MagPul Now Shipping Armorer’s Tools

MagPul has released their new armorer’s tools, the BEV Block and and Armorer’s Wrench. As is typical of MagPul, they have taken common items and added functionality. The BEV block allows users to work on barrels, uppers, or lowers without separate jigs or vice blocks. The Armorer’s Tool adds a bottle opener (on top of both regular and free-float handguard tools).

On a personal note, I am not much a fan of mixing the intended beverages and working on guns, but love the marketing angle.

Details below:

BEV Block: (MSRP: $49.95)


The BEV Block (Barrel Extension Vise) is an all-in-one, compact vise block tool for AR15/M4 assembly operations of barrel nuts, flash hiders, etc.

Mounts securely in a vise and provides support for both billet and forged upper receivers. Engages barrel extension with solid steel lugs and full length support shank to prevent flexing. Steel hardness is optimized for durability yet won’t damage barrel extensions, and Magpul Polymer is used for all other engagement surfaces to protect an aluminum receiver. O-ring post uses the bolt carrier for additional stability and included Pin keeps upper in proper position.

The BEV can also be turned over and used as a mag well vise block to support the lower receiver during maintenance, etc.



  • Provides support for all AR15/M4 upper and lower receivers
  • Solidly engages barrel extension with steel lugs
  • Full-length steel support shank
  • Body made from the same high-quality polymer as other Magpul products


  • BEV™ Block – AR15/M4
    • Weight: 11.2 oz


Amorer’s Tool: (MSRP: $79.95)



  • American-made with US steel
  • Heat-treated steel construction with manganese phosphate finish
  • USGI barrel nut wrench
  • Free-float tube barrel nut wrench
  • 1/2″ torque wrench/breaker bar interface
  • Armorer’s hammer
  • Rifle-length/Entry-length receiver extension wrench
  • USGI castle nut wrench, usable with aftermarket end plates such as the ASAP® and ASAP®-QD
  • 3/4″ wrench for most flash hiders/muzzle brakes
  • USGI torque spec references
  • Bottle opener


  • Armorer’s Wrench – AR15/M4
    • Weight: 1.1 lb.
    • Length, maximum: 11.7 in.
    • Handle Thickness: 0.35 in.
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Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Joe Smith

    Aaaaaaaaaand another MagPul home run.

    • Joel

      More like another post-Costa head shake. Apple has done fine without Steve Jobs, but Magpul has slowed down a bit since Chris left.

  • Tony

    To be frank, whining about the bottle opener was pretty silly.

    • zardoz711

      >To be frank, putting a bottle opener on damn near everything is pretty silly.

  • Cymond

    It makes sense to hold the upper by the barrel when working on the barrel.
    However, I’m confused why you would want to hold the upper by the barrel while screwing a barrel nut onto the upper. Doesn’t that put all of the torque on the barrel indexing pin?

    As for the bottle opener, I like the idea of adding little tools (easy to lose) to larger tools (hard to lose). For example, I can never find the bottle opener in the kitchen, but I know there’s a bottle opener in my work bench.

    • Clone

      Your kitchen doesn’t come with knives, forks, spoons, letter opener, cheese grater, or basically anything reasonably hard? Don’t Americans learn how to open a bottle with almost everything?

      • Cymond

        I suppose some do, but those of us who rarely open bottles don’t acquire that skill. For that matter, if I opened bottles more often, then maybe I could find the dang bottle opener!

        • Bruce

          Sitting at my computer, I have three items that can open a bottle. But only one in my pocket. No problems here…. Certainly no drinking problems!!!

    • Grindstone50k

      I have a bottle opener on a magnet on my fridge. Problem solved.

    • MclarenF1Forever

      No, the Magpul BEV block holds/locks to the barrel extension, where the bolt goes. This is superior to upper blocks that clamshells around the upper itself, as you are leveraging/twisting on the upper with the clamshells. I bought a “Reaction Rod” by Geissele for $99, and it doesn’t even have the additional utility of the Magpul block of being a lower receiver block, for half the price. Oh well, I needed it at the time, but I probably will end up with a BEV block down the road anyway.

  • skusmc

    Next week; Magpull sues anyone else who produces armorer’s tools.

    • Nicks87

      Ha! Thank you, best laugh I had all week.

    • Rocky

      My first thought as well! Just bought 6 mags from Elite tactile to help those lads out against the Evil Empire “Magpul”.

  • w0lfie

    Insert-style upper blocks don’t distribute the strain as well as the clamp-around style.
    Also at $50 you can probably just buy a separate upper/lower vise block. I realize that’s not so useful for most since they only have a single vise; but still.
    Wrench looks nice but at $80 I’m not planning to run out and replace my still practically brand new one.

    Oh and my wrench does include a bottle opener 😉

    The Magpul mags and furniture is great because it works well and is price competitive. This seems gimmicky, unnecessary and overpriced.