Thanks to Dave for sending in this photo of his nifty Short Barrel Rifles. Their specs are …

AR: 11.5″ barreled, Noveske NSR, ACE SOCOM stock, Lancer L5AWM, Gemtech Halo, EOtech, Surefire X300 in rhino config, DD sights, Ares Armor Huskey sling

SCAR: 10.5″ barrel, EOtech, Vltor stock, Gemtech Halo, Lancer L5AWM, Ares sling, Surefire M600, Troy Micro BUIS

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  • Esoteric_Arms

    Can you post the High-res version of these in the future?

    • King

      I’ll second that.

  • Ryan

    That SCAR looks…awesome? I personally could never handle the mult-i-shades of awesome, it’d drive me nuts.

    • Dave_FM

      FN-style color matching 😀

  • Sam Schifo

    Damn I’d like to have a SCAR.

    • Anonymoose

      I’d like to have an SSR.

      • Zachary marrs

        I’d like to have a beretta arx that isn’t crap!

    • Commonsense23

      I am honestly curious what makes you want a SCAR? Do you have any experience with it?

      • Pedro

        It’s a modern, lightweight, adaptable platform. Very user friendly (watch the bolt) and can do .308

        • JW

          And Reliable… Didn’t clean my gun for three years except for snaking the barrel. Never had an issue. When I finally cleaned the gas piston it was all gunked up but never stopped working. Oh… In 308 accurate out to 800meters

        • Commonsense23

          But do you have any experience with. I have been issued a MK17 almost 5 years now, and probably half that with a the MK20 and have been responsible for a large amount of them. And I don’t know any body who has been issued one who is fan of it. Probably the kindest thing I ever heard from someone issued it was “At least we got a 7.62 finally.” I just find it interesting that the SCAR has this huge fan base when probably 90% of the people I have worked with are ambivalent or hostile to it.

          • Nicks87

            I heard the civilian versions arnt having the same problems that the Govt issued ones are having. The one that I got to play with (Govt issued) seemed to work fine though. I’m sort of particular to ARs since thats what I “grew up” with so I dont plan on jumping ship anytime soon.

  • Loyal viewer

    Geee.. i sure do love this stupid popup that comes up EVERY TIME
    I CLICK ON ANYTHING! I’m so annoyed I think I’ll go out and buy one right now!

    • Cymond

      agreed, but fwiw it only seems to be sometimes. I have no idea why it pops up sometimes and not others.
      Is it ‘Tracking Point’ for you, too? If they’re not selling enough rifles, I doubt the problem is a lack of market awareness. It probably has something to do with the price tag.

      • Giolli Joker

        Tracking Point for me as well… they’re losing points of sympathy from me every time I get a pop-up… or a TFB email marketing them.

        Great photo, love the SCAR!

      • USMC03Vet

        I’m pretty sure it’s from Second Media. Ghostery can nuke it.

    • USMC03Vet

      Don’t forget the 13 trackers either.

      Trying to browse the web these days without ghostery and adblock is rough.

  • ColaBox


  • Anonymoose

    11.5″ is best .5″.

  • Jeff Smith

    Sir, you have made me jealous.

  • kayakjeff

    I’ve been on the range in Shindand when the guys from Thomas where out shooting an assault course with a silenced SCAR. Never knew how quickly they could assault and shoot until I picked one up and realized how lite that gun is!