Mosin Nagant Rear Target Sight

Check out this rear target sight for the Mosin Nagant I stumbled upon on eBay. Has anyone out there used this particular sight with their Mosin? At $30 shipped with no permanent mods done to my Mosin I’m tempted to give it a try. The Mosin Nagant 91/30 version can be found here, and the M38, M44,and M53 version can be found here.

New from Anacortes Prototypes, custom made rear target sight assembly for the Mosin Nagant rifle. Finally, you can quit monkeying around with other products and install actual target sights on your mosin nagant with no drilling or tapping.

This custom target rear sight assembly is windage and elevation adjustable and can be used with the G.I. front sight. It has a 80 – 500 yard capability and includes two apertures. It sells for $29.99 shipped.

Our products are manufactured in house on cnc centers from solid billets of T-3 aircraft grade aluminum and are hardcoat anodized. Everything we make comes with a unlimited lifetime warranty and we offer many in house gunsmithing services, including rifle accurizing and complete custom rifle builds.





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  • Fred Johnson

    Nice. It reminds me of Williams rear sights, but with the special mounting to fit the rear sight base.

  • joe schemo

    I dont know if TFB had ever discuss this sight system before, but this sight reminded me of
    This sight does come with a attractive price tag, maybe one of the lowest priced sight i have seen. I am interested. Thanks TFB!

  • Geoffry K

    I have a hard enough time seeing a 12″ target at 100 yards with the original iron sights. That is why I put a scope on my Mosin.

    • joe schemo

      I dont think these are designed for people with vision issues, but then again i have seen plenty of older vets still shoot well with good old iron sights.

      • Geoffry K

        Yeah, I wear bifocals, so the iron sights were a problem. The front post on the Mosin pretty much would cover the target, made it a guessing game as to where to aim. I was able to get 8″ 3-shot groups at 100 with the irons, but with the scope I can get 3″ or less. It is the NcStar long eye relief 2-7X 32mm. A UTG rimfire (3/8″ dovetail) to Weaver mount replaced the rear sight.

        • Joe v.

          Nice, is that with regular surplus ammo? What did you do to avoid bolt handle/scope interference?

  • Darkpr0

    This looks just like the Williams Firesights I had on my SKS. Be warned: under recoil from a few shots the screw that locks the sight down would loosen, and completely cracked when I tried to torque it down enough. I’m not sure the recoil on a Mosin will fare better. But the idea is really sound, and the sight picture is good.

    • joe schemo

      Never had that problem with mojo sights. Also too many people over torque their screws and strip them out. I have found that 99% of the time some well placed blue locktite will fix the problem.
      I had problem making the utg scout mount stay in place. The screws would come loose under recoil and heat from firing the mosin. I placed blue locktite on the screws now the $30 mount is rock solid under hundreds of rounds. I took down my first pig last year with my T53 last year.

      • Darkpr0

        Loctite would have done it, but I didn’t want to buy an adjustable sight, and then remove the adjustability from it. The amount of torque I put on the screw wasn’t nearly as much as I’ve put into other screws, but maybe I just got a bad fastener.

  • Tyler Horne

    I wish there was something like this for my m1896 Swedish Mauser

    • joe schemo

      Check out mojo sight. They got pretty much every surplus covered plus ak and vz58

  • boop

    neat concept, but needs better execution.

    seems like it would be an absolute pain to adjust for distance compared to the military sight.

    also past 500 yards you are boned.

  • Lance

    IM with Joe Schemo old news Mojo had these sights 12 years ago.

    • Risky

      Yeah but they are still $80-90. $30 is a steal.

      • joe schemo

        Yes the $30 price tag is very attractive. If quality is good and holds zero.

  • Full Name

    I have something like this on my SKS. It makes a world of difference.