Adaptive Tactical 10 Rd Box Magazine Kits

Adaptive Tactical box mag

At the 2014 NASGW show, Adaptive Tactical announced the new 10 round detachable, box magazine conversion kits for Mossberg shotguns. Previously, the company offered 10 round rotary magazines. Responding to consumer demand, the company is now offering the same capacity in a box mag.

The kits fit all 12 gauge Mossberg shotguns in the Maverick, 500 and 590 lines. The kits come with:

  • magazine
  • Wraptor fore end with action bars
  • magazine conversion components
  • emery cloth for precise mating of the components to the gun
  • installation guide

Adaptive Tactical

The Wraptor fore end has short Picatinny rails for the addition of a light, laser or other accessory. It is designed with a “sight tunnel” so the factory sights can be used.

The kits can be had with an M-4 style stock. Black is the standard color, but desert digital, MultiCam and A-TACS are also options. Pricing for these kits start at $299.

Richard Johnson

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  • Vhyrus

    Make it for the 930.

    • supergun

      Yeah BABY. Also make a sliding stock for the 930. You will have one bad BOY.

  • Zachary marrs

    Whats going on with that forend? I didn’t see it on their website

  • Steve Truffer

    “Wraptor”? Yuck, that’s horrible off the tongue.

    • iksnilol

      Kinda like “wrastling”.

  • John

    It’s just the old Knoxx Sidewinder kits, but they’re making box magazines now. If you go to their website you can still see the old rotary magazines from the Knoxx kit.

    • Julio

      Knoxx stopped making/selling them. Now AT has got them back on sale with some new tweaks. This sounds like a good thing to me… but I never used the Knoxx version. Was there something wrong with it?

    • CoastalHunter

      I talked to the guys at AT. The Knoxx kit was discontinued when BLACKHAWK! purchased Knoxx. AT rebuilt the kit and now makes everything in Idaho. The Drum was revamped before AT launched the updated version. My new kit is much improved over my old Knoxx kit!

  • BenJamin

    May as well go all the way and get a Black Aces shotgun. At least it’s more ergonomic and more functional than this goofy thing.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      Good point — but if one is really hell-bent on going all the way in every sense of the word, one could simply get a VEPR-12 and call it a day ( unless, of course, one absolutely insists on a pump action ).

  • Porty1119

    Is that bandolier supposed to induce laughter?

    • Graham2

      No and it’s not a bandolier either, it’s a 50 round belt of 12 gauge for AT’s next product!

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    This seems to be a pretty functional and well-made modification kit for those who really want a magazine-fed pump-action shotgun. Personally, I prefer the Mossberg 500 in its original unencumbered, sleek, thoroughly-reliable, battle-proven and ergonomically-friendly tube magazine version, and this after all the pros and cons have been taken into consideration. For a magazine-fed shotgun, the MOLOT VEPR-12 amply fulfills my requirements and then some ( although it is semi-automatic and not a pump-action ).

  • the_duck

    Is that a red dot or a light?

    • Krtismo

      Looks like a Streamlight TLR-2 light placed in an awkward position.

  • ProdigalSon

    Not something I’d ever buy for my Mossberg; I’ve still got wood stocks and a 29″ adjustable-choke barrel on that thing. That being said, I kind of like the concept.

  • Tom Currie

    Wow, for three hundred dollars I get an extra two rounds.

    • Julio

      Good comeback, but the point -as I’m sure you know- has rather more to do with how quickly you can reload. Switching box magazines takes less time or less skill than stuffing a tube, provided you have spares, of course.

      • Don Ward

        So for six hundred dollars I can reload a little bit faster but not be able to top off or do a quick swap of ammo types.

      • Dan

        Could use the Tecloader I might be messed up on the name but Im 80 percent sure thats what it is

      • Tom Currie

        Yes, switching box magazines takes less time – I’m not so sure about taking less skill, considering that they need to supply emery paper for you to sand down the kit to fit apparently we are talking about close tolerances, to me that would suggest that swapping the magazine might be difficult when your fine motor skills are diminished. I have to figure that with the same amount of practice, it would be just about as quick and easy to keep the tube topped off as to swap out these rather awkward box magazines. And of course there is the obscene cost of those extra magazines (at that price maybe you should just use the “New York Reload” method instead).

        Back in the days when LEO’s carried revolvers, there was always the argument between 5-shot and 6-shot snubbies for detectives and as a back up gun. One piece of common wisdom was that “If you can’t do the job with 5 rounds, having a sixth isn’t likely to make that much difference.” Of course we can all imagine situations where that one extra round COULD make all the difference, but let’s face it and admit that the shotgun is a short range weapon — unless you are facing a Zombie hoard or trying to clear a WWI trench, the chances of running a Mossy 590 dry and still being in the fight are relatively slim unless you were using the shotgun for covering fire.

        As Don Ward pointed out, the box magazine kit eliminates the ability to top off the gun and requires a magazine change to change ammo types. So now you really need three magazines — two for your regular carry ammo (probably 00 buck) and one for your “other” ammo (probably slugs),

        • Don Ward

          Thanks for the more precise explanation. I didn’t even think of the close tolerances/sand paper angle.

          I’ll add one more item. Since we are talking tactical usage of pump shotguns, one of their handy features is their trim ergonomics, allowing the user to transfer the weapon after – let’s say breaching a door here – to his primary piece. Having a big old clunky magazine sticking out the end defeats this.

          • julio

            Thankyou gentlemen. I now feel better informed. Always a good feeling. [Hat tip]

        • AT

          AT factory guy here to clear up a little confusion. The emery cloth is provided to assist with installation of the magazine tube. Mossberg does not time their threads to the receiver so when the kit tube is installed it may not be initially perpendicular to the receiver. The emery cloth is to remove a small amount of material off the end of the magazine tube we provide. This installation step basically times the tube threads to your receiver and ensures the mag well aligns as intended with the receiver. The tube we supply is a Mossberg factory tube to ensure there are no tolerance or fit issues. The magazines fit perfectly into the mag wells. Very fast. Great conversation, happy shooting.

  • Don Ward

    I can’t wait to see one of these out on the trap range.

    • MR

      On it.

  • Don Ward

    Also, do all men who pose as firearm models in these photos now days have to look like douchebag “operator” types?

    • Dan

      As far as I know everyone here looks like that. I thought we were all operators?

    • jmark80

      With so many vets returning from overseas wars (you know, kind of a side effect of 12 years of continuous war) and get involved in the firearm community and industry, you will probably continue to see more of this. Good to know that you think they are “douchebags.”

      You sound like the women who complain about skinny models.

      • suasponte2


        I happen to be one of those guys coming back from the GWOT…and I can tell you that there are a ton of douchebags that the on that look to look tacticool. Here’s the point, unless you’re a tier one guy you do not need that look to do your job. The fact that you don’t speak the native language, along with your foreign kit and Oakley glasses screams “American”. The tacticool look generated by SEALs is just that….a look. If those chaps spent more time being true professionals, they could probably find their own way out of a jam rather than call upon a QRF of Rangers to bail them out.

        And yes, I was one of those Rangers saving SEALs because they are more worried about how they look. So, please lay off the previous poster about his comment.

        • jmark80

          So in other words, if the guy has tattoos and a beard he is unprofessional, a douchebag and doesn’t know his job.

          Roger that.

        • Bert

          I doubt you saved anyone. If you had the balls of a gnat you wouldn’t have to crow about it. There are good/bad Rangers but you don’t fit.

      • Don Ward

        Yikes. Looks like I rustled someone’s jimmies. There are some folks who worry about looks and when I mentioned the operator “look” you knew what I was talking about. I work in an industry where performance is the hallmark and that’s overrun by guys sporting the Deadliest Catch “look”.
        There are guys who when they walk into a Cabela’s and see a pre-distressed logo “operator” ballcap for $39.99 and laugh. And there are guys who buy four because they want the “look”.

        And yes, skinny size 0 models in the women’s clothing industry is a problem. Especially of you’ve ever had to shop for an athletic or talk woman who is good for more than prancing around in a pink outfit while “looking” good at the gym or the range.

        • jmark80

          Yup, Jimmies were rustled. A lot of these guys are my friends and people I served with, and the constant barrage of criticism they face is ridiculous. Apparently you think being fit and having tattoos (possibly also with a beard) is a sign of someone being a “douchebag.” The first two are directly related to military service, and the third is definitely a hallmark of those who have had to shave every day for the last 4-20 years.

          In other words, maybe they aren’t going for a “look” and just happen to mainly look a certain way?

          There is a reason why fit and capable looking models are used in these types of ads. It is almost identical to the reason why thin and fit models are used for just about everything else. Because it sells and has nothing to do with their personality, capability or personal characteristics.

          Your comment was literally the male equivalent of saying “why does Cosmo only put skinny brainless bitches on the cover?” It is just as catty, just as juvenile and just as based in your own insecurities.

  • Anonymous

    Intriguing. I wonder how reliable it is. Rimmed cases don’t always get along with double-column box magazines.

  • gunslinger

    could they make the magazine bigger?

  • Texas Ranger

    Am I looking at it wrong, or is the shell in the mag in backwards on the bottom picture?

  • Captain Obvious

    Or you could just buy two used Mossbergs for the same price and hold more ammo. I paid $75 for a 500 at a garage sale last summer.

    • supergun

      But this thing would be better in a zombie attack.

  • William Wallace

    Depends a on how many mags you plan on buying. In a fight, you don’t have time to be reloading mags to get back in the fight. The cheap AR mags are great since you can stock up for $10/each and carry 8 on you in a vest for 240 rounds of firepower. These mags are bound to be more expensive and carry 80 rounds by comparison. I’d rather have a magazine tube so you can at least partially reload and stay in the fight rather than have an all or nothing approach with a magazine loaded shotgun.