Ares Armor 80% Polymer AR15 Lower on Sale for $50

Ares Armor is updating their Polymer 80% AR15 Lower Receivers so they are offering closeout pricing on the existing models. For $50. Which is over %50 off.

I have no experience with Polymer lowers and don’t know about their durability or reliability but for $50 I may pick up a couple just to have on hand.

It comes as a complete kit and the following is included:
* Polymer Lower Receiver: Features a solid core design, stiffened magwell and beefier buffer tube housing. The pistol grip area features a unique no-thread design specific to these lowers.
* The Polymer Jig: This kit comes with a Jig; which includes all of the bits and end-mills needed to complete the polymer 80% receiver. Finish your AR15 Polymer lower with pride and accuracy provided by this one-time use jig.

NOTE: This lower uses a nut in place of a threaded grip screw hole; which gives the lower more strength.

As of time of submission of this article they had just over 1500 in stock.

Pick one up here.

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  • David

    Poly lowers have proven to not be very durable

    • KestrelBike

      They’re really more for quick Ghost work.

    • BryanS

      Depends on what you are using them for. Also depends on the style, and how they mount specific pieces. EP Armory had a clearance sale for $35 the other day on their blemishes (missing safety markings or has cosmetic issues, no problem for a guy with is own laser engraver) and Im looking forward to making some oddball build with it. Its not going to be a fighting gun.

      • Ep is known to have major execution flaws..

        • M

          Are you referring to the ATF raid last march? Even though it LOOKS like they changed their lowers to comply with ATF’s desires, they still do not have a determination letter, which IMO is poor PR on their part. To me it says that they haven’t fully reflected on what went wrong last time, they only corrected what they were told to correct.

          • M, EP is the same guys (EP ARMORY.COM) who had and now have a really detuned website on both places sold the same not great lower. ARES Armament sold the EP product..
            both them and EP ARMORY were raided.
            ARES, now sells POLYMER80.COM who was ALSO raided but POLYMER80 had ALREADY stopped sales pre raid, to make sure that the determination letter THEY had received, was still in effect. The BATF/E raided POLYMER80, I did a interview with Loran of POLYMER80, where he tells his side of the story.

    • depends on the Polymer chosen, and the molding process..
      glocks are polymer and have been around almost thirty years with no signs of stopping anytime soon

  • nature223

    these are the last of POLYMER80’s PHOENIX 1 series of their G150 Family..
    PHOENIX 2 is a NEW even better improved Polymer, of which I cannot say what the composition is.. but Loran is sending me two to see if I can BREAK them in Hammer testing.
    STAND BY FOR THAT VIDEO….it will be totally awesome

    • Mike F Di

      excuse the wrong log in… oops

  • Mike F Di

    these are the last of POLYMER80’s PHOENIX 1 series of their G150 Family..
    PHOENIX 2 is a NEW even better improved Polymer, of which I cannot say what the composition is.. but Loran is sending me two to see if I can BREAK them in Hammer testing.
    STAND BY FOR THAT VIDEO….it will be totally awesome

  • Cymond

    hmmmm… Polymer80 has a decent reputation, and I would like one, but something about Ares Armor bothers me, something I can’t exactly put my finger on. They seem rather … confrontational? Like they’re actively trying to stir stuff up.
    Maybe I’ll order. Their page currently claims to have 1,300 in stock. I’m just not sure what I’d do with it. I already have more receivers than uppers.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Someone who enjoys poking the bear AND keeping sales records/buyers names isn’t an entity I feel the need to do business with. Polymer 80 has the same deal on right now and they still don’t keep sales records.

      • Cymond

        Thanks for the heads up! I’d much rather deal with Polymer80 directly. I started keeping an eye on them back when they were running their crowdsourced funding campaign.
        Anyway, the people at Polymer80 seem like decent folks who know how to get stuff done right. Their initial designs had problems, but they continued push forward until they got it right.

        • Loran frustrated the BATF totally.. he had NO SALES RECORDS on file.. everything was stored ENCRYPTED on a cloud storage.
          Loran is a former computer tech scary smart type of guy and saw this coming.. hence their stoppage of sales..VOLUNTARILY.
          I think the court case will be interesting for lack of good search warrant and other missteps the boys of BAT-F TROOP did in their search for an “ALLOY 80% LOWER” depicted on the warrant.
          when POLYMER80 has *never* made an “ALLOY 80% lower” and the search warrant was a total lie and fabrication to excuse a bad search. but that’s for later…

  • Tirod

    We’ve had polymer, AKA fiberglass reinforced nylon, on the market since the Remington Nylon 66 back in 1961. NOBODY suggests they are junk, in fact, they are now a sought after collectible.

    Since then, HK offered polymer in the VP70Z, NOBODY suggested they were junk, just a bit funky like most early HK stuff.

    After that, a lot of fiberglass and polymer stocks came out for bolt guns, with the recoil lug bedded in the stock, taking magnum levels of recoil and transmitting it directly to the shooter.

    When Gaston Glock looked into bidding the Austrian Army pistol, his working knowledge of polymers and their application design wasn’t new work for him. He and his engineers knew what they were doing and went after the goal with expertise. That firearm is now not only the standard issue sidearm for their soldiers, but the handsdown #1 choice for American LEO’s, up to and including .45 ACP.

    And all the competing main battle rifle designs trying to take away business from Colt/FN/Remington with the M16/M4 – polymer. The latest is Beretta with the ARX.

    It’s not the polymer that is the issue – it’s the engineering behind it. We keep hearing “polymer is crap” but the reality is “bad engineering and poor execution is crap.” There are plenty of horror stories of metal lowers in both AR’s and pistols that have been poorly done in design and fabrication. If anything, the polymer is the victim here – properly selected, it can do the job, same as aluminum can – but only if you forge it (not cast,) or if carving it from billet, leave more material.

    Aluminum has it’s issues, too. Some just need to get over ragging on polymer and start looking forward to how much more it can offer – especially when the .Gov quits buying forged aluminum and the huge subsidizing of the industry dries up.

  • Mark N.

    From what I’ve read, the major point of failure for the polymers is at the base of the ring that receives the buffer tube. Not only is it subject to stress in recoil, but from any pressure on the stock as well. One company has an aluminum insert to address this problem, but from reviews here, their workmanship is sloppy. It may be an area that just needs to be redesigned for polymers (say, for example, by doubling the length of the ring and its underlying support).
    Anyway, I built an EP lower just for kicks (and because of the infamous ghost gun bill). I’ve put 100 rounds through it without serious hiccup, except for that it doesn’t lock back on PMags. Others on their site have complained of breakage after just a few rounds.

  • ed

    Of course, if you order these over the internet, the NSA will know. Kind of defeats the purpose, IMO, I you really want to go tinfoil hat/cloak and dagger.

  • ed

    Ordered one for my Mattel prototype build. 😀 😉

    About a thousand left.