SIG Sauer (Germany) Reduces Staff by 70% at HQ

NDR reports that SIG Sauer (Germany) is reducing staff in their Eckernförde headquarters from 132 to 49 people. Some employees have been offered employment with Sig Sauer (USA). Just five years ago SIG Sauer had 500 employees in Germany.

Sig Sauer (USA) has become the largest firearms subsidiary of L&O Holding, which also owns Swiss Arms, Sauer & Sohn, GSG and Blaser. According to their website, the US subsidiary has over 800 employees.

Earlier this year the German government halted all SIG Sauer (Germany) exports pending an investigation into illegal arms sales, no doubt this export ban is the reason almost 100 jobs have been lost.

Ironically, SIG Sauer (Germany) came into existence when Swiss regulations and laws made it difficult for SIG Arms AG  (now Swiss Arms) to export their products. They probably did not foresee a time when the German government would attempt to destroy its long standing arms export industry.

Steve Johnson

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  • Michael Zeleny

    Don’t be so quick to blame the German government. It looks like SIG Sauer screwed the pooch by filing a fraudulent end use certificate. Consult Viktor Bout concerning his conviction for similar offenses.

    • Questions are a burden…

      Having read the article to which you linked, it appears that the pistols were sold by SIG to the US government with assurances that they would not be sold/shipped out of the country. Subsequently, and without any evidence that SIG knew about the deal, the Columbian police made a legal purchase of the arms from the US government.

      While there may be piles of evidence that SIG has done something illegal under German law, I don’t see any evidence of it in that article.

      • Michael Zeleny

        That’s the explanation given by SIG Sauer. And it doesn’t hold water in light of the requirements of the end user certificate that must identify the end user of the weapons.

      • The US Army TACOM delivery order document clearly showed Colombia as the end user.

        • Google the contract number: W52H09-09-D-0158. There are plenty of sources confirming that it was public knowledge that the pistols were for Colombia.

  • Mr.T

    Germany just recently opened up the doors for export ,its more that Sig Sauer engaged in fraud repeatedly.

  • Jeff S

    Meanwhile the German government has no problem selling arms (to include submarines and tanks) to countries like Pakistan, Algeria, Indonesia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and so on. They’re probably just upset that they didn’t get a cut on the pistols that ended up in Colombia.

    • Mr.T

      German goverment has huge problems with selling arms to such countries (that s good for US as everyone who can’t get German stuff ultimately settles for 2nd rate US stuff ),but now high court in Germany ruled against such restrictions that put german firms at disadvantage

      • toms

        I what world are us weapons 2nd rate? The US produces comprable if not superior platforms in all areas except possibly some small arms types. Sorry dude but it’s true. The danes recently selected the M60E6 over the HK121 after extansive testing. Our precision platforms are much better. The 416 is nice but does cost twice as much as an M4. Our ships, planes, helicopters, bombs, tanks are either equal or better to most german offerings (with some exceptions especially when cost is considered). Generally speaking it seems to that Germans will sell anybody anything except a civilian a cool toy. America makes some shady deals too I will admit.

        • Mr.T

          Outside Aircraft there are few US made weapons those who can afford better,would buy. Countries listed above buy ships,subs,tanks,artilery in Germany. Only countries on military assistance list buy US as purchases are subsidised by US taxpayer. Arab dictators only buy US tanks,ships,subs when Germany denies export.

          Precision platforms LOL,what Remington ,M24,M40,have you ever seen AI ,Sako,PGM ,DSR.

          Bright minds in US are now sadlyworking for Wall Street ,Law firms and/or finding ways to sell worthless shit for money instead of working in engeneering in industry .

          • toms

            Knowbody wants bolt precision rilfes anymore but look at Desert Tech, Surgeon, GAP if you must. The 417 is not very accurate. Compare to knights, LMT, Larue ect. Our navy stuff, helicopters, drones, ect are all excellent. We often will not sell front line equipment ie M1a2 tanks are dumbed down for foriegn sales. Our subs are nukes which are better but Germany is so pc they are shutting down their reactors so they can buy more natural gas from your #1 enemy Russia, who you also supply with front line equipment. weapons, and state of the art comms. Germany is screwed if it can’t learn from history. You’ll be speaking Russian inside of 10 years. Night vision, Thermal, computer based systems are all superior from US companies well Ratheon and BAE. And what do English, Finnish, French companies have to do with a Germany vs US discussion.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Looks like they are going to push Sig USA harder this year. I do not see this as a bad thing. Entirely the opposite, unless you live in a country it’s easier to get German arms than USA made, but that’s really none of my business 😉

  • john huscio

    Doesn’t the fact that sig is moving all production to the US next year play a pretty big part in this downsizing?

  • GermanSpeaker

    Your summary of the article isn’t entirely accurate. In the original German, it says they are planning to reduce staff in January and are currently running shortened hours/schedules as the workers are protected from losing their jobs through the end of the year. Still sucks though.

  • Aaron E

    Come to America Sig and be loved again.