Gun blogger Chia emailed us a photo of an AR-15 he lends to new shooters. Chia writes …

This is the rifle most often run at the range/loan to students: Colt 6920, with Troy Rail MRF Rail, Magpul MS3 sling, Magpul ASAP Plate, Troy BUIS, Magpul AFG2 Angled Foregrip, Aimpoint T1 Micro mounted on a Laure Tactical LT660 mount, Bravo Company Grip, and Bravo Company Mod 0 Comp, and Magpul Stock.

<steve-rant> To many folks these days buy high end guns, then spend all their range time worrying about getting the finish scratched. Its better to buy a gun you can afford to scratch and beat-up, than the gun you can’t. </steve-rant>

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  • Don Ward

    Ah. So it’s a range queen. Gotcha!

    (Although I do agree with the rant about guns needing to be used and not collected like Beanie Babies).

    • Wut

      What if the person BUYING the guns wants to just collect them like beanie babies? I knew a guy who was severely disabled from birth and couldn’t even fire a gun of any kind. But he had the means to collect guns, and he did, because he liked them. I learned to shoot by collecting first, then growing comfortable with the idea of shooting guns. I had my first AR long before I had my first bottle of Hoppe’s. I might be the exception now but I believe this will become the rule for gun owners as the majority of the population shifts to urban centers and is brought up on video games. I wouldn’t have even started collecting and shooting if it weren’t for the airsoft kids in high school.

      • barry

        If you just want to collect and not shoot, why don’t you just stick to airsoft? It’s a lot cheaper, and the dimensions are pretty accurate to the original (depending on brand).

        Personally, I have several ar’s now with a Daniel Defense I don’t baby at all–steady diet of tula steel cased for the past 1500 rounds and around 1000 rounds of various brass cased ammo previously. I don’t care if it looks beat up as long as it does what it was designed to. And no i don’t clean it every 100 rounds–it gets wiped down, lubed and boresnaked every 500 or so.

        Anyway, I’ve been playing with the idea in my head to get an airsoft rifle and see how it turns out. 2 of my ar’s don’t see much use and it’s just eye candy in the safe.

        • Zachary marrs

          You dont have to shoot to appreciate the history of a gun.
          Hold a airsoft m1 garand/carbine and compare it to the real deal, you can most certainly tell the difference

        • Christina Leah

          Why do you care how people choose to use or not use the firearms they own? The important part is that we CAN CHOOSE OWN THEM. If others choose not to shoot them often, all the better for you, because more ammo available to you.

      • Fred Johnson

        I had my first bottle of Hoppes a couple decades before my first AR. I still can’t stop drinking the stuff. I get the night sweats from that chit.

      • n0truscotsman

        Its ‘murica. You are free to do as you please 😀

  • USMC03Vet

    Could have fooled me. That looks like one pristine rifle.

    It certainly wasn’t AK cleaned, which involves the nearest mud muddle and something to run it over.

    • Zachary marrs

      Pfft, mosin nagant clean, which involves shooting corrosive ammo, pissing down the barrel, tossing the gun in a pile of nazi’s, and running it over with 15 t-34’s

  • Patrick R

    this is well used? LMAO!

  • waffen ss

    Chia’s Pet?

  • ClintTorres

    Too bad going to the shooting range isn’t as cheap and convenient as going to the golf range. I’d certainly get more practice.

  • Byron

    I can’t imagine owning a firearm without scratching or weathering of some sort. Without them they’d be boring. Not mine. Not used. No memories, good or bad. Just a thing in my safe.

  • Fred Johnson

    Maybe this the “before” photo, right after the build is done. I know just about all of us have taken photos of our new firearms and stored ’em on our computer somewhere.

    So Chia, got any “after” photos?

    • Guru Chia

      Thanks for the comment. I know the photographer at is working on it. ;D And BTW, guys the photo is of the Colt when it had just had a new rail installed, and a brand spanking new paint job for a new environment we moved it to.

      • Guru Chia

        You can tell the rail is brand new in the shot down here. We removed some paint before the install so that the Anti-Rotation tabs would not be sitting on paint that could oneday shift the rail.

  • Kane

    I was always taught to take great care of your firearms, and that they were in fact made to be used. I own several that have made it around the block a few times and as I get a little older I have some CASE Queens, I still shoot them and hunt with them I just don’t drag them through the mud an a blood like some of the others.

  • Guru Chia

    Ok, the photo two posts up would not upload correctly because it was still open in photoshop. Apparently it DID upload… like 50 times, and DIscus allowed it to be posted with all the photos attached. WOw.

    MODS: Plz Feel free to Delete that post. LOL