Griff sent us this nifty photo of him shooting 350 yard targets his Springfield M1A Socom 16″ with a Aimpoint PRO mounted atop. He is on his cousins farm in Lancaster, OH.


  • Avid Guest

    Pretty decent field of fire he’s got there. Good for them.

  • Disko

    Griff sounds like a real loser.

    • cats


    • ColaBox

      There a joke behind the loser comments?

  • Mffdvr

    you sound like a looser

  • waffen ss


    • ed

      Could be “cousins'”

  • Todd

    I used to live in Lancaster. Some beautiful shooting country down there.

  • Coldhammer

    Holy smokes, imagine the cheek weld on that set up. More like a chin weld.

    Oh, and that’s practically my back yard. Very scenic up here right now with the leaves changing colors…

  • ed

    “I can so hit the broad side of a barn!”

  • Lance

    Fun rifle to shoot.

  • CrassyKnoll

    Woodchucks get some!

  • Craig

    I grew up in Bremen years ago, great time of year. This looks like it could be off 37 between there and Lancaster.

  • Grindstone50k

    Damn, I miss that scenery. Nothing like that in the scrubland of south-central US.