New Short Range TargetVision Wireless Spotting Scope


TargetVision is now taking pre-orders for a short-range version of its wireless spotting scope. The waterproof and impact resistant camera is set up near the target and transmits an image of the target to the shooter’s iOS or Android device. This allows the shooter to get a very clear look at bullet impact on the target.

The original TargetVision spotting scope transmitted an image to 1000+ yards and cost $895. The new short-range version is good to 300 yards and is selling for $595 as a pre-order. The company guarantees a shipping date of December 18 for all orders placed by December 5.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • David

    I have the long range version. Very pleased with it! Very well built. One switch and no wires to deal with. Can’t be any easier.

  • USMC03Vet

    Neat. Just in time for Christmas. Ho, ho, adjust 3 right!

  • Smokey_the_Bear

    pricey…I could build the same thing for 100 bucks from parts of amazon.

  • Secundius

    @ Smokey_the_Bear.

    I agree with you,,, No way in Heel will I willingly pay $895.00 USD. for something I can make myself for $100.00 USD. or less. For $895.00 USD. I could purchase a High-Quality, High-Definition Digital CCTV system made of Metal, instead of what looks like Cheap Plastic.

  • David

    It is not cheap plastic. it is very well built. The $800 model includes the camera, transmitter, battery and a repeater with a battery in a customized pelican case. Plus specialized software. No way u could build it for anywhere close to $100

    • Smokey_the_Bear

      I was saying I could have the same end result, for 100. But no, it would not look as good. I priced this all out about a year ago off of amazon, and it WAS around 100 bucks. I would prefer to have a setup like this, that is less hassle and looks good. But I would need the 1000 yard version to fall to 300 before I give it a serious look.

  • Sergio in NC

    Or you can compare it against the Bullseye Camera System. For the price of the TV 300 yrd system you get a 1000 yrd system. Admittedly it doesn’t look as slick.

    • David

      The bullseye system is nowhere near as well polished it requires several components to be connected with wires and start in a certain order. It is a good alternative but u get what u pay for

      • BullseyeCamera

        That’s inaccurate information. Nothing needs to be started in any certain order. All you do it turn the battery on by pressing the switch on the side of the battery. You don’t plug in any wires. Simply set the camera on the tripod and turn it on and start shooting.

  • wildbillb

    with an old smartphone laying around you can do this for $5. there is already software to do this with on Google Play. one phone streams the video (and auto-detects each result) to another device. i’ve used mine out to 400 yards without a separate router to boost the wifi signal. easy peasy.

    • backtrack9

      Any chance you would be willing to share with us what the name of the app you are referring?