2015 Remington Air Guns

Remington Airgun Express XPTac

Remington will be expanding their reach with more air guns in 2015 including a new adjustable stock air rifle and 1911 Co2 bb pistol. Air guns fire a metal projectile such as a bb or pellet at high velocities using compressed air or gas and can be used to hunt small game and pests. They are weapons and should be treated as such by observing safety rules, including the golden rule of never point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy. These guns can be used for sport, pest control, and are also a useful tool to teach children the ropes of gun safety and marksmanship.


The first new gun for 2015 is the adjustable stock air rifle in a break barrel gas piston style, which will come in two barrel sizes: .177 cal, or 4.5 mm, capable of as much as 1200 feet per second with lead projectiles and 1350 feet per second with alloy and .22 cal, or 5.5mm, capable of as much as 750 feet per second with lead projectiles and 900 feet per second with alloy. Remington has tested energy at 19 foot pounds, which is a solid impact for a pellet of those sizes. The rifle weighs 7.5 pounds and is 45.5” in length with a 14” length of pull. This air rifle will come with a 3-9×32 scope and mounts and has a fixed silencer as required by law. For safety’s sake it does have a manual safety.

Remington 1911 Airgun

Remington 1911 Airgun

The other new air gun coming up is a 1911 style bb pistol designed to fire bb caliber, which means 4.5mm, using CO2 canisters. These bb’s reach speeds up to 320 feet per second using steel bb’s. Although the air gun is constructed of heavy metal frame for durability, it weighs just 2 pounds and is 8” long. It features a skeleton trigger, under-frame accessory rail, and fixed blade front sight with fixed notched rear sights. For realism it has semi-auto blowback and is fully field strippable. For firepower it can hold 18 bb’s and operates using a 12g CO2 cartridge with approximately 40 shots possible per cartridge. And, of course, it has a manual safety.

Remington Airguns

Remington Airguns

Remington’s air gun line, which includes an aesthetically realistic 1911 model, is well-made and carefully manufactured. Pride is taken in craftsmanship, and it’s evident in every detail, from the way the 1911 field strips precisely like a real steel 1911 to the balance of the rifles. All the guns function well with minimal recoil – yet they do have some recoil, a feature which lends them even greater realism. Remington also manufactures pull-to-reset and shoot-to-reset silhouette targets in a variety of shapes as well as pellet catchers and field targets. They even have .177 and .22 hollow point pellets. These are versatile weapons with multiple uses and are enjoyable for all ages – with proper safety training, of course. If you think an air gun isn’t for you, think again, and take a look at Remington’s.

Remington Air Rifle

Remington Hog Auto Reset Airgun Target

Remington Hog Auto Reset Airgun Target

Remington Rabbit Pull Reset Airgun Target

Remington Rabbit Pull Reset Airgun Target

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  • Andy

    This is probably for the best, seeing as how they can’t make decent real guns anymore.

  • PK

    So that’s what AAC is doing these days? No wonder they’re hurting now that Remington has them.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Hurting is an understatement. They’re GONE. AAC themed airgun silencers have probably got more development attention than the real silencers will get all year.

      • AAC is still around. Did you mean closed down?

        • JumpIf NotZero

          I mean any resemblance of what you think AAC is, is no more.

          They are almost literally Tapco now. Same roof, same engineers, same management, same “dedication” to what they do. No one from AAC is left.

          I’ll bet they ride on AAC’s current products for awhile, start cutting costs and corners, and eventually disappear. It has about as much “heart” now as Bushmaster does. No one cares, they’ll make crap and some people who shop based on dollars alone will buy it.

  • Kovacs Jeno

    That big white Remington-billboard on that chinese air pistol…

  • ChuckyTee

    “Air guns fire a metal projectile such as a bb or pellet at high velocities using compressed air or gas and can be used to hunt small game and pests.” Thank you for that mind blowing info. I had no idea. Getting paid by the word or was it just a copy and paste from Remmy’s web pages?


      Information for the masses, did you know they make a .357 caliber air gun capable of taking down large game?

    • Julio

      Copy and paste isn’t exactly new on TFB, and a surprising number of people don’t know the difference between airsoft guns and airguns, so giving a basic definition isn’t entirely unjustified.

      My inner pedant didn’t like “These bb’s reach speeds up to 320 feet per second using steel bb’s.”, though. They’re BBs (capitals, no apostrophe).

      As for the guns, yes they’re cheap; yes, they’re made in China; yes, it’s a travesty of brand exploitation… but if 2014’s Remington Express air rifle is anything to go by then they’ll be powerful, straight-shooting guns and tremendous value for money. I hate that that’s true, by the way.

  • Bill Brandon

    I’ve got the XP Tactical and the 1911. Everything you said is spot on. I love the XP, it’s accurate and surprisingly quiet thanks to the suppressor.
    The 1911 is practically a dead ringer for the real thing. The only thing that tells you it’s not real is the very light recoil and the “pop” instead of a “boom”.
    Bass Pro here in FL has them both and the rifle is $120. The pistol is a little less, sorry but I don’t remember exactly how much.
    I’m glad Remington got it right!

  • Michael

    How quiet are the silenced air guns, can I shoot one in my backyard without the neighbors knowing?