Beyond Your Target

Here is a good reason to know what is beyond your target. Also a good idea to choose a better backstop. A tree does not make for a good backstop if you constantly use it.


It looks like they have been using that large metal plate as a target stand and it was up against the tree. Well over extended and repeated shots, the tree weakened and it eventually fell from the shot of a S&W 500.


Nicholas C

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  • An Interested Person

    A tree does not make a good back stop ever.

  • Ripley

    Aren’t you supposed to yell *timber*?

  • USMC03Vet


  • Mystick

    We shoot down trees camping all the time. The challenge is to do it with the .22LR…

    • Dan

      For what reason other than to be destructive? If it is private land sure go for it, if it is a public place why possibly piss people off because some “gun loving redneck” wants to just blow trees apart. As stupid as it sounds it doesn’t paint a great picture for gun owners. Yes I did it when I was young and stupid and they’re trees yea yea I know but I am looking at it through a outsiders perspective perhaps someone who will be convinced gun owners are bad people. It’s all fun and games until you send people to the anti gun side of the street

      • justme

        But if I went out there with a saw it would be OK? Someone turning anti-gun because of this scenario would simply be using this scenario as a scapegoat for their anti tendencies IMHO.

        • durp

          If you did that with a saw on public land that’s just as illegal…

      • Mystick

        Private land. We don’t camp on public land. Plus, the wood goes into the fire. So it isn’t “without purpose”. Calm down.

  • Chase Buchanan

    It also kills the tree before too long, which doesn’t sit well with me somehow.

  • Don Ward

    It’s bad enough we have the Brady Campaign after gun owners and PETA after those of us who hunt. Now you idjits are going to get the National Arbor Day Foundation on our tails!

    • justme


  • Stephen

    Muzzle awareness

  • noob

    In the recent film John Wick there’s one scene where you see a circular firing squad surrounding a target in the middle of the formation. Yes it was very stylish and the film runs on Rule of Cool, but I was expecting black comedy where a member of the firing squad would be struck by over-penetrating bullet fragments. If you’re going to do a circular firing squad to demonstrate how brave your assassins are, at least have it be an odd number so that the members of the squad aren’t pointing at each other through the target.

  • gunslinger

    coworker said he want to take out a groundhog once. 22-250 maybe? something like that. ended up knocking over an apple tree with the round.

  • Noir

    As an European i have to ask:
    How common is it to shoot somewhere in the forest? And how well do you check whats behind you target, i mean the bullet will travel perhaps a mille if its not stopped so it seems quite dangerous to me.
    I understand in a desert where you can see far beyond your rifles range, but in forest I would expect some people to be out there.

    • Pretty common for people who own wooded land. Or hunters, on public land. And bullets WON’T generally go a mile in heavy woods, because it WILL hit something.

      Now, me, I shoot in the ravine behind my house, with a “berm” almost 50 yards thick, and NOTHING downrange for a mile and a half. . . No worries.

    • ghost

      Noir, (target shooting or firearms check on other than official ranges, IE: private property) my personal preference is to shoot into dirt, no matter where. I am in the southern US we have an abundance of dirt backstops. No responsible individual shoots into a forest depending on trees as a backstop. It does not matter how far you can see, that does not make it safe. Turn that round loose, you can not get it back. If I were to be in a desert, Texas has some, same thing, I would want a big sand dune to stop the round. Last thing you want is see on the “news” is someone was killed by a bullet 500 acres down range from where you were shooting.

  • ghost

    I always make sure I have a good dirt berm behind my brother in law when he holds the target.