30rd AR mags you cant have any over 5rds in Canada.

    • Paladin

      There are barrel length restrictions, but they’re generally not as difficult to deal with as yours are. Any semi-automatic firearm with a barrel less than 18.6″ long is considered restricted. Restricted firearms require an enhanced firearms licence (which involves taking an extra course) and can only be used on approved ranges, and they must be registered. On the other hand, transfers are generally quite quick, it’s uncommon for it to take more than a couple days, and there is no fee or tax involved.

      We can have some magazines over 5 rounds as well, due to the way the law is worded. While the law restricts magazines for semi-automatic centrefire rifles to 5 rounds the limit for pistols is 10 rounds, and there is no limit for magazines designed for manual action firearms or rimfire rifles. As such, a rifle that can use pistol magazines can have a 10 round capacity, since there’s no law against using a pistol magazine in a rifle, and due to the fact that AR15 pistols exist AR15 pistol magazines also exist. The law also does not prohibit using a magazine for a calibre it was not designed for. For example it’s perfectly legal to use a G22 magazine in a G17. The G22 magazine, being pinned to 10 rounds of .40S&W can hold around 13 rounds of 9x19mm. An even bigger boon to the Canadian gun owner is the .50 Beo cartridge. A 5-round .50 Beo magazine will hold 14-17rds of 5.56×45.


    • I just picked up a 10.5 inch complete upper for $250 😀

    • sianmink

      It was Bush who banned the Chinese weapon imports, btw. Clinton only got us on the commie ammo.

      • b

        Bush banned non-neutered rifles (with lugs, folding stock etc) from being imported.
        Clinton banned guns modified to get around this (the guns with thumbhole stocks, and any that could take a hicap magazine).

  • mizkitty
    • Paladin

      The AR 180B is non-restricted in barrel lengths over 18.6″, so you can hunt with that one. Unfortunately the same does not apply to the AR15.