I really like this photo Kevin sent us of his M1 Garand. Kevin writes …

M1 Garand at 1000 yards on a perfect winter day. The old battle rifle still shoots just as true as the day it left the factory. Needed a spotting scope to set windage, and due to the extreme cold we had to click the irons up to 1100 meters, but once on target, she held true. Our target was an old car door from a junkyard, the results speak for themselves! (taken out with us afterwards)

Best rifle ever designed!




  • redoak77


  • Lik

    Best rifle ever designe? Hell no.

    • Duray

      You don’t speak ill of another man’s rifle, wife, or dog. Man card etiquette. He’s got a full power battle rifle making 1000 yard hits on a cold winter day. If he thinks it’s the best, I say more power to him. Better to have one rifle you cherish and can make 1000yd iron sight hits with, than a collection of average guns you don’t really care about. To him, it IS the best rifle.

      • ColaBox

        Don’t speak ill…but…but its the internets!

      • Grindstone50k

        I can’t even see out to a 1000 yards.

    • Zachary marrs

      What pray tell, is the best ever?

      • iksnilol

        There is no best rifle. That’s the beauty of it, we will search high and low only to end up with what works best for us at the moment.

        Also, I wouldnt really count those hits at 1000 yards due to him using a rest. If you want to brag you do it offhand, only using whatever you can find to support it or a sling. A bipod I would excuse but a rest and sandbags + a table and chair? Heck no.

        • worldwideREB

          but he is doing it with iron sights

          • iksnilol

            So? Using a rest, sandbags, table and chair cancels all bragging rights.

            NOTE: I hope I am not sounding like a hater, I am not hating on him.

          • ChuckyTee

            Umm yes you are……………..

          • Tom

            No he’s not. Iksniloi is not hating just pointing out the shooting from a rest is much easier and hence the 1000 yard shot is not as impressive as one made off hand. That’s not hate just a legitimate criticism.

            The important thing is that the shooter has fun (in a safe and responsible fashion of course) shooting. Most shooters are not going off to war so the best rifle is the rifle they enjoy shooting the most.

          • Dan

            He is not just pointing it out he is saying those hits do not count. That is a hater, i don’t care what he has the rifle set on, it is cold, he’s using iron sights and from the shooters description regular ol FMJs . To the shooter that is impressive. It’s like telling someone who climbed Everest sorry that didn’t count you used. Walking stick and both legs to really brag you need to snap a branch off and crawl up. It was a rude comment.

          • Standard Velocity

            Not entirely correct. Hitting anything smaller than a car and maintaining anything remotely resembling a group at 1,000 yards with iron sights IS a thing to be proud of. Sandbags or no.

            Please do let us see your own impressive 1,000 yard groupings with iron sights. It’s super easy to be an internet sniper.

            In my mind a hater is kind of defined by one who criticizes a thing someone else does yet cannot do himself. Or at least that’s what they are called when they “hate” in person. Through the anonymity of the internet I guess it’s called a troll.

          • Grindstone50k

            “In my mind a hater is kind of defined by one who criticizes a thing someone else does yet cannot do himself.”

            Tell me you’ve never spoken ill of Obama…

          • Dan

            Yes, vote for me in 2016 and Ill do it better

          • iksnilol

            Yeah but you are taking out most of the human factor. That’s like saying you are a good driver letting The Stig drive the car while you read the map. Sure, I am impressed with the mechanical accuracy of the rifle and the windreading skills of the shooter but that’s it.

            And no, I am not a badass supersniper. Then again I don’t brag about being accurate when removing most of the human factor.

      • Anonymous the Barbarian

        > What pray tell, is the best ever?

        To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamenations…

        Wait, what are we talking about again?

        • Beaumont

          Anonymous B. wins the internets.

    • hikerguy

      If you take into context the era it was designed for, and the enemies’ rifles it was used against, then General Patton was correct. I believe this may have been what the poster orignally meant. Anyway, I would not have minded shooting a few rounds at that car door myself, even if it was a cold day. Still beats a day at work.

  • Julio

    There’s no better rifle than one that makes the shooter happy.

    That’s a day I’d like to have spent, and a rifle I’d like to have spent it with.

  • Pickens48

    BAR, if you don’t have to carry the damn thing!

  • a3matrix

    I question the judgement of making 1000 yd shots on what is clearly a power line trail. Not private property and not a range.

    • CharlyArmy

      “Power Line Trails” are on private property, the company only rents the rights to use the land.

      • a3matrix

        You are correct. I misspoke. They do tend to be used (where I have lived) by a lot of different people. 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, people walking dogs. Hopefully not the case with this power line.

        • MattInTheCouv

          you’re both right. they are often located on publicly owned land as well as private property. also, their access agreements generally grant them no-notice access for maintenance, so there is the remote possibility of having someone wonder onto your ‘range’ even if the lines run your property. of course this is remote, but it’s enough of a possibility that just like you, when i saw the pic, my mind immediately went to “wow, hope this guy has taken measures to assure no unexpected people in the bullet’s path”

    • Grindstone50k

      I have a friend with 80 acres who has these lines going right through the middle. Not public land at all.

  • Taylor TX

    Looks like a hell of a good time, nothing I have ever got to shoot makes me feel like the Garand does. Just something special about holding it that speaks to my inner history nerd.

  • USMC03Vet

    Officially jelly.

  • I got Pinged

    BAM BAM BAM BAM k’Ting
    I fired the thing a few time, both in 30-06 and 308 (Italian garand) felt great, but the clip ejection system is IMHO a flaw on the battlefield, but a good dose of fun at range ! The 308 clips were somewhat hard to come by and expensive so the owner tried to avoid them falling on the range concrete. So the shooting Rig we used had an old paper bin to catch the clips… it adds a new shooting challenge the allmighty CLIP BASKETBALL ^^
    Quest one : group with the shots
    Quest two ; group with the clips,
    The 308 Italian arsenal garand had hopefully a more or less constant angle for the clips it ejected than the 45″ Winchester/H&R korea parts thingie 30-06.
    When shot by their owner both rifles were accurate enough to hold 6cm (2.4in) at 200m (218yd) on a table with sandbag at the front and no rear rest on lapua/S&B based reloads. (30-06 was picky to cycle at first but pay in mind it is a rebuild gun)
    me I was closer to 13cm (5.1inch) with the 308 and I gave up when the 30-06 landed me a perfect hit on the nose with the clip.
    Morality :
    F**K clips
    all hail to the M14 or the Beretta Modello 59 or 62.

    • Patrick Mingle

      ITS CALLED A MAGA…..wait nope carry on

      • Dan

        No its a 30 caliber clip pew pew pew scary gun part

      • n0truscotsman

        ASYOUWERE! 😛

    • Beaumont

      AFAIK, all Garand clips are the same, w/ the possible exception of those rifles converted to Magnum rounds by a West Coast gunsmith, whose name I don’t recall. If you have pics of clip variants, pls. post them.

      • I got Pinged

        I don’t have pics, but I remember that the clips provided with the Beretta garand were somewhat ticker and shorter from the 30-06, finish was different also the paint seemed less “grainy” than the other… the owner siad he had also modified regular clips for the beretta but those were feeding less reliably. The standard 30-06 clips loaded with 308 would mess with the ejection system of the 308.

        Both rifles belongs to a shooting enthusiast in belgium

  • MrTorben


  • ColaBox

    How’s that Garand thumb feel in the cold?

  • Steve Martinovich

    M1 Garands are so damned hard to find in Canada…then expensive as hell if you do manage.

    • Ken

      Aren’t the Danish surplus Italian M1’s relatively common in Canada?

      • Steve Martinovich

        I haven’t seen any of those on any of the primary online retailers or in the few gun stores up where I am. I’d prefer an American M1 but I’d take an Italian one if I came across one.

        • Beaumont

          Italian Garands are supposed to be of excellent quality. If you run across one, I recommend buying it as quickly as you can.

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            Good call, Beaumont. BTW, I take it you are referring to the early post-war Italian-made Breda version of the M1 Garand — or are you thinking of the later BM59 7.62mm x 51 NATO version of the same rifle with a 20-round magazine?

            Either way, both versions garnered an excellent reputation in Italian Army service.

  • You can always tell a gun guy from a regular joe by showing them a picture of a Garand. If they think it’s lopsided and ugly, they’re a regular joe; if they think it’s beautiful, they’re a gun nut. 😉

  • John

    Just curious. Just how accurate is an average (Service Grade) Garand with military ball? I often see them used for competitions and some long range shoots but AFAIK they aren’t renown for their accuracy. From what I gather it’s a bit better than the average service rifle(which is ~3-4 MOA), but not enough to be well known for its accuracy (like the K31 or the M39 Finn)

    • iksnilol

      From a gunsmith I heard that average Garands are about 2 MOA.

    • DetroitMan

      .30-06 military ball is inconsistent. My Service Grade M1 shoots 3 to 4 MOA with it. You have to keep in mind that the last of it was loaded in the 1970’s, and that was in foreign countries. It isn’t up to modern US manufacturing standards for ammo. No rifle is going to perform to its potential using surplus .30-06 ball.

      With cheap M1 match ammo (Federal or Privi Partisan M1 ammo) it’s a 2 MOA rifle. I haven’t tried expensive match loads with it. Overall among the M1 shooting community, the rifle is known to be 2 MOA.

  • Secundius

    Typical distance between towers is 185.2-meters.

  • Kevin

    Hey all, submitter of the photos here to answer a few questions.

    First off, to the safety aspect, there are no walking or snowmobile trails in this area, only locals, but all 3 possible entrances were posted with signs detailing that we were shooting, our direction of fire, and the firing point, and how to contact us safely if they wanted/ needed to. There are no dead spots that are passible back there for people to hide in, so as far as safety goes, I was pretty watertight. Let me know if you think I can improve on anything.

    To the posters suggesting offhand shots would be more impressive at this distance, I certainly agree! I wish you all the best in your long range shooting offhand! 😛

    • sauerquint

      This reminds me Fairbanks.

  • Cymond

    I confess that I’ve never spent time with a Garand, but I have heard the famous “ping” at the range and online.

    Does anyone else find it … musical?

    • john4637

      The troops found it terrifying in the jungles of the Pacific, as it tipped off a savvy enemy that your rifle just emptied!!!

      • Cymond

        I’m pretty sure that’s been generally debunked as myth. Assuming that the ‘ping’ could be heard over the din of battle, it would require the enemy soldier to identify the direction of the noise. And of course, very few soldiers were fighting alone. Just because one guy runs empty, doesn’t mean the dozen(s) of other soldiers are empty, too.
        Plus, there’s an accompanying myth that GIs quickly discovered that enemies would respond to the ‘ping’, so they started throwing spare empty clips at rocks to trick the enemies, and shoot them.

        I’m not saying that it never happened, but I do think the legendary ‘fatal flaw Garand ping’ is just that: a legend.

  • Kevin

    Second, the rifle. This is as some of you suggested, a Danish Garand. Springfield receiver, VAR barrel. It shoots a reliable 2 MOA with handloads using the irons… Not too bad all in all I think! 🙂

    I use 150gr fmj bulk projectiles from winchester, and 49.5 gr of Reloder15. A nice easy load for the M1.

    To the comment of “best rifle ever designed” I was trying to make a play off general Patton comment of “best battle implement ever devised.” Should have just stuck to the quote I suppose. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

    Tight groups,

    • Frankie P

      Just got my Garand from the CMP and can’t wait to get to the range. I’m limited to 100 yards, but excited nonetheless.

      Thanks for the reload info!

  • paul

    See how the trees are cut back to allow clearance for the lines? Those clearances are a federal standard for all transmission rights of way. It is probably private property but the power company has right to access the easement at any time. Im the guy who walks all these transmission right of ways in illinois and its pretty common for there to be ranges under them

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Excellent article, Kevin — thanks for sharing, and also many thanks to Steve for getting it posted on TFB. There is still a very great deal to be said for the so-called “old-fashioned” rifle that people generally tend to forget in this day and age of modern, high-tech equipment.