Behind the Scenes of Polenar Tactical

Due to a little unwarranted attention from law enforcement in Slovenia, Polenar Tactical came out with a video explaining who they are and what they do. They are the ones who made the “Sh!t you see at the Range“. They make some great videos and I wish them all the best to continue doing what they love.


Nicholas C

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  • Giolli Joker

    “Due to a little unwarranted attention from law enforcement in Slovenia…”
    Slovenian police probably felt that throwing and insulting a nice Benelli M-3 was against decency and borderline criminal. 😛

  • Jolly

    Manca is HOT!

  • echelon

    I thoroughly enjoyed their Stereotypes at the Range vid. There was much laughing. And sadly, it’s so, so true…

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    From what I have seen of their posts and videos, Polenar Tactical are basically a group of very knowledgeable and qualified firearms enthusiasts ( who really know their stuff ) who are not afraid to push the envelope presenting differing viewpoints on film while doing things safely yet from a slightly edgy-looking point of view ( while not exceeding the bounds of common sense ). While I can understand why the Slovenian authorities may have certain concerns based on what they are able to see in the public domain, the fact remains that PT has always had to conform to the stricter rules of their country ( versus the far less restrictive rules in the U.S., in spite of however much we complain ). The fact that said authorities have inquired into PT concerning their activities, yet have not seen fit to terminate their activities to date, says a great deal.

  • Guest

    Well if the cops just CALLED around, didn’t even bother to get up from their desks, that means that someone called the cops and they had to do something to close the paperwork, even though they could probably see that it is nothing really worth looking into.

  • Guest

    Slovenian gun laws may not be as terrible as in UK or Poland, but they are still a far cry from for example the Czech Republic or Estonia. Anyhow, if you can’t get CC, the gun uses its primary purpose and becomes just a toy.