Youtuber Chaos311Clarity (aka. Jon) sent us this photo of his .50 Beowulf. He wrote …

This is a gun called “Project Broadsword.” Originally assembled in 2011, it has a favorite of mine ever since. Chambered in 50 Beowulf, it really packs a punch. In its current configuration, it is wearing a set of Troy Industries micro sights, a YHM Todd Jarrett free float hand guard, King Armory KA-0450 brake, AR-Stoner 18″ barrel, Black Rain Ordnance rec. set. as well as the wood stock and grip. From time to time it also wears a Bowers Group LLC VERS50 suppressor.

I really like the wood/FTE/black color gradient across the rifle. I am inspired. Here are two more photos of the rifle …





  • mikewest007

    Pretty nice. I guess that making a wooden forearm for it would be a lot of hassle, though.

    • Lucid (shown) and Ironwood Designs both offer wood forearms. However, neither are free floating, nor would they accept rail mounted accessories.

      • Raven

        Put a wooden A1 forearm on it and you’ve got a pretty close replica of the Survivalist’s Rifle from New Vegas.

      • mikewest007

        I expected as much as to free-floating.

        • I have wondered whether the wood forearms would work on the National Match-style free-float sleeves. These allow for GI handguards to be mounted in order to maintain the as-issued appearance of the service rifle.

          • Kristophr

            A DCM match float sleeve would work just fine with a wood forestock. You will need to remove some wood from the inside front ends to fit it.

      • jamezb

        I saw some wood free-float forearms made in Czechoslovakia, they were a wood sleeve over a aluminum free-float tube. Arsenal USA might have been the importer, idk.

  • sianmink

    That can is soooo long!

  • Darren Hruska

    Oh wow, I LOVE it! I know that the gun market and gun websites are quite oversaturated by AR-15 type rifles, but this one is something different. I find this rifle to be quite mesmerizing! Although, as mentioned, it’d be nice to see a wooden forearm on it also. It’d give it more “classic rifle” look than what it already has. But still, this does blend “old” and “new” quite splendidly.

  • guest

    Picture like this should be rated 18+

  • echelon

    To each their own and all, but man I just cannot get behind wood on an AR…just seems like putting white walls on a Ferrari or something…

    • Anonymoose

      At least it’s real wood, unlike this abomination.

      • echelon

        Yeah but to me, having wood on an AR is like that “tactical” lever action that Mossberg makes that has the rails and adjustable stock and it’s all polymer…it’s just…wrong.

    • obvy

      Completely agree. You are basically defeating the point of the functional design of the AR platform by strapping wood anything on it.

  • Gwolf

    Man. That’s nice.

  • Giolli Joker

    POTD needs links to hi-res photos. 🙂

  • Keith

    Wow, just an awesome looking gun. Had to stare at this one for a while.

  • grunion

    I want one!!!!

  • axel

    I thought the 50 beowulf was a cqb round? If it is, wouldn’t a 18in barrel with a wooden fixed stock be a bit silly for that role? with that suppressor you’ve got yourself a really long and heavy cqb rifle. It looks nice though, except for the black rails and the black magazine.

  • Joshua Hege

    Beautiful weapon, sell it to me! lol