Frequent TFB commenter JNZ emailed us a photo of his new long range rifle that he will be using over the winter while a fully custom rifle is built for him. It is a Tikka T3 CTR in .308 topped off with a Leupold Mark6 TMR scope and Surefire Socom 762-RC suppressor. He writes …

Long range ain’t cheap but this was such a good deal for the performance. Action and trigger are amazing for the price they ask.

I have long been a fan of the Tikka T3 rifles. I own and use one chambered in 7mm-08 with a suppressor. The price:performance ratio of these guns are amazing. The Tikka T3 CTR is a new long range tactical model introduced earlier this year. I am embarrassed to admit I only learn’t of its existence when JNZ sent us his photo. I hope to review it here on TFB in the near future.


  • Duray

    Funny thing with the Tikkas (at least 10 yrs ago when I was selling them) was that the rifles were reasonably and competitively priced, but the little all-plastic single stack magazines went for $60. Go figure.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      The crappy thing about the CTR which is also the best thing is the mag. Those Sako TRG mags feed smoother than anything I’ve ever used, but they’re $220 per, so AI mags here I come!

      • Matt

        Just wait till a sale, they had a great one last summer!

      • Mainsail

        Do you need to change hte bottom metal, or is it AI compatible?

        • JumpIf NotZero

          That is the factory bottom metal on the CTR, takes Sako TRG mags.

          That’s why this is a low cost long range gun. For $950 retail, it’s a 70 degree throw, large bolt knob, hammer forged barrel and stuff action so this gun in particular shoots .5MOA easily, takes 10 round steel mags, factory threaded 5/8×24, pic base that’s perfeclty aligned, and has a phenomenal trigger out of the box.

          It’s by far the best deal out there. Those features would make for a $2000 Remington.

          That said: Sako mags are too expensive for me, will switch to a chassis that allows for AI mags at some point.

  • Geoffry K

    Nice rifle. NICER BENCH! I want!

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Heh, glad I stained and sealed it. Came out quite nice. The top shelf is isolated from the bottom so I can run an RCBS chargemaster and a single stage press at the same time without screwing it up with vibrations.

      The bench and the rifle are new 😉

  • Lt.Dan

    With the inclusion of a $2k optic and a can, how exactly was this a low cost rig again?

    • Lt.Dan

      BTW, I’m not suggesting that spending $2k on an optic is unreasonable by any means. But if we are talking “low cost”, adequate optics can be had for much less money.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Normally, I’d agree with you. But if you’re looking at serious optics, mil/mil wit a good reticle, locking turrets, zero stop, and lightweight, the Mark6 is pretty much the only option. I did get it far cheaper than retail.

        In case anyone wants other options, Bushnell ERS, and Burris has a couple. I wasn’t big on the Vortex PST for this gun, but love them on my others. And the Vortex Razor HD was too heavy.

        Steiner has some great “sport” optics coming out I would be all over if I didn’t have this one.

        • Lt.Dan

          For a good “budget” long range scope, I’m a huge fan of the SWFA SS line. IMHO having mil/mil turrets (or at least matching turrets to reticle) that track accurately, in a FFP platform are the minimum features you need; which SWFA does. Personally I think their build quality is slightly better than Vortex. That being said, Vortex gives you more features.

          I guess ultimately I’m getting tripped up on the “low cost” title and thinking that someone just getting their feet wet in the long range gig probably won’t even appreciate the build you have there. They can get started for much less money and will eventually understand WHY it is worth spending a couple grand on a scope, $200+ on the mounts etc etc.

          And then they’ll enjoy those upgrades even more when they have grown into them. At least that is the road I went down, and I don’t have any regrets doing it 🙂

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Yea, SS are good

            I had ruled them out however for no zero stop. For a long range / tactical scope I MUST have

            Zero stop
            First focal plane
            Milling reticle (don’t care MOA vs MIL, but prefer MIL)

            The SS didn’t have a good zero stop on most models, and none at at on the 5-20 I was looking at. Ruled them out for that. Weight was also a little more than I wanted, so that weight plus some missing features cut them off the list for me. But definitely good glass.

          • Lt.Dan

            Fair enough. If zero stop is a must have for you then that totally makes sense. So far, not having that feature hasn’t bit me…. yet

          • Nicks87

            If you want to cheap out on glass. Primary arms makes a 4-14 FFP mil/mil scope with nice clear lenses for $229. Not something I would take into the field with me but a great scope for beginners who can’t or don’t want to spend money on the serious stuff. Its made in China but PA has great customer service and it comes with a warranty.

          • Lt.Dan

            Weaver has one or two decent mil/mil offerings as well. Not FFP though

            Have one of those on my .22 and it is perfect for that

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I own and use one chambered in 7mm-08 with a suppressor.
    Oh man, if I didn’t have a thing for 308, and a .260 competition gun coming, I’d be all over 7mm-08, seriously underrated! Far more efficient than 308, less sought after than 6.5mm but imo just as effective. I’m not sure I can justify it with the combination of my other calibers, but it’s a great round.

    I hope to review it here on TFB in the near future
    Do it! The CTR is easily the smoothest factory rifle I’ve ever seen. I’m floored at how it compared to the 8k rig (ridiculous, I know) I borrowed earlier in the year for a precision rifle class that Snipercentral put on. I’d take this gun 10x over that one.

    • Torn

      Gotta agree with you on the 7mm-08, great cartridge, I have a Winchester Model 70 Featherweight. I know it’s a Rem. rd. But it came out of the Custom shop. Has one of the original Redfield’s on it.

  • Matt

    Does anyone know if a Boyds Laminate Stock can be fit to this rifle with this bottom metal? I hate this plastic thing they saddle it with and really don’t want a more “tactical” chassis.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      No idea, but personally after testing out a Ruger Scout around this summer, I’m not crazy about laminate. Kinda too heavy for me.

      I am however extremely interested in putting this gun into a KRG X-ray chassis.

      • Matt

        I have a few Mauser builds with Boyds Laminate stocks and I think they’re fine for me weight wise, but then again, I hump FALs in carbine courses and stuff while everyone else carries ultralight ARs. Weight isn’t an issue to me.

        I saw that chassis. It’s cool, but I prefer the look of Laminate.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          “I hump FALs in carbine courses”

          Ha, I can’t imagine. Last class I took, around lunch I took the silencer off because I was burning out (physically demanding class). Decided to put it back on after a few drills and just suck it up. But a FAL, nope, I’m just not built for that! 😀

          • Matt

            Lol, just helps to be a bigger guy. Sure I’m a bit slower than some of the others, but .308 puts a real hurt on the poppers 😉

          • I think I’ll save this section of comments to remind me we can have civil discussions. Great job guys no petty back and forth:-)

  • Jason

    Love my T3, this is the nearly perfect setup and makes me want another. I just wish they had done it in stainless steel.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I actually really prefer the coating on this to bare metal. I forget what they call it, but it seems as nice as any cerakote I’ve seen. This is my ‘tactical’ gun so if it was stainless I surely would have painted it.

      When I get some more rounds down it I think it’s going to end up a krylon tan and green maybe a camo. Something that blends in here. As much as I want to be able to, no way I’ll paint that scope or can 😉 I just don’t have the balls.

  • ghost

    I’ll take the near-sighted one please.

  • Christina Leah

    Wow, what is going on with the ad before getting to the content? Is this intentional?

    • charlesrhamilton

      It’s quite annoying, and it seems to be the hot new thing. The internet is turning into one big commercial.

  • Phil

    $200 magazines…

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Yea. Beretta really dropped the ball there. So, I’ll be switching it out to AI-style mags. That’s said, the Sako TRG mag is ABSOLUTE BUTTER to load and feed from, really just such an excellent mag!

  • MountainKelly

    They’re outstanding rifles. I sold the heck out of Tikkas, always recommend them before most of the comparably priced rifles I sold except weatherby and Howa.