Russian Dual Medium Assault Rifle To Enter Production in 2015

The Russian special forces dual-medium assault rifles are reportedly slated to enter production next year, according to These rifles use supercavitation to allow for much shorter projectiles that work in both air and water media, which represents a significant advantage vs. older underwater rifle types, such as the ASM-DT. According to the article, the rifles are called “DT”, but the weapon represented in the article’s picture is designated ADS, according to Maxim Popenker’s website. It’s possible the article is referring to a new model of weapon.

Supercavitation works via creating a bubble of gas around an object moving through water, which greatly reduces the considerable drag incurred by moving through dense media, which allows for much higher speeds to be achieved with much shorter projectiles, relative to conventional underwater ammunition.

Nathaniel F

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  • Gabe

    I have to ask, what is it with the Russians and wanting a rifle that shoots underwater? Do they really expect to have underwater firefights? Or is this more of just a project to see if it can be done? I just do not see a practical application.

    • Seburo

      Just Russia being Russia. As what their special forces want they tend to get.

    • DaveP.

      The Sovs (and they’re not the only ones) have sunk a lot of ships over the years by using divers to plant limpet mines. Problem is, until very recently the only defensive weapons divers could carry were pretty limited: bangsticks, spear guns, and the like. This weapon fills that gap.
      Also remember that the original job of the UDT was to clear obstacles to beach landings. I’m sure that they would’ve found a use for something like this.

      • Gabe

        So it has an application just a very limited one. Well leave it to the Russians to develop a solution to a problem others don’t even see.

        • Klingon00

          I see it as the new Russian buzzword as well. They are very proud of their supercavitation technology which they are putting to use most famously in their rocket powered torpedoes making them some of the fastest in the world. It would appear to me that they are merely pushing the technology into anything and everything they possibly can as it’s one tech advantage they have.

          • 200 mph fast! No escaping that speed. That is if they really have it.

          • They do. How many… Now of that I’m not sure.

          • noob

            did they ever fix the malfunction with the torpedoes that sank the K-141 Kursk? or was that a different torpedo?

          • Max Glazer

            Kursk was sunk by a torpedo attack. There were leaked pictures which show an inward-punched hole in the side of the ship. They turned up at the very beginning when ship was raised to the surface. Then it was quickly edited. The size of the hole was consistent with a diameter of a modern torpedo.

          • Max Glazer

            Shkval torpedo. They have a lot.

          • noguncontrol

            America has super cavitating torpedoes too, since at least 2003.

          • Max Glazer

            Any designation or photos?

          • Jon

            VA-111 Shkva is in service since 1977.

        • Zugunder

          Always good to have solution to a problem. Even if you never going to have such a problem, but who knows? It’s never hurts.

    • Yallan

      I like this guy.
      Russia can naval blockade Europe with submarines and underwater special forces attacks on ports? Nice timing reminding Europe not to eff with Russia.

    • Jon

      It also shoots all other kind of 5.45x39mm’s and grenades. It will not only give a better tool to divers, now they have a new tool with new capabilities they can think “what else can we do with this?”.

      All nation soldiers (not only special forces) would like to have a rifle you can also fire underwater with only a magazine change and capable not only to withstand harsh marine environment but working in it.

    • Commonsense23

      The Russians have lost divers to anti swimmer dolphins before. They also have been anti swimmer dolphins killed by combat swimmers, most likely Russians. So they was a limited need for it in the past. But combat swimmer operations are becoming harder and harder. So this is tech that is for a dying art.

      • noob

        some of the technology they strap to these marine mammals is truly nasty

        “CO2 anti-swimmer cartridges used by the dolphins. The concept is a simple one: dolphin hits an enemy diver with a CO2 dart that injects him with compressed [gas], diver has an embolism, and diver is dead. It’s a very efficient and extremely hard to defend against.”

        Read more:

        • Commonsense23

          The co2 is not going to cause a embolism, but more akin to a immediately fatal tension pneumothorax, crushing of the internal organs, type injury.

    • Bob

      Didn’t you ever see the movie “Thunderball” ? C’mon, get with the program! LOL

  • MoPhil

    Maybe its about shooting from underwater to an outside target, but that’s also a guess.

    • wetcorps

      Even with very clear water, aiming might be a problem since light changes direction when entering water.

  • Hugo

    russia declaring war on dolphins?

    • sianmink

      I thought that was Japan’s thing.

      • South Park

        F@!k you whales!

        • Stinkeye

          And F@&K you Dolphins!

  • echelon

    Looks remarkably similar to Keltec’s RDB…

    • Menger40

      Looks more like OTs-14 Groza

      • iksnilol

        Reminds me of the A-91.

        • Menger40

          I didn’t even know about the A-91! How many ugly gray bullpups does Russia need? Haha

          • iksnilol

            I find them cool. The A-91 is pretty nice… too bad there is no civilian version.

      • echelon

        Kind of like the RDB and the Groza had a love child…

  • markgreenman

    I love russian small arms development. I wish we were as innovative when it came to trying out of the box arms design.

    • William E

      not only that, but its basically the AK version of the F2000. Forward ejecting bullpup in 5.45. If you look at the specs for the design, its supposed to also be able to use the standard 5.45 ammo when not in underwater mode.

  • dp

    There is no word on ejection method. It may be that ‘gate’ behind mag looks after that. Does anyone see that? Any ideas?

    • The pictured rifle is an ADS, which is based on the A-91M and like it ejects forward through a tube over the barrel.

  • Lance

    So this is another underwater rifle? Why? need to carry two rifles on for under water then get a AK-74??? Seems a bit complicated LOL.

    • Grump

      The whole point of this is so you don’t have to carry two separate rifles for underwater and out of water use, it can do both jobs with the appropriate ammo.

  • mosinman

    can’t this fire with decent accuracy out of water too?

    • Yes, not only can it use standard 5.45mm ammunition, the underwater ammo is supposed to work OK in air, too.

      • mosinman

        neat! thanks for sharing

  • Nicholas Mew

    Here are some images for reference.

  • Ruff

    SUPER-cavitating bullets

  • Cahal

    At first glance it reminded me of this

  • noguncontrol

    where does the air for the super cavitation come from? and this thing looks like a long stroke gas piston rotating bolt bullpup.

  • Max Glazer

    So many ignorant posts here.

    How about an underwater insertion of special forces from a submarine? Or when leaders use a ship as a meeting place like Gorbachov and Reagan the guard divers would be armed with what? Ask SEALs or British SBS if they’d like to have a weapon like this.